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HomeTownPharmacyWI.com / Home Town Pharmacy WI Reviews & CouponsHometownpharmacywi.com is the domain address of the online pharmacy that I am going to be reviewing today. As soon as I have entered this domain address I realized that I am browsing a very user friendly designed website which is very important for me, as a customer, since user friendly interfaces of websites makes it easier to understand and navigate through the website, therefore I save time. As soon as I have entered this website they claim that they are offering local delivery for those who need it. This pharmacy can be found on social media platform like Facebook and that’s what I did trying to search for more info and customer reviews. The website of this pharmacy supports Spanish language as well which is very good for those who need it. Tried to find out more information about the pharmacy so I found their claim to be locally owned, leading pharmacy and complementary health care services provider in Wisconsin. They are claiming to have 40+ locations in Wisconsin and are continuing to grow. While on their website you can do different things like finding their services: safe travels, immunizations and others, see patient resources: online refill, new to hometown, transfer prescriptions or new prescriptions, and there are also health news too.

Selection of medications and prices for them at hometownpharmacywi.com

I’ve got quite a big problem here in saying anything in regards to selection of medications and prices at this online pharmacy. This is because the website doesn’t offer a list of medications with their price list so I am not able to talk about none of them. For ordering online you would need to write down your details and prescription details and therefore you are going to be send the medications according to the prescription, there are no other ways of purchasing medications and that’s why I cannot say anything. I just can assume that selection of medications must be really high, but usually such pharmacies have high prices either.

Shipping and payment methods at HomeTownPharmacyWI.com

I’ve got a problem here too and that’s because this pharmacy haven’t shared any information about shipping nor payment methods. Their frequently asked questions page have a lot of questions and answers, but none of them are in regards to what shipping options do they have, do they ship nationally or only in Wisconsin (because I doubt they ship internationally) or what payment methods they accept. I’m only able to assume that they do accept credit/ debit card.

Customer Support Department HomeTownPharmacyWI.com

Contacting them can be done via their facebook page which would be like a live chat function, in case you would find someone online. The live chat function isn’t available on their own website. instead, on their contact page you can use the contact form and write them a message. Also getting in touch with them can be done via mail at their address or by phone number (depending on the store there are different phone numbers). And, of course, maybe someone wishes to visit them in person.

HomeTownPharmacyWI.com Coupon Codes

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find absolutely anything. I wasn’t able to find any coupon codes this pharmacy to offer and generally I couldn’t find anything which supposedly should make you save some money. I wasn’t able to find coupon codes, discounts by ordering in bulk or reordering and generally nothing at all. Not even free shipping, unfortunately. Maybe there is still something, but unfortunately I haven’t managed to find it on their website so calling their customer care department first might be a good idea.

HomeTownPharmacyWI.com Reviews

What got me shocked a little bit is the fact that this online pharmacy doesn’t really have customer reviews while I expected to see a lot of them. In fact, I found very few ones, and I had to search for them a lot, to be honest, this lack of customer reviews alarms me a little bit. Since there were so few customer reviews online I decided to see what does scam warning websites tell me and legitscript.com says that they don’t even have HomeTownPharmacyWI.com in their database and I honestly doubt that this is a good thing. Went further searching what does scamadviser.com would say and it says that it looks safe with 100% trust rate and no issues. Domain age is more than 5 years but the website is rarely visited and I guess that’s why there are barely any reviews. I went further on scamer.com where I found that browsing here might be safe with only 20 % trust rate. Lack of customer reviews with such results from scam warning websites wouldn’t make me comfortable ordering here. Truth is that the reviews I found (on facebook and birdeye, but since reviews on facebook can be easily modified/ removed by their staff, I have only like 50% trust in facebook reviews) on birdeye.com are all positive. There are 5 different reviews and they are positive with a rate of 5 out of 5. The reviews were written in 2017 and people said that they have good home delivery option, they have good prices, friendly personnel and pharmacists etc. it is all very good in terms of customer reviews, as it seems that people are happy, but I still cannot understand how it is possible that such a pharmacy has so little customer reviews and this alarms me a bit.


This online pharmacy seems to be good according to those few customer reviews that I have found, however scam warning websites have contrary opinion, they do not seem to offer absolutely any special offers or discounts and no coupon codes, plus to that, I have a strong feeling that the prices at this pharmacy are around the same they are at your local pharmacy – very high. All in all, I think that online pharmacies (those that are reliable) are much worth using because of prices and special offers and that’s why hometownpharmacywi.com is rated 4 out of 5.

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