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Healthylifemeds is a website which claims that they are in business for the last 9 years which means, most likely, that they are on the market since 2008 and this is not all as they are claiming that they are one of the leading pharmacies on the internet overall! Not sure how true this information is but it does sounds to be like too much! I’ve tried to search were they are based and it most likely seems that they are from India and based there as on their site they say that their products are pharmaceutical manufactured in India and they also claim that each of those drugs are approved by the Indian FDA (even though there’s not an Indian FDA) and that their drugs are internationally certified and that’s why they say that their medications are 100% safe to buy and use. What I loved about the site is that it supports a lot of languages. However they do not talk in other languages than English (not even Indian). drug selection drug selection is really vast as they are having a lot of different medications. They claim to sell a very large range of non controlled drugs world wide and this range depends on the health condition that the customer is looking for. Looking on Categories List of drugs depending on the health issue – it does seems like they have drugs for every known health issue, however they mostly seem to be focused on the Men’s Health medications such as Generic Viagra, Generic Levitra, Generic Cialis, Generic Addyi as well as many others. But as said earlier, they seem to have in their stores drugs for every known health issues: starting with eye care, HIV, and even cancer etc. So it doesn’t actually matter on what health condition do you have, this site promises to have a proper medication for you.

What about the prices for meds on their store?

Those are the lowest prices that I have ever seen. In fact, they are having such low prices for medications that I have some big doubts in their quality. like for example the Fildena (generic Viagra) is as low as 0.69 dollars per pill (but that’s only if you’re purchasing 360 pills at once), however if you’re purchasing few pills then the price can considerably get up to as high as 1.79 dollars which is quite a lot. The price is good if you purchase in big quantities, at least as much as it seems, but if you purchase few pills then the prices aren’t so tempting anymore. But comparing the prices we should know how actually good those medications are. Customer Support

You can talk with them by 3 phone numbers: phone +1 (718) 475 90 88; If you are calling from the US you can use their toll free number: toll free +1 (800) 532 48 08; for the European customers they can use their UK phone number: toll free +44 (203) 011 02 41. You can also complain on their customer support in case something goes wrong on email: [email protected] and they claim that your email is going to be emailed back within the business days/ hours. But they’re also having 24/7 Online support. I have tried to reach them by Online Support. Even though I got answered back after 20 minutes – I finally did and I discussed with a man who could answer my questions about shipping, prices, etc.

More about Shipping

They have 2 shipping options which includes: standard airmail service that would cost you 10 dollars with no tracking service and you should get your order, as they claim, in 14 – 21 days. There’s also the second option which is a faster service, that would cost you 30 dollars, it does include a tracking service and claimable you’re going to get your order in 5 – 9 days regardless of where you live. They have a World Wide shipping. I’ve checked some third world countries and they claim to ship there too. Payment methods information:

There’s very little I can say here because they have very little payment methods: credit card and bitcoins. These are the only payment options that they are accepting.

Do require prescription?

No they don’t. Or at least I have tried to order a medication that I checked for it to be controlled within US borders and they are ordering it without no problems. Not sure if they might have problems with US customs in case you are living in US and you’re ordering a controlled med with no prescription but they don’t seem to need you to show a valid prescription regardless of what medication you intend to purchase and in which country do you live.

Is a Rogue Pharmacy?

According to is a rogue pharmacy: reviews

I was able to find very few reviews about this site on external sources. Those are the only reviews I’m paying attention to because I don’t actually trust reviews written on their sites because we all know very well that they could pay people to write those reviews. On external links, few people wrote reviews, some saying that they got good products and they were happy overall with this online pharmacy. But there were unhappy customers saying that their customer service doesn’t even try to help them with their problems. whatever the problem might be. other people left bad rates without any comments, assumingly they had negative experience with this site but they didn’t wanted to share what exactly.

The bonuses and special offers:

They have a number of special offers and bonuses: claimable you are having a 5% discount on 2nd order, you get a 7% discount on third and further orders, you get a gift of 4, 10 or 20 pills of Generic Viagra Soft pills on orders that are 20 pills, 60 pills and consecutively 100 pills of any Erectile dysfunction drug that you can find in their store. And you also get free standard airmail service for orders more than 150 dollars. Plus they have coupons, which can save you a bit of money if you write the coupon code upon making the order.

The conclusion

As much as you can see, the site seem to be good, however there are negative reviews about people who had unpleasant experience and I guess that’s for some good reasons. In addition to that, the online pharmacy claims to be one of the leading pharmacies on the market and yet, very little reviews about it, which makes me think that this is a lie and a pharmacy that lies about something, might lie about anything, that’s why I say that it is a 3 out of 5!

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