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Hot Pills Online, that’s what I have found doing my research for reliable pharmacies. That’s the name of the online pharmacy that I am about to review and it can be reached by anyone who wants to check more information about the pharmacy themselves at I have entered their website and I have noticed a very well done, to my opinion, website. The pharmacy’s webpage is well done, it is user friendly, information is well and clearly arranged on the site and generally you can navigate with ease on their site. I have also noticed that people can register and sign in on the site meaning that this would facilitate their purchasing experience on the site in case they want to become a loyal customer of the pharmacy. I have noticed they are offering a wide selection of medications which I would talk about later and the drugs displayed on their front page are accompanied with a number suggesting how many times the specific drug has been ordered. This pharmacy claims to be the most reliable online pharmacy, they claim to offer only FDA approved pills; quality medications at low cost; free prescription included as well as fast and discreet shipping. Unfortunately, I was unable to find information on the site suggesting where the pharmacy is operating from, instead I found information suggesting that, is one of the first online pharmacies operating in the online field since 1998. In case that’s true, then that’s very good as it is easier to have trust in a pharmacy with 20 years of experience and simply to have trust in such a long term running pharmacy. They claim that their target is to supply top quality products, both brand names and generic medications and they are offering them at the lowest prices, saving their customers both time and money compare to a local store. Hopefully this is all true. Selection of medications and prices

As I earlier mentioned, this online pharmacy seem to offer a huge selection of medications and that’s the conclusion I’ve made by checking their front page where you can see a lot of different categories of drugs. Plus there are a lot of drugs displayed on their front page. But when checking the categories you can see: men’s health, pain relief, cholesterol, anti anxiety, sleep aids, antibiotics, blood pressure and a lot of other types of drugs. That’s why I’m quite sure there’s a lot of drugs in their drugstores and they offer both brand and generic drugs. Talking about the prices I checked their ED drugs including Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra (all brands and generics) and I come to the conclusion that the prices for medications here are fairly good. For example, 90 x 50 mg of generic viagra would cost you 104 USD. And that’s 1.16 USD per pill. Compared to other online pharmacies that’s a moderate price as I’ve seen better prices but I’ve also seen much worse prices. I noticed that the site is not fully technically functional, unfortunately. Clicking on their FAQ page they said that all the questions are answered *below* and below there’s an empty page. I tried to find out if they require a prescription but it seems they don’t as usually this information (prescription requirement) is offered when checking a prescription drug. Shipping and Payment Details

According to the information on their *delivery policy* page, they are shipping to mot countries, however if you are not able to select your country on the billing page they ask you to contact them. I couldn’t find information suggesting they offer multiple shipping options, they claim that it is going to be shipped by EMS or USPS for an additional charge to cover shipping and handling but what’s the shipping charge there’s no information (I can assume that’s because it depends upon where you live). There’s just information suggesting that normal delivery time is 7 to 10 business days. The pharmacy is accepting: VISA, Master Card, Wire Transfer and eCheck. Customer Support Service

There’s information on their website suggesting that their customer service operators are available Mon – Fri 9 AM – 8 PM EST. methods to get in touch with this online pharmacy include: email, contact form available on their website or the phone number that you can find on their website. Sadly, there’s no live chat function or other forms to get in touch with this online pharmacy.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

I was not able to find any coupon codes being offered by this online pharmacy but the biggest problem is that I couldn’t find any forms of discounts, special offers, free pills or free shipping. The only thing that I can mention here that, to my opinion, can save you some money is purchasing in bulk: the more pills you’re ordering the better the price per unit gets. Reviews

The site is looking good but there are no customer reviews to confirm the fact that this online pharmacy is offering good services and medications for the prices. Lack of customer reviews to my opinion is quite a big problem but this not always means the pharmacy is scam. In order to determine this I checked the information on and its legitimacy on Legit Script. The pharmacy seems to be a Rogue internet pharmacy according to and it has 0% trust rate given by saying there’s a high risk using the site! And there are reasons for that except for the site being considered rogue: the owner of the site uses a service to hide their identity, a malware report has been detected for this site, a high number of suspicious sites on the server plus it operates from a high risk country: Romania!


All in all, even though this pharmacy seem to be online for at least the last 7 years (according to it has no customer reviews and no trust from scam warning engines which indicates that it has a scamming behavior. The high risk of getting scammed while using the site makes me rate with 1 star!

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