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Herb-pharm.com is an online pharmacy which is selling herbal products with their logo *treat yourself to better health*. Customers are recommended to register to this website and to login to their accounts. You’re also able to sign up for e News in case you’re interested. Except for all different types of information and other types of articles, I found out that there are more than 22,000 likes that this pharmacy has received on their Facebook page. But besides Facebook, they are also having other social media pages where you can follow them if you want to: Twitter, Pinterest and others. What is very important to mention here is that even though this is a *pharmacy* they are still not selling any products meant to treat any health conditions. On the bottom of their website here’s the message you can find: “*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.” This means the pharmacy is selling exclusively herbal products and that’s important to know if there are people searching for a pharmacy who is in need for medications for a specific health condition. Also, according to the information that I could find at the bottom of their website, the website has been around since 2001, nevertheless, on the question *why use herb?* they say that they are having customers for 35 years. This pharmacy claims that all of their products are gluten – free and plus to that, the alcohol in their products is being delivered either from gluten free, non GMO corn or sugar cane, and it is certified organic.

Selection of medications and prices for them at Herb-Pharm.com

As I mentioned a bit earlier, this online pharmacy is only selling herbal products, exclusively, so you shouldn’t expect anything more. When you’re searching for some products, their herbal products are being categorized in main categories and sub categories. Main categories include: Herbs A-Z, Herbs by condition, herbs by type, herbs for women, men, kids, new herbal products and seasonal specials. But on subcategories, like for example, by condition, you can see different categories like: immune system, system restoration, optimal well being and others. Again, because they sell only herbal products and none of them require to be FDA approved since they are not meant to treat or cure, they do not require a prescription for any of their products. Simply to give example of prices: Asian Ginseng, 450 mg per capsule, 60 capsules would cost you 32 USD. Either is this a good price or not, I am not very sure.

Shipping and payment methods Herb-Pharm.com

This pharmacy seems to ship only within United States, Alaska and Hawaii, they do not seem to offer international shipping. There are 3 different shipping methods: standard, 3 days select shipping and 2 day air shipping. The fees depend very much on different things like where you order (Hawaii & Alaska or within continental US), how much you order and the shipping options. Anyway, I can mention here that they can offer free shipping for some situations but the most expensive shipping is 23 USD (2-nd day air to Hawaii or Alaska). Delivery times – least is 3 days, most is 8 days but excluding holidays. This online pharmacy is accepting payments only via credit card: VISA or Master Card.

Customer Support Team Herb-Pharm.com

Going on their contact page you can see all the methods available for the customers to get in touch with their customer care department. They claim that they are open Monday – Friday and are being closed on major national holidays. On regular days you might contact them via email listed, via phone number, fax number or even by writing them a mail at their headquarters which is located in Oregon (they have shared 2 mailing addresses). Plus to that, this online pharmacy can be contacted, I guess, by their social media pages, which is quite the same as live chat function (that unfortunately is no available on their own website).

Herb-Pharm.com Coupon Codes

I couldn’t find anything on the website that this pharmacy is offering anything to their customers. However then I have found right on their checkout page that you can *apply a coupon code* which means that they do offer coupon codes policy to their customers and that’s amazing because it can easily save you some money and that’s very good and I appreciate it a lot. In addition to that, this online pharmacy, as I mentioned, might offer free shipping in case you order products that reaches a certain amount of money. Coupon codes and free shipping is pretty fine to my opinion.

Herb-Pharm.com Reviews

Checking for customer reviews Herb-Pharm.com it does seems like this online pharmacy is very popular among a lot of people since it has a lot of reviews, the problem is that those reviews are written about an specific product (mostly on amazon website) with people rating their products and not the pharmacy itself. I did found some reviews about the pharmacy on facebook and they do seem to be encouraging. There are 198 5 out of 5 star rating reviews and only 3 reviews with the rate of 1 out of 5 and like 40 reviews with rates between 1 and 5. The reviews really do seem to be good, many people are happy with their products and with this pharmacy in general. Those few negative reviewers complained that their products *poisoned them* on amazon there were some other people complaining either.


Due to the fact that there are so many people ordering so many things from this online pharmacy and there are so many people (on facebook and many other website) saying good things about this pharmacy I could say with a certitude of 99% that they are not scammers and by analyzing their customer reviews I would say that most people are happy with their products, delivery times and prices. However there still are some people who aren’t happy at all with Herb-Pharm.com and so it lacks only a little bit, therefore – 4 out of 5!

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