/ Health Kart RX Reviews & Coupons is an online drugstore which claims that quality and customer satisfaction is their primarily focus saying that they are the most trusted online pharmacy store which is selling health care products for both men and women. Another claim made by is that they are selling best quality medications, moreover – cost effective meds. Every medication you find in their drugstore are adhering all FDA and WHO regulations. Plus to that the prices are affordable calling them the best prices suitable to a customer pocket. It is not known where they are located and when they have started to operate in this pharmaceutical business. The website for this pharmacy is user friendly and understandable.

Health Kart RX Selection of Drugs

Nearly all of the products that you can find on this website are generic medications and among Men’s Health products you can find a lot of medications like generic Viagra or generic Levitra. However there is no form of Cialis and there’s no brand version for these medications. you can find the drugs that you need either by using search box or by using their categories: Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Skin/ Eye/ Ear Care, Smart Drugs, Herbal Products, ED Trial Packs and Smart Drugs Trial Packs. There are no other drug categories. Although they seem to have a number of drugs (if I had to guess, I would say they have a total number of 40 or so drugs in their store) – there aren’t a lot of them. All their customers can choose their drugs according to only those categories.

Health Kart RX Drug prices

The minimum quantity of pills that you can purchase of generic Viagra (or sildenafil citrate) is 90 pills and the lowest price that you can find on this online pharmacy per pill is $0.77 (but that’s if you purchase 370 pills). Highest price if purchasing only 90 pills is $1.45. They also offer free pills either. Tadalafil (Forzest by Ranbaxy) is also available and it costs $3.88 per pill if you purchase a minimum of 16 pills. For highest quantity of 512 pills you can get the product at the cheapest price per pill of $1.37.

Health Kart RX Customer support service

They have a customer support email listed [email protected] and they claim that your email is going to be replied on or before 24 hours. You can also contact them by submitting a form. There is no phone number shown on this website, however they have an live chat function. But seemingly it is reachable only in certain hours because on the moment that I am browsing their website they seem to be Offline! Shipping policy, as most online pharmacies is offering 2 shipping options which are registered (regular) shipping and EMS express shipping with a shipping time of 18 to 20 business days and 8 to 10 business days respectively. EMS is trackable but regular shipping is not. The shipping fees are: 22 USD for regular shipping and 25 USD for Express Shipping. They are having the return policy so in case something goes wrong you can return the products. All orders that exceed 250 USD per order get a free express shipping. Payment Method

This is an online pharmacy that accepts a payment method that I haven’t seen an online pharmacy to accept for a very and very long time now – COD which stands for Cash On Delivery. This is, in my opinion, the best payment method for all customers because it is absolutely risk free unless you get wrong medications or bad medications. That’s since you are going to pay only after you’re being delivered the medications. However this service is only available for US customers. Another payment method that is also available only for US customers is Echeck. All the rest of the world is able to pay only via credit card: VISA, American Express, Discover or Master Card. I can definitely recommend to use the COD payment method for everyone in USA who thinks to order anything from this online pharmacy.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Health KartRX coupons or maybe it offers some discounts and bonuses?

I have already said this a little bit earlier in my review: they are offering free EMS shipping to all orders that exceed the sum of 250 USD. In addition to that, in case you are going to get yourself more than 150 pills an order then this pharmacy is going to give you some free pills. Any amount of sildenafil citrate products comes with a bonus of 10 pills. In addition to that, those customers who are going to pay for their orders via eChecks are going to get an additional 10% discount from their purchases. Sadly no coupon codes to give you some extra discounts and although this is not a major problem, I personally would surely miss it. Reviews

A person named Molly who wrote her review on about rated it with 4 out of 5 and said that COD is really working. Waited for her delivery 14 days. Another reviewer said that she has got recommended this online pharmacy by her friend and she purchased some eye drops which really worked. However another person with nickname Clang3 on another independent website said that he had a horrible experience with the pharmacy. Another customer named William said that this pharmacy has horrible customer service. 2 other people said that they have paid and they have got no parcel. They said that they have contacted their customer support service and they have got not answer and no money back. Scam warning websites like has a trust of 34% which is too low to have trust in this website. has a trust of only 10% and again that’s too low to have trust.


The website itself seem to be fairly well made, however the majority of reviews are negative and the scam warning websites do not have trust in this online pharmacy. In addition to that, the amount of reviews aren’t too much and that’s something that makes me stay away from the pharmacy either. On trust pilot it has a rate of 3 out of 5 and I totally agree with this rate and one of the big reasons why it makes me put this rate is COD payment method which is something that is makes you be risk free, however that’s only available for USA customers.

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