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Hghgear.com is the online pharmacy that I have found when I was doing my pharmacy research and as much as we can see from its domain address, this online pharmacy is focused in selling HGH gears but later I am going to find out if they are selling other products as well or not. The website of this pharmacy looks pretty good, it seems to be user friendly and the information on the site is well arranged as people can easily understand and read it, find the information they need and navigate through the site. I have also noticed they are offering their customer so register on the site and login to accounts. Plus, they are able to add items to cart and this way to purchase the needed products. According to the information on the site, they are providing the highest quality of products and they come to get your trust. They claim that they are official supplier of pharma grade steroids, human growth hormones as well as all supporting substances like antiestrogens (PCT), men’s health products as well as other medications without prescriptions and they have grammatical errors as they wrote *without priscribtion* which is not a good sign. Plus the site that they sell such products without a prescription is a sign of illegal activity of the site. They claim that they are able to deliver the products for most affordable prices in every country in the world and then again grammatical errors: *every cuntry in the wold*. There’s no information suggesting where they are located or for how long they have been operating in pharmaceutical business. However they guarantee: free shipping and reshipping guarantee; secure payment, easy, anonymous and safe payments for your orders; get 10% off customer loyalty program and lastly they can help with wholesale items. So far, these are really good claims as much as it seems.

HGHGear.com Selection of medications and prices

As much as it seems, this online pharmacy is not only offering HGH products but many others, as they claimed I did have found HGH there, anabolic steroids, PCT and anti estrogens as well as many others such as: sexual health, diuretics, weight loss, vitamins and others including anti depressants, anti anxiety etc. with all of this being said, I can assume that this online pharmacy offers a very wide selection of medications. As in terms of prices I have to say that they are offering quite big prices for drugs to my opinion and that’s because, for example, vigrande (generic viagra) would cost you 16 USD for only 4 tablets. Compared to other pharmacies, that’s quite a big price. All other drugs, as much as I have found, are pretty highly priced as well. so this is an online pharmacy with a very big selection of medications but with very big prices for medications. As I said it earlier, the pharmacy does not seem to require a valid prescription to order drugs here.

HGHGear.com Shipping and payment methods

As I earlier mentioned, this online pharmacy claims that *no matter where you live, we can ship to any country* and then again a grammatical error: *no matter where you leave*. They seem to have lots of other mistakes indicating the site was not made by professionals. As much as I could see, they are only offering a single shipping option: registered air mail. The shipping fees, as much as I could see, depends on where you live, so you need to indicate your address before you can see the shipping fees and the shipping delivery timeframes as well. as in terms of payment methods they state: *Information on where to send your payment is provided after you place an order, and is sent directly to your e-mail address and on screen.* so I can’t comment on this.

HGHGear.com Customer Support Service

As much as I have noticed, this online pharmacy is only offering 2 methods to get in touch with them, but both of these methods are basically the same method: email and contact form. They seemed to have a whatsapp phone number but it is not available at the moment. With this being said, you cannot get any live assist so you can only talk with them via email only.

HGHGear.com Coupon Codes

There are a few methods through which people can save money while using this pharmacy’s services and they include: those people who are ordering more than 500 USD get a free shipping (but to be honest that’s a lot and I don’t see how you can get this free shipping option) and those people who write a review on either eroids or musclegurus get a discount of 15 % on their next orders. Purchasing in bulk gets you discounts as well: from 1500 to 2000 USD they get 5% discount, from 2000 to 5000 USD they get 10% and starting with 5000 US upwards you get 15% discount.

HGHGear.com Reviews

This online pharmacy seems to want to get customer reviews on independent online pharmacies and that’s because they offer discounts to those writing reviews. Nevertheless, they seemed to failed to get any reviews as on both eroids and musclegurus I couldn’t find any reviews about them. however I did found reviews on other website such as USA complaints and Rip off reports. On both these websites there are multiple reviews all of which are stating the same: they are scammers. Lots of them said the same: as soon as you send them money, they stop answering emails. Scamadviser.com also doesn’t have trust in this pharmacy and the site is located in Turkey which is a high risk country.


As much as we can see, this online pharmacy has a 99% chance of being a scam pharmacy and that’s due to its customer reviews it got, due to the information on scamadviser.com, due to its unverified website where there are a lot of grammatical errors indicating a total ignorance. The fact it offers discounts by ordering in bulk and free shipping starting at 500 USD indicates that they want people to send them as much money as possible and to scam them. I h3ly recommend against this online pharmacy and I cannot rate a scam pharmacy higher than 1 out of 5 stars!

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