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HomeTownPharmacy.com is the pharmacy that I have found and it is the pharmacy that will undergo my pharmacy review trying to find out as much details about this pharmacy and determine if it’s reliable or not. According to the information that I managed to find this is a retail and long term care pharmacies located in Michigan and indeed, as soon as I have entered their website I saw they are offering the customers to *find a pharmacy* and there are 39 convenient retail locations as much as I could see from the information there. plus to that, they claim to be a *long term care pharmacy* because there’s information suggesting that they are serving facilities since 1985 which is very good in case it is true. I have noticed the pharmacy is having a very good website which is offering a lot of different things to their customers such as finding a pharmacy, checking the pharmacy’s services as the pharmacy has special services, filling a prescription, checking online refills, asking a pharmacists, checking a lot of different information on their website and many other things. I have found out that their headquarters is located in Newaygo, MI, USA but besides having stores in Michigan, this pharmacy also claims to have stores in Indiana as well. I have also noticed information on their website suggesting that they have a Facebook page so people could follow their activity if they want to. But what’s more important to mention is that this pharmacy claims to be a VIPPS accredited pharmacy meaning that they are allowed to sell medications within USA and there’s also a CPPA accredited seal on the site suggesting that they own this accreditations either. All in all, the pharmacy’s site seem to be helpful and the pharmacy itself looks good, but let’s check other things firstly.

HomeTownPharmacy.com Selection of medications and prices

I was trying to search and find information suggesting what’s their selection of medications and what kind of products they sell, unfortunately I could not find any other information than the fact that they are offering prescription medications, over the counter medications (according to them – all the national brands of OTC meds), and vitamins as well. there is no list of medications or a categories list of medications and that’s because, if you need to order any products from this pharmacy you would need to fill up prescription and the pharmacy would send the needed product according to your prescription. With this being said, it is obvious that you won’t be able to order here without a valid prescription and it is obvious that I can’t talk about the prices for medications here. However usually, such pharmacies having prices higher compared to other online pharmacies that I review and that’s even though I can assume that the selection of medications at this online pharmacy should be extremely big. I personally would think that the customers would be much more interested in a pharmacy sharing a products list and more importantly – a price list.

HomeTownPharmacy.com Shipping and payment methods

For having the *home delivery* option you would need to enroll and for going through the enrollment you would need to go through the online enrollment form. After you have filled up that form and you already had a home delivery service, then it is going to be easier afterwards as existing home delivery service customers only need to enter their prescription numbers and they would be sent the products. However no information about shipping methods and what are the shipping times or shipping fees. I just found out that only customers living in Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan and Pennsylvania are able to use their shipping. There’s also no information about payment methods, however I can only assume that they must accept credit and debit cards. The pharmacy also accepts most insurance plans either.

HomeTownPharmacy.com Customer Support Service

As much as we can see, the customer support service is essential for this online pharmacy, or at least that’s what it seems to me since I couldn’t find a lot of questions I had but they are extremely important for me to be answered BEFORE I actually order from any online pharmacy. I have tried to check what are the methods to get in touch with this pharmacy and therefore I found out that before using the mailing address (or actually paying them a visit if you want) and except for writing them on Facebook (not sure if this is going to help), you can also use the phone numbers or contact form on the site.

Is HomeTownPharmacy.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is HomeTownPharmacy.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

HomeTownPharmacy.com Coupon Codes

Unfortunately, Home Town Pharmacy does not seem to offer their customers any special offers or coupon codes. They just have values program where you earn points and by earning 150 points you would get a 5 USD coupon. You get one point by spending one dollar and 5 points per prescription purchase. To be honest, I’ve seen much better offers.

HomeTownPharmacy.com Reviews

I got disappointed by checking the reviews about this pharmacy and that’s because I couldn’t find nearly any while I was expecting to get a good number of customer reviews online. I have got more employee reviews than customer reviews as I have only found 3 of them on yelp, 2 of them for a certain store and another for another certain store and that’s it. to be honest, that’s definitely not enough. The rates were 4 – 5 stars while the employee average rate was 3 out of 5 stars. This pharmacy has no customer reviews and that’s a problem, although it seems to be reliable – why it does not have any reviews online?


Not sure if it’s worth recommending this pharmacy to my readers or not and that’s why, without being sure in something – I can’t recommend it. I won’t recommend a pharmacy that has no price list on their website and no customer reviews to confirm that the pharmacy is worth it and they have good prices. due to the fact that the pharmacy is 100% reliable I rate it with 3 stars, but it has no prices, no coupon codes and no customer reviews.

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