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When searching for online pharmacies to review so I could determine if they are legitimate or not I am finding a lot of different pharmacies online and among them I can also find nationally licensed online pharmacies in America. Like for example, such a pharmacy is Homemed.com, an American nationally licensed specialty and fulfilment pharmacy that I found today and will be reviewing now. according to the information that I found this is a fully trusted pharmacy due to the fact that they are a VIPPS accredited pharmacy which means that they are allowed to sell medications all across the USA. It is also believed that this pharmacy has been around selling medications and helping customers living a healthier life for more than 10 years now. they claim to be a licensed pharmacy partner for on site and near site clinics. This pharmacy also claims to increase medication compliance and reduce costs by sending prescriptions directly to patients so the pharmacy has shared the benefits of using their services: lower prescription costs, reduced overhead, staff productivity, improve medication compliance, reduce liability and lately increased flexibility over formulary. According to the information on the copyright information, there’s an exact address offered about this pharmacy which is located in Indianapolis, IN, USA. The website of this pharmacy is well done, user friendly, there is a lot of information on their main page but it seems there are nearly no other pages on their site. It seems that the site does not offer online services including ordering or refilling prescriptions. The only way you can fill up the prescription is via prescription order form that needs to be faxed. So, unfortunately, the website is not very helpful in finding out too much information about the pharmacy,

HomeMed.com Selection of medications and prices

As much as I said earlier, the website does not have pages which you can access and check what kind of medications they are selling. But I found out information suggesting that this pharmacy is mostly being specialized in selling products that are being needed before the surgeries and that’s why those are some drugs that are not easily found or being available in ordinary pharmacies. They claim that they would consult with your physician in order to give you the best medication suitable for you. Plus, with the help of this, they find out if their patients are not already taking some medications and therefore they would help customers to have effective results by taking the medications purchased here. I could not find information suggesting if the prices are good here or there are other options with better prices and that’s why I cannot comment on this. it is just good to know that you might get some medications here that you cannot get anywhere else and it is obvious that you would need a prescription for ordering such medications.

HomeMed.com Shipping and payment methods

This online pharmacy is claiming that they are going to deliver the needed medications right at your door and as much as it seems, they are licensed in selling medications in all 50 states of USA meaning that regardless where in USA you live, you can get your needed drugs. However this pharmacy does not offer overseas or worldwide shipping which means that those people living outside the USA, cannot order here. for finding out what are the shipping fees or shipping delivery timeframes you would need to call the customer support as there is no such information being mentioned on their website. Plus to that, I can assume that delivery timeframes and fees greatly depends on where exactly you live. Unfortunately, there’s no information about payment methods, but I can assume that they do accept credit and debit cards but either they accept anything else I am not sure.

HomeMed.com Customer Support Service

As soon as you enter their website you can see that there’s an US phone number which you can dial and get in touch with this online pharmacy. There’s information suggesting that their customer service works Mon- Fri but no working hours given. I can also assume that you can get in touch with them by writing them a mail on their exact address given on the site or maybe paying them a visit. There does not seem to be any other methods to talk with them like contact form or live chat function, sadly.

Is HomeMed.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is HomeMed.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

HomeMed.com Coupon Codes

This online pharmacy is claiming that they are selling medications at good prices and plus to this, they are also accepting many insurance plans from many companies in the USA. Nevertheless, they do not seem to offer any coupon codes or some discounts or anything in this matter. The only thing that’s worth mentioning here is the fact that this pharmacy is offering free shipping all across the country.

HomeMed.com Reviews

Often, the lack of customer reviews makes the authenticity and legitimacy of an online pharmacy be questionable but it seems this is not such an online pharmacy and that’s because although it has no customer reviews anywhere online, this online pharmacy is still 100% reliable and legitimate, nevertheless this still doesn’t mean that ordering here is a good idea and worth it. the business is legitimate and yet, lack of customer review is still not a good sign and that’s because it means that the pharmacy is not popular and not having too many customers and then we might ask ourselves – why? Well, I think that’s because there’s something not too good about the pharmacy. even if it does have any customers, it is impossible in determining how happy they are without reviews and that’s sad.


This online pharmacy is selling medications all around the USA and they claim to offer good medications and affordable prices and yet, they are not offering any coupon codes or discounts and that’s not a very good thing. But the worst thing is that this pharmacy is not popular and they are having 0 customer reviews online. Although they are reliable and legitimate, the site of this pharmacy is not really functional either and that’s another minus for this pharmacy. in the end I am going to rate it with 3 stars due to all those reasons.

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