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Homepharmacy.com.au is the online pharmacy which claims to be a leading online pharmacy in Australia – the country where this pharmacy is believed to operate from. As the name of this pharmacy implies: home pharmacy, it indeed looks like a homey pharmacy where everything is clear, the website is easy to navigate and everything is understandable. This is very important when it comes to an online pharmacy in my opinion. According to the information that I was able to find, this pharmacy is owner and operated by Sohail Ashgar. According to the information that I could find, this pharmacy is selling over 12,000 of pharmacy products and the advantage of purchasing here is the fact that this pharmacy is selling these medications with discounts up to 70% on their products compared to the prices of those medications at your local pharmacy. This pharmacy claims to operates fully under the Australian laws and standards as this pharmacy is being located in Kuraby, Australia. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t find for how long this pharmacy has been around. Anyhow, this pharmacy does seems to be legit and reliable and for this reason I think that I need to find out more about its services in order to find out if this pharmacy is suitable for each of us.

Selection of medications and prices for them HomePharmacy.com.au

The medications are being all categorized by general medicines, nutrition and wellbeing, beauty, personal care, baby shop and prescriptions. Each product is having a sign attached to it and in case there’s an Rx then it means this is a prescription product which homepharmacy.com.au isn’t going to sell it without a valid prescription. There indeed seems to be a lot of medications (as they claimed there are more than 12,000 pharmacy products) and that’s by analyzing the health conditions their medications are able to treat, there are medications such as: pain relief, cold sores, bowel problems, sinus problems, menopause, eye problems and many many other medications so selection of drugs indeed seems to be extremely wide. In terms of prices, all their prices are in AUD (Australian dollars) and there’s no way of changing it. I’ve searched for Viagra and I can say that 50 mg 4 tablets of Viagra by Pfizer is 16 AUD while same dosage, same quantity and same product but generic is 10 AUD. Prices are indeed good compared to local pharmacies, but are not very good compared other online pharmacies, to be honest.

Shipping and payment methods HomePharmacy.com.au

They are accepting international orders, however if you order prescription medications then you would need an Australia prescription. Shipping fees vary very much depending on package weight, size, where it is delivered order sum and so on and so forth. Within Australia delivery time is faster but outside the Australia territory delivery time may take up to 14 days. Not sure if there are multiple shipping options. They claim that orders over $150 are free nationwide! In terms of payment methods there seems to be credit cards available but I am not sure if there are other payment methods available either or not.

Customer Care Department Homepharmacy.com.au

Getting in touch with this online pharmacy can be done by a lot of methods such as: using the contact form on the contact page where you need to fill up your credentials. You can also use their exact address for writing a mail, you can also write them an email or write them via fax number. There are also a lot of different phone numbers depending on the areas. I assume that getting in touch with this pharmacy shouldn’t be very hard.

HomePharmacy.com.au Coupon Codes

By searching for coupon codes I was only able to find that those customers who are ordering above 150 AUD are going to get free shipping within Australia. Unfortunately, other than this, I wasn’t able to find anything else. There doesn’t seem to be any coupon codes, any free pills, not even discounts by re ordering or ordering in bulk. I can assume that this is because this online pharmacy claims to have prices up to 70% less than your local pharmacy, but I’m not sure if this is the reason.

HomePharmacy.com.au Reviews

All in all I have to confess that I was pleased with what this pharmacy has to offer. Although they don’t have by far the best ways of saving you money and not the best prices, all in all it is still good. However I still need to check for customer reviews as they are one of the most important part of my review. I got disappointed seeing that there were no feedback left anywhere online by anyone, this online pharmacy has no customer review and that’s definitely not encouraging me to purchase here. that’s because I am feeling much more confident in spending my money on an online pharmacy which does have customer reviews on third party websites. Went to see what does scamadviser.com has to say and I saw that it offers a high trust rate of 88% but that’s it, very little information (no info on domain age). Just found that website location is indeed in Australia and doesn’t seem to have a big popularity. Less of a trust had scamner.com which had a trust of only 28%. Lastly I checked it on legit script but unfortunately, they couldn’t find any info on this website.


The pharmacy doesn’t have the best prices and it by far doesn’t have the best offers. Nevertheless, all the rest looks fine and it does seem like a legit pharmacy. The problem is the customer reviews which are none and despite all the rest, it is still hard to have trust in this pharmacy. There is a chance that it is indeed legit, but I personally wouldn’t risk with my money so I rate it with 3 out of 5!

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