/ Health Partners Reviews & Coupons is the website that I am going to be reviewing today and this is the website of Health Partners company which it is an integrated and non profit health care provider and health insurance company with its headquarters that are located in Bloomington, MN. According to the information on Wikipedia, they are offering care, coverage, research as well as education to its members, patients and the community. This company has been founded back in 1957, or at least that’s the information according to Wikipedia page and the information on their *about* page. This company, claimable, is the largest consumer governed non profit health care organization in the nation and that’s because they are serving more than 1.8 million medical as well as dental health plan members nationwide and they are having more than 1,800 physicians. Currently, HealthPartners claims to have employed over 25,000 people. By analyzing their about us page I have found such accreditations as: NCQA, MBEA, American’s 50 best hospitals of 2017 according to healthgrades and also Business Journal accredited it with No. 1 best places to work out of 200 others. This company, of course, can be found on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. While on website you can create an account and login and also you can search for a doctor, dentist of clinic. You can make an appointment too or search for medical and dental insurance on their website too. They are claiming that you’re having an opportunity to help you treat over 60 common conditions like pink eye, sinus and bladder infection online 24/7. This company is also having mobile applications for both iOS and Android phones. Their website supports Spanish language, but if you are not a native English speaker then you can get help in a lot of different languages by calling on a phone number.

Customer Care Department on Health Partners

Since they claim to be the largest non profit organization and health planer company I think that getting in touch with this pharmacy needs to be very easy in a lot of different ways. It is obvious that since they have on their website the exact address, you can visit them yourself in case you live anywhere near. But for other methods, of course, there are different phone numbers which you can dial and get answered questions. They have different phone numbers for different needs: member service, website support, clinics, pharmacy and sales. Although there is no live chat function on the website, I can assume that you could get in touch with them via social media platforms if you want to chat.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Coupon codes

Coupons are an extremely easy and nice way to save money and they can be offered by anyone who is selling or offering anything, at least in my opinion. For this reason I searched to see whether does this health plan provider Health Partners is offering coupons codes either but I couldn’t find anything. In fact, I couldn’t find anything that would make you save some money except for one thing. This company is giving money to those going to gym. You are going to get $ 20 for going to gym 12 or more times per month. Except for this I haven’t found anything. I think that this also could be due to the fact that there are no prices listed for anything and that might be due to the fact that each health plan depends on what each customer needs.

Customer reviews about Health Partners

Searching for customer reviews is the most important part here and that’s why I tried to do it with care but the most of the reviews weren’t *customer reviews* but reviews from employees of that company. Nevertheless, I did have found some actual customer reviews on (Better Business Bureau), on and on too. According to BBB this is an accredited business, however the customer reviews aren’t happy with this company’s services and the reason I say that is that on it has a total of 7 customer reviews and all of them are negative with people saying that even though they monthly paid as they should – the company didn’t kept their promises (like cancelling their insurance without warning and then blaming something or someone). The rate is a little bit better on as it has 4 out of 5 rate based on 5 reviews with some of them saying that the company has done great job in dealing with their needs. And lastly, on it has 15 customer reviews with a total rate of 3 out of 5 with some people complaining on rude staff or things like careless doctors. Others complained on delays etc. saying that if people have urgent needs they won’t do anything to make something faster. However there are also other people saying that they are super happy with those services.


The fact that this is a health plan provider which claimable makes you save money that’s very good exactly as it is the fact that it is legit and that there are happy people using their services. However we still see that there are many unhappy people with this company because those people paid everything as they were said to but the company failed to keep their promises. In my opinion, the average rate from customer reviews is 3 out of 5 and that’s why I can’t say that it deserves less or more.

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