/ Health Warehouse Reviews & Coupons is an online pharmacy which claims to have a mission of providing affordable healthcare to every American. This website claims that they are the only American’s Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPs) and also Vet VIPPs that are accredited online and mail order pharmacy which is being licensed in absolutely all 50 states of USA. No info about the year when they have started their activity (they only shared that they have become America’s trusted online pharmacy since 2008 meaning they started their business earlier than year 2008), but they did mention that their headquarters is being located in the Cincinnati metropolitan area. This company claims to be selling exclusively only FDA approved medications at good prices and also, their claim is that this is an online pharmacy established by the government in order to do away with all of the other online pharmacies that are not trustworthy and credible. Either is this licensed US pharmacy so good I’m going to find out and share my findings here in this review.

Healthwarehouse Drug’s selection

Before saying how good of an online pharmacy is, we need to know what does this pharmacy has in its stores as I have encountered online *pharmacies* that didn’t had any medications, instead they were selling batteries and remote controls. So, on the first sight I’ve seen that their medications are being categorized by the following: Pharmacy, Diabetic supplies, over the counter, home medical and they also seem to have medications for pets. Each one of these categories have their own sub category. By checking all those sub categories it indeed seems that they have a very big variety of drugs, but since I’m mostly interested in ED drugs, I’ve started to search for those medications and so I did found 4 types of Viagra (25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg tablets brand) and 1 FDA approved (as they claim) generic, 4 types of Cialis (no generic, only brand 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg and 20 mg tablets), and Levitra, same as Cialis. So the drug selection is very vast, but for erectile dysfunction they don’t seem to have a lot of things.

Healthwarehouse Drug prices

If the prices for all other medications are the same as they are for Erectile Dysfunction then I suggest to stay away from this site. The reason I say so is because the prices for all, Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are EXTREMELY HIGH! they charge 133 USD for 2 tablets of Viagra. The brand Viagra by Pfizer on other online pharmacies can be found for less than 10 USD per pill, here you need to pay more than 60 USD per pill. the price for generic, although wasn’t as high, was pretty high too. Only 20 mg of sildenafil (generic Viagra) 10 tablets, was 8 USD. That’s nearly 1 USD per 1 pill of 20 mg generic Viagra which is also a high price too. I am not sure if prices for all the other drugs found in their stores are the same. But to be honest, prices for ED medications are really high.

Healthwarehouse Prescriptions

Since they claim to be 100% legal with all FDA regulations adherence and the only government online drugstore, of course, they do require a prescription for those medications that needs one. Plus to that, it was clear that they require a prescription only by the fact that they have categories: pharmacy and over the counter. On ‘pharmacy’ category you can find sub category of *prescription services* either where you find medications that need prescriptions.

Healthwarehouse Customer support

As it was expected that it shouldn’t be hard to get in touch with them, I was right. They have a toll free number 1 800 748 7001 (on certain hours in certain days), a fax number 1 888 870 2808, they are having a mail address, you can also reach them by email or by submitting a request. And lately, my preferred way of talking with customer support is to chat with them via live chat. The prescriptions should be sent by fax or email. They have a 90 day return policy either.

Healthwarehouse Payment options

Without becoming a registered member on the site you cannot make a payment so you need to create an account before ordering. The payment methods include: VISA, Discover, American Express as well as Master card. even though there is no bitcoin so far as payment option that’s still good. they also don’t seem to have e check or bank transfers which is strange for an online pharmacy that is regulated by government but anyway.

Healthwarehouse Shipping options

In case you are signing up for their monthly newsletter you’re going to receive free shipping. However by not signing up to their monthly newsletter a nominal shipping charge of 3 USD is going to be added to each order. but here are all the shipping options that they customers can choose from: standard shipping 2 to 8 Business Days ;  signature confirmation USPS/ UPS – 3.95 USD 2 to 8 Business Days; UPS tracking – 12 USD 1 to 5 Business Days; USPS priority 10 USD 1 to 3 Business Days; 2 day UPS – 17 USD 2 Business Days, next day air UPS 30 USD up to 20 pounds and 3 USD extra for each additional pound over 20  pounds and delivery time of only one Business Day. The pharmacy doesn’t seem to ship anywhere else than North America so people from other countries should search for other online pharmacy.

Healthwarehouse Coupons and discounts doesn’t seem to have discounts on big orders. They do not seem to have hot deals or anything. What I did have found is that they are having coupons codes which is a nice way to save some money. coupons, in my opinion are always welcome as they will always make sure that you a bit less. The only other special offer that I saw is their free shipping by signing up on their monthly newsletter. Although it would be, of course, preferred to have other special offers, these are good either.

Healthwarehouse Reviews

Even though it is claimed to be the only government ruled online pharmacy and the only one with absolute legibility – the reviews claims that there are better options for online pharmacies. The reason I say this is that there are customer feedback implying that they don’t really care about their patients with a lot of negative feedback. Like for example people said that they paid for next day delivery and they have got their package after more than a week after placing the order. many other people said that their emails to customer supports were ignored. Other people said that they got the medications which were not working as they should. There were some positive reviews, but it was easily noticeable that the number of negative customer reviews outnumber those with positive customer reviews. Although this pharmacy had an A+ rate on, the people reviews, in my opinion are worth more.

Healthwarehouse Legit or scam is not a scam because a scam site can’t get A+ on it also can’t be so popular online and generally there are no people writing any good reviews. Since this is a site that do have good reviews and is pro claimed to be the only site ruled by government it cannot be a scam. However it doesn’t mean that there are no problems with it.


There is a number of good things about this online pharmacy, but unfortunately the number of bad things in regards to this online pharmacy are more and that’s why, from the total number of rate that I can say this site deserve – 5, it is less than half. That’s why 2 out of 5 for

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