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Having a healthy life, sometimes, can be very costly, and unfortunately not everyone can *afford* of being healthy with the current prices for medications. Online pharmacies are coming to rescue since the prices at online pharmacies are, generally, much lower than local pharmacies. But the problem is that many of online pharmacies are untrustworthy. In order to save money you would need to use an online pharmacy which you can have full trust in, that’s why you can find so many pharmacy reviews and today, I am going to add a new one, a review about the pharmacy named HelloLife.net. according to their *about page* Hello Life represents a healthier way of living. They claim to provide safe, natural as well as effective solutions that empower you to choose a healthy lifestyle every day. They claim that their products are easy to assimilate into any lifestyle, and they are providing tools to help your health care professional integrate HelloLife Products into your regular care regimen. I have tried to find information where this online pharmacy is being located and it seemed I found an exact address which is in Kentwood, MI, USA. They are providing all natural support for every person’s healthy lifestyle, therefore they do not require a prescription. Although they do not offer prescription products, they still claim that their ingredients in the products are regulated by the FDA according to the guidelines for OTC homeopathic formulation. I couldn’t find information suggesting for how long Hello Life has been serving their customers, but I found out that Hello Life is no directly affiliated with Amazon.com, Inc. or Wal-mart Stores, Inc. even though they do seem to work together. Hello Life company also seem to be having social media pages on Facebook, twitter, google+ and YouTube.

HelloLife.net Selection of products and prices

It is important to keep in mind that they do not have prescription products so those people searching for online pharmacies to search for such products they won’t find what they need here. nevertheless, those people searching for homeopathics or supplements might continue on reading this review. As much as it seems, there seem to be a total of 18 products in homepathics category and a total of 11 products in supplements category. Among those 29 (total number) of products they claim that those products are for different symptoms and health need such as anxiousness and panic, fatigue, allergy, nerve pain, healthy cholesterol support, blood pressure, calm mood support etc. nevertheless, they still seem to offer only a total of 29 different products for different needs. Cannot comment on the prices but simply to give an example, a product called Insomulex for inability to fall asleep would cost you, for a 30 day supply, 30 USD. All the products found here are OTC and the pharmacy cannot ask a prescription for OTC products – therefore everyone who is willing can buy products from this pharmacy.

HelloLife.net Shipping and payment details

This online pharmacy is claiming that they are offering international as well as local (USA) shipping. They ship world wide but make sure that the substances you’re trying to order do not violate your country’s laws as the pharmacy claims. tax and duties for international orders are not included in the shipping charge as they claim and shipping charges are: 30 USD (7 to 14 business days delivery including tracking or saver – 20 USD (4 to 6 weeks and doesn’t include tracking). They offer USPS and FedEX shipping. The same thing goes for Canada except for saver shipping option which is 15 USD and no delivery times. In USA there are also 2 shipping options: saver 3 USD (5 to 7 business days) or standard 3 to 5 business days which costs 10 USD. As much as it seems, the only payment method is PayPal.

HelloLife.net Customer Support Service

According to the information on the contact page, people can get in touch with them via their fax number or a USA phone number or an international phone number. plus, as I said, they also shared an exact address, you could pay them a visit or write them a mail. 2 other methods to get in touch with this online pharmacy (but they are both pretty much the same) is either via contact form on their website or via their email address.

HelloLife.net Coupon Codes

It is amazing in my opinion when an online pharmacy offers coupon codes or any other discounts by using their services and that’s because, in this way, you’re able to save money. upon checking out I have seen a *discount* space and when you enter there something you can *apply* it. I can assume the pharmacy does offer coupon codes but I couldn’t find it anywhere on the site, so I can assume that you need to sign up to their newsletter. Either they have anything else other than this, I couldn’t find.

HelloLife.net Reviews

Been searching for customer reviews and I found a lot of them – to be more specific, I found 546 reviews about hellolife.net. the only thing which seemed strange is that, although this pharmacy seems to be so popular (since it has so many reviews) all of them were only on TrustPilot.com. there is not a single review anywhere else other than Trust Pilot and to me is strange when a pharmacy is so popular with so many reviews all in a single place. Anyway, the good news is that most of the reviews where positive. HelloLife.net got an average rate out of all those reviews of 4 out of 5 with most people being happy. Since it didn’t had a rate of 5 out of 5 there are obviously negative reviews either which means that there are still flaws this pharmacy need to work upon.


In the end, HelloLife.net doesn’t have a very wide selection of medications and yet, it managed to get good customer reviews. But this pharmacy does not seem to be perfect as much as we can see from customer reviews as the pharmacy need to work on the problems making customers unhappy. Average customers’ reviews is 4 out of 5 and I won’t change this rate.

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