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While I have been doing my rigorous research online for an reliable online pharmacy I have encountered hoofanhound.com online pharmacy which isn’t a regular online pharmacy for humans, however it is *your one stop for discount pet medications* or at least the words I’ve just wrote are the word I’ve read as soon as I entered this online pet pharmacy. I personally do have a cat, however I’ve never searched for pet medications and this is why I personally am not really interested in such pharmacies. Nevertheless, I still decided to write a review about this pharmacy since there might be people who need medications for their pets and that’s why I will try my best to help with whatever I can in reviewing this pet pharmacy. As for any other online pharmacy, I tried to search where the pharmacy is located and when the pharmacy started its business. By doing my research on their website (which seems to be a little bit strange to me to be honest, but it has a good speed) I’ve found a PO Box address which is located in Victoria, Australia, and either that means that this is where their office is located or not I am not very sure. However there is no information showed in when they have started to operate with this pet pharmaceutical business. The website is also offering their customers to register and sign in.

Selection of medications and prices for those medications on Hoofanhound.com

Due to the fact that I have no ideas about the medications given to pets, I doubt that I am going to be able to share my opinion and comment on selection of medications and prices for those drugs. Nevertheless, I will try to comment at least something to make a general view about this. So you can see a list of drugs on the left side of the page with drugs some of which have the *generic* added next to the name of the medication which I can conclude that the pharmacy offers both branded and generic medications. What’s important (I guess) is that this pharmacy claims to have medications to all animals. Of course I don’t know if they have medications to absolutely each pet but here’s the information I found: * Hoofanhound – Pet Meds Supermarket is your one stop shop for discount OTC (over the counter pet medications) for your dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, and all animals large and small.* so I guess the selection of medications should be big. As in regards of prices, I will just share few examples: Advocate (Teal) Medium Dog (9 – 22 lbs) – 4 – 10 kg 6 Month Pack costs 90 USD. Generic Canine Dewormer (2-22 lbs) – 100 Tablet Pack – 180 USD or Fungazol cat dog ring worm treatment costs 29 USD. Once again, these are only some medications out of many others and once again, I can’t be sure whether are these good prices or not. It seems that you can get absolutely any medications without a valid prescription as they shared that all medications in Australia for pets are Over the Counter. Not sure if that’s true or not but what matters is that this pharmacy doesn’t require prescriptions for any medications you can find in their drugstore.

Customer Support Team on hoofanhound.com

There is no live chat function in which you can chat with a consultant and get the answers to your questions and that’s sad as I’m pretty sure many people would have used this function. What’s even stranger is that this online pharmacy doesn’t have the *filling the form* method to contact them, however that’s not a problem at all due to the fact that they have the email listed and in addition to the email you can also call them by the 2 phone numbers listed, one of which is US phone number and the other one is UK number. However you need to make sure that you call them only in their operating hours: 6 PM and 2 AM EST, Sun – Thurs, on other hours you will not get a response by phone and I guess by email neither. Since there is no live chat function and since there is no questions that I would want to ask – I’ve never contacted them so I am unable to comment on the service quality of customer support. I just have big hopes that there are going to be customer reviews that would comment on this and would give us all a view about the quality of this service.

Payment methods and Shipping methods on hoofanhound.com

In case you do like the prices you can find on this online pet pharmacy then it is very important to check what are the payment methods and shipping methods you can find on this pharmacy. So I will be able to help in regards to this by sharing this information here. hoofanhound.com is accepting credit/ debit card and Pay Pal as a payment option. Among credit / debit card you can choose from: Master Card, Visa and American Express. There could have been many other payment methods but as long as there are at least 2 (as they are here) that’s already good. In regards to the shipping options there are also 2 of them: Airmail, which has a flat rate of 7 USD and they claim that this would take 10 to 14 business days for delivery time (not including weekends or public holidays days), it usually doesn’t have a tracking and they are offering world wide shipping. There’s also a second option registered mail that seems to be more costly – 12.50 USD with no other difference than the fact that this one is trackable. They are offering free shipping (air mail) to all orders that are above 450 USD and plus to that they are also offering a 30 days money back guarantee to their customers with no questions asked.

Is Hoofanhound.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Coupon codes and discounts you can benefit from on Hoofanhound.com

I’ve just mentioned above that all orders that are above 450 USD are getting a free shipping which would make you save 7 USD and although that’s not a big deal, that’s still better. I have tried to search for any other discounts/ promotions/ special offers or anything that would make you save at least a few bucks, however I didn’t found any and that’s until I checked the checkout page where they have Coupon code/ promotional code where you can apply it on that page and get an discount off your order. That’s a really good thing – the coupon codes, because you can save money without doing anything than just applying a code, which literally means you get discount for nearly doing nothing at all. So they just offer free shipping and coupon codes, that’s good, but obviously we all wish for more here.

Hoofanhound.com Reviews

I’ve tried to see what do other people say about this online pet pharmacy as this is very important for any pharmacy, regardless if it’s for pets or for humans, that’s because this way we can get an more clear and exact opinion and judgement about the pharmacy, so we can know with a bigger certitude what are our chances to get scammed around. Well, by doing the research online I have to say that this pharmacy really seemed to be used by a number of people as I managed to find quite some reviews and what’s comforting is that most of the reviews seem to be positive. 2 of the negative reviews, written by Keith Brown and ars said that they have paid and never received their orders. ars mentioned that he (or she) paid 60 dollars and never got a refund or the parcel while Keith Brown contacted the company and those said that her package has been delivered, while she hasn’t got anything. Nevertheless, most of all other comments were positive. Mandy, another reviewer, said that her shopping experience was excellent and what’s more important is that she mentioned:*their prices are great*, something I couldn’t comment about. Many others were also happy rating the online pet pharmacy 5/5 and like for example, floridadee said that she (or he) had a fast shipping and totally satisfied and that’s even though she (or he) has ordered here often. I’ve then checked the scam warning site, scamadviser.com who had a trust of only 40 % and that’s not enough, but what’s really good is that the shopping didn’t hide their real location and according to scamadviser they are based in Australia (exactly as it was promised on their own website) and another very good thing is that scamadviser suggests hoofanhound.com domain age to be more than 13 years and that’s very good too.


The fact that there are more customer reviews on independent websites as well as the fact that there are noticeable more positive reviews than negative it is a very good thing. It is also important that scamadviser.com had 40% of trust rate which is not as much, but it is still better than 0% and what’s more important is that scamadviser suggests it is from Australia as it was promised with a really long time for domain age which is very important too! With all of this being said, I rate hoofanhound.com with 4 out of 5 and that’s because of negative customer reviews who said that they didn’t get a refund and didn’t got their packages meaning they got scammed. But taking in consideration all other reviews these mostly seemed to be like accidents but such accidents shouldn’t happen and that’s why 4 out of 5 which means that I won’t recommend shopping here as you might be the victim of an accident and that’s something I personally wouldn’t want to happen with me.

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