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Finding an online pharmacy with good quality medications, cheap prices for them and absolutely reliable it is a very hard task and for this reason these pharmacy reviews that I’m writing are so important, I’ve already reviewed quite a good number of pharmacies and yet I found very few to be worth using so today I am going to be reviewing another one hoping that it would be among those few pharmacies that are actually worth using. With this being said, today I am going to write a review about HEB, which is a Grocery Company, LP, that it is also known as HEB Grocery Stores, which is an American privately held supermarket chain based in San Antonio, Texas and since it has pharmacy department I thought it would be a good idea writing a review about it.  As of 2015 it has 370 number of locations mostly throughout the US state of Texas but also some in northeast Mexico. It has been founded in 1971. Going on their official website of heb.com you can see this company is selling different things such as Wine, Fresh Flower, Cakes and many others. On the website you can find coupons, weekly ad, curbside, you’re able to find the nearest store or search for whatever else you need by using the search box function. However there’s also specifically the pharmacy section which I’m mostly interested in and that’s what I have accessed. On pharmacy page you’re able to: log in or register, create rx profile, refill prescription, check refill status, refill xpress, transfer prescription, prescription service as well as health services. Each of the service has their own sub-category. The company can be found on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others and they are also suggesting to their customers to download their mobile application. According to a seal that I could find on the bottom of their website this website is NABP approved. While you’re online you can order different products from their website.

Selection of medications and prices for them HEB company

As usual with all big American pharmaceutical companies there isn’t a selection of medications on their own website and that’s due to the fact that you need to fill up a prescription and you’re going to be sent the needed medication or you can go to one of their stores to get whatever you need. Since this is a big pharmaceutical chain I can assume the selection of medications should cover most or all of the FDA USA approved medications. Now the sad part is that the prices for medications are plus or minus the same as anywhere else on other big pharmaceutical chain companies in USA and that’s expensive. By searching in google for *Viagra at HEB* I was showed this information – *Buy Generic Viagra 20 pills x 100mg 59.95$ heb pharmacy* and that’s a very high price! This is an absolutely legit pharmacy so there’s no doubt that people have to show a valid prescription for getting such drugs.

Shipping and payment methods HEB Pharmacy

Unfortunately I am not able to comment too much on these 2 due to the lack of information on their website about them. There’s no information suggesting how many payment or shipping options are available out there but as usual I can only assume that the shipping is done only within US territory (and I am not sure if entire US territory or only in Texas). Payments can be done in cash if you’re going to one of their stores, of course, and I can also assume that by credit/ debit card you can pay both if you go to their store or online.

Customer Care Department HEB Pharmacy

There are a lot of methods which you can use if you wish to ask some questions and you need to talk with customer care department. Some methods that are never written but are also available is going to one of their store yourself or by some of their social media pages. But there also other forms such as contact form on their website which you need to fill up and you’re going to get a response. There’s also a mailing address and different phone numbers depending on what exactly do you need to talk with them. It is obvious that multiple payment methods is a good thing, but it is more important this service to be of a good quality.

Is HEB Pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy?

HEB Pharmacy Coupon Codes

This company does offers coupons, however the problem is that those coupons aren’t used for prescription medications but for grocery/ food stores. Whether are there any coupons offering you discount for pharmaceutical products or not I couldn’t find and generally I couldn’t find information suggesting they would offer any deals for pharmaceutical products.

HEB.com Reviews

By searching for customer reviews, exactly as with any other store, I have been given a lot of employee reviews, but I skipped that part and I looked straight for the customer reviews which I did found some on same website that I usually do: yelp, bbb.org (and by the way, this is considered to be an accredited business by Better Business Bureau) but what I didn’t liked is that it has got its way to pissedconsumer website. According to the reviews on bbb.org  there are 15 reviews, 6 are positive, one is neutral but 8 are negative. On yelp it has a better reputation since the average rate according to 37 reviews is 4 out of 5 which means that there are more positive reviews than negative. The problem is that on pissedconsumer there are 325 unhappy customers with only 2 issues resolved and a rate of 2.8 out of 5. All of this suggests that the pharmacy has a lot of problems to solve.


This pharmacy is absolutely legitimate and there are good customer reviews about it and these are some extremely good things in regards to this pharmacy, and yet, there are a lot of other people who are complaining about HEB pharmacy describing lots of problems and that’s including monetary loss. This, in my opinion, is not acceptable, especially since the prices for meds are already big, that’s why HEB.com gets a rate of 2 out of 5!

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