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According to the information that I managed to find on the pharmacy’s website that I am going to review today, named, is a premium online Health and Beauty Store which is offering thousands of products from hundreds of well known brands and most importantly, as they claim, they are all at discounted prices. As much as I could conclude from its name, this is a UK pharmacy but later I am going to try and check to see if I can confirm this. They claim to be specialized in only the highest quality health and personal care products that is ranging from vitamins, minerals and supplements all to skincare, cosmetics as well as fragrances, they claim to be often the cheapest online and in the high street, with anywhere up to 60% off the recommended retail price! So, claimable, people can find their needed products at discounted prices. The pharmacy has price promise policy, they are selling brand names drugs and therefore, they are quality products. The pharmacy is also offering a good customer service and promise to have fast delivery. The site of this pharmacy is well done and according to their information, the pharmacy is located in UK with an exact address offered and they have been online since 2004 according to copyright information. Their site is user friendly designed and they claim to be SSL secured meaning that it is safe to purchase here. According to the information on the site, they are *your guide to healthy living* which I hope is true. Generally, I really hope that all I found so far is all true as these sound to be as some good promises. Checking only the website and their promises, the pharmacy looks very good so far, but people who read my reviews know that there are other things to check either. Selection of medications and prices

You can shop by brand at this online pharmacy, you’re able to search product keywords using the search function or you could check their categories of medications. According to those categories, there are a lot of different products such as products for: skincare, health products, health foods, gluten free, family health and others. Then I’ve checked their medications a bit more carefully and I noticed that there are no prescription drugs. I used search function to search for Viagra, Cialis or Levitra and the pharmacy doesn’t have any of them. Checking *sexual health* products I could only find some herbs and natural products. With this being said, I am not sure if they are offering prescription drugs and therefore the pharmacy doesn’t have such drugs, as much as it seems. Plus, this means the pharmacy doesn’t require a valid prescription since they do not have such drugs. I’ve taken a random product to give example of price and a product I found in sexual health named Swanson Ultra Passion Response Male would cost you 15.76 GBP for 30 capsules. Compared to generic Viagra, to be honest, that’s a fairly high price. Shipping and payment methods

According to the information on their website, they are offering free standard delivery on everything, everywhere, every time. With this being said, the pharmacy offers free shipping worldwide and that’s amazing, however they won’t ship to Denmark, Finland, Italy or Jersey. They have also given a list of product regulations for a lot of countries. There’s no information if they offer faster (EMS) shipping option but shipping times depend on where exactly you are living: UK has a delivery timeframe of 3 to 10 working days, Europe has a delivery timeframe of 7 to 12 working days and World Wide shipping will arrive within approximately 12 to 24 working days. There’s information on their website suggesting that they accepting the following payment methods: Master card, Visa, Delta, Visa Electron, Discover, American Express, maestro, JCB, PayPal and Bitcoin. Customer Support Service

According to the information I managed to find on their website, people are able to chat with them live, but you can only do this in their working hours. In addition to that, you could use their contact form to write them your inquiry. Another way to get in touch with them is to use their exact address for mailing or you could call them by UK freephone or mobiles and international. As much as it seems, these are all the methods available to talk with this online pharmacy. Coupon Codes

As much as I could find, this online pharmacy does offer coupon codes, like for example to get 3 GBP off orders over 30 GBP use the code 3OFF30, or you could get 7 GBP off orders over 60 GBP use code 7OFF60. They are also offering free shipping as I mentioned and plus to that, they claim that nearly all the products have a retail price much higher than the ones they are offering their products. Reviews

Searching for the customer reviews I have managed to find a lot of them as this online pharmacy seems to be pretty popular among customers. There are reviews on,, and others. According to most of the reviews, the site and this pharmacy is safe to use as they do send their products and the people are happy with the products quality. However, approximately 30% or so of all customer reviews are being unhappy with the services they have got from this pharmacy. in fact, there are people who said they got scammed. There’s even a review on ripoffreport site where a person said he got scammed of 18 GBP and the pharmacy ignores his messages and when they did answered him, they told him his not in their database, while he has evidence they took away his money from bank.


This pharmacy seems to be safe to use, but as much as it seems by checking all the reviews online, it is not safe to use by everyone and many of those who have used this pharmacy said they have extremely poor service. The pharmacy is safe to use, they seem to offer shipping worldwide and they have good customer reviews. But they have many of those negative reviews that simply cannot be ignored and that’s why I my score for this pharmacy is 3 out of 5.

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