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An online pharmacy which is selling high quality drugs, which offers cheap price guarantee, money back guarantee and satisfaction guarantee is HQ-Medstore.com, or at least these are all the things that I could read as soon as I have entered the front page of this pharmacy. also I have noticed that hq-medstore.com is offering a phone numbers for customer support service and on their website you can change the currency from USD to GBP (only). What I did not like is the pharmacy’s interface which seems to be pretty cheaply made to my opinion. Although everything seem to be clear and easily accessible to be honest (which is also important) the website seems as if it was made in 1990 and its design wasn’t changed since. Although this is not extremely important, my opinion is that a good online pharmacy should have a well done interface as well. what’s strange is that according to copyright information, HQ-MedStore.com 2010 – 2012 and if this means that this pharmacy has been operating since 2010 what does 2012 stands for? Have they stopped working since? Or they simply forgot to update the information? That’s unclear. I have tried to find out more information about the pharmacy such as: where they are located, however I couldn’t. I just found out that this online pharmacy claims to offer the best prices and generally the best services (something we would check out later) and that they are selling exclusively only generic products which means that we shouldn’t find any brand product here. so far, this pharmacy doesn’t look so good in terms of the website’s interface etc. but they still claims to be having very good offers. Also we would try to find out information about its location and for how long it has been working with the help of scam warning sites.

HQ-MedStore.com Selection of medications and prices

As previously mentioned, this pharmacy claims to have only generic medications (no brands) and yet, they are all only licensed and approved drugs by FDA, as they claim. You can search for drugs by name (first letter) or by search function. But searching for drugs can be done by categories as there are categories of medications such as: arthritis, blood pressure, diabetes, birth control, cholesterol, erectile dysfunction, women’s health, weight loss and many others. With this being said, I can assume this online pharmacy is having a wide selection of medications, or at least that’s what it seems according to the list of categories of medications and assume that in each category there’s at least 5 – 10 drugs. There are lots of drugs in ED drugs where I have checked the prices and I would say that there are better prices compared to other online pharmacies. That’s because, for example, 90 pills of Viagra (generic) 50 mg would be 108 USD, 1.19 USD per pill. The prices are fairly good, but I still saw better prices than these. According to information on their website, the pharmacy does not sell prescription drugs without having a valid prescription to show first.

HQ-MedStore.com Shipping and payment methods

I found information on their website suggesting that they are offering world wide shipping which means that everyone is free of ordering medications here. there are 2 shipping methods available which is Courier Service – EMS (but not all countries can use this service) which has a rate of 30 USD, a delivery timeframe of 5 to 9 days and it does have online tracking. The second shipping option can be used by everyone: standard international airmail which has a rate of 30 USD, delivery timeframe of 10 to 21 days but it doesn’t have tracking. According to information on their website, they accept pre paid and debit cards such as master card, diners, JCB, Visa and they also accept Bitcoin.

HQ-MedStore.com Customer Support Service

I mentioned earlier in my review that as soon as I have entered this online pharmacy, I noticed they are offering a phone number so the customers can get in touch with the pharmacy via calling them. customers can also use the email listed on the website or contact form (both of which are basically the same method of getting in touch with this pharmacy’s customer support service).

Is HQ-medstore.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is HQ-medstore.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

HQ-medstore.com Coupon Codes

This online pharmacy claims that the more pills you’re ordering the more your savings will be which means that purchasing drugs in bulk offers you discounts. In addition to that, they are also having bonus pills either. Except for this, the online pharmacy does seem to offer to their customers coupon codes as you can enter the number 98212 and applying the coupon discount is going to give you a discount of 5% off your total order. They claim that ordering Viagra and Cialis would offer you a special price as well.

HQ-Medstore.com Reviews

The customer reviews, exactly as pharmacies in general, can be faked, so that’s why I am not having trust in the testimonials available on their own website. I do have trust in the reviews on independent websites, the problem is that I was not able to find any reviews anywhere online except for their own website. No customer reviews is a big problem as there’s not anyone who could confirm their reliability. I have then checked the scamadviser.com where I found out that although this online pharmacy’s domain age is 6 years, it still has 0% trust rate, it is considered rogue internet pharmacy by legitscript.com, a malware report has been detected for this website and it operates from a high risk country: Russia. There are reasons for me to think that this pharmacy is fake but there’s nothing to make me have trust in the pharmacy.


HQ-medstore.com is an online pharmacy I wouldn’t risk with my money (and health) and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I assume HQ stands for High Quality, but since there’s nobody to confirm that they are of a *High Quality* and scam warning websites have 0 trust in this pharmacy, I think that ordering here is too risky. This pharmacy gets a rate of 1 out of 5.

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