| Health Snap Reviews & Coupons is the online pharmacy that I will review trying to determine if this is a pharmacy worth purchasing medications from or not. As soon as I have entered the website I noticed that they are having a user friendly interface which is very important as a user friendly interface of the site gives the sense of reliability of the pharmacy and plus to that, I can easily navigate through it, finding with ease the information that I need. I have noticed that people here are able to register and to login to their accounts and later will find out if this is mandatory to do or not. I also noticed that on their website you can see *pickup locator* which means that people can order medications here and pick up themselves. Another thing I have noticed is the fact that this online pharmacy can be found in some social media pages as Facebook, Twitter and others. As much as I noticed, people can search for their needed products by products, brands or symptoms. Also, I noticed the pharmacy offers free same day delivery (for pickup online and Ontario only) and also free home delivery but only in Canada. I also noticed the pharmacy has some deals as well. According to the information on their website, HealthSnap is a 100% Canadian online retail site that is based out of Toronto, Ontario and I found their exact address. I was not able to find information for how long the pharmacy has been established. According to the site’s looks, the pharmacy’s claims and promises etc. this pharmacy looks promising, but we’re going to check it all a bit later. Selection of medications and prices

I have been trying to search for what kind of medications and how many medications are being found in their drugstores. According to the categories of medications that I have found on their website, there are products for: beauty, skin care, personal care, medicine, baby and mom, diet and fitness, sexual wellness etc. You can search for medications by brands, symptoms or using the search function. However, I was not able to find any prescription drugs in their stores and with this being said, I can assume the fact that this pharmacy is offering only OTC products and there are no prescription medications. Like for example for Anxiety, there are medications such as Valerian, Ginseng etc. On sexual wellness there are products like condoms, lubricants, contraceptives etc. So, seemingly, there are no prescription products or ED treating products such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. With this being said, I can assume that their OTC medications selection is wide and vast, however there are no prescription drugs. Simply to give example of medications I can say that Jamieson Valerian, 400 mg 60 capsules would cost you 9.69 USD. Either this is a cheap or expensive price, I cannot comment. Since there does not seem to be any prescription products, it is obvious this pharmacy doesn’t require a prescription for ordering products here. Shipping and payment methods

According to the information that I was able to find on their website, this pharmacy does not sell medications anywhere else outside of Canada, however I don’t really like the fact that this pharmacy doesn’t sound serious as they make such jokes as *sorry ‘Murica* and that’s not very serious to my opinion. The pharmacy is offering free pickup delivery for Ontario people and free delivery for orders above 50 USD home delivery. Delivery times depends on region: local up to 2 days, regional 3 to 5 days and national 4 to 9 days. According to the information on their FAQ page, this pharmacy is accepting VISA, Master Card, American Express, Visa Debit and Paypal. No other payment methods available. Customer Support Service

To get in touch with this online pharmacy there are several methods which I have ruled out by searching for methods to get in touch with them online at contact page. There I found you can use contact form on their website, email, voicemail at a phone number and this pharmacy seems to be constantly joking *carrier pigeon* and there’s their exact address in Ontario. I can assume you can also contact them in Facebook or Twitter as well. Coupon Codes

I was trying to search for methods to save money while purchasing medications here. By researching I have found out that they have *student discount* but seemingly everyone can use this discount as you can use the code SCHOOL5 and you get the 5% discount. Except for this, as I mentioned, the pharmacy is offering free shipping across Canada on orders over 50 USD. They claim to have exciting promos and offers exclusive to affiliate partners as well but which are they, I am not very sure. Reviews

While I was searching for customer reviews about this pharmacy, I did have found some and in fact, I have even found an entire article about this pharmacy with a person describing what kind of experience she had with the pharmacy. There are reviews on their own website but to be honest, I don’t actually have trust in them. Maybe they are indeed reliable, but since most reviews on most pharmacies are fake, I don’t have trust as there’s a high chance this pharmacy to have fake reviews as well. According to the *article* that I was talking about, it is not worth purchasing medications here. This indeed seems to be a pharmacy selling OTC medications and they are not scammers, nevertheless, purchasing here is still not advisable. That’s because this person got 3 and 4 years old already expired products! As the person said * For a company with ‘Health’ in the name they don’t seem concerned about selling healthy beauty products. *


In the end, this Canadian pharmacy does seem to be reliable (according to some people and, however there are people saying that there are many other problems going around with this pharmacy and for this reason I am not able to rate it with more than 3 out of 5 and say that ordering here can be very risky in terms that you’re going to get disappointed.

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