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When you are searching for an online pharmacy you’re trying all the methods to find all the pharmacies available to make a list of reliable pharmacies so you could know from which pharmacies it is better to purchase medications from. Or at least that’s exactly what I personally am doing and by searching for these pharmacies I have come along, an online pharmacy which as much as we can see if offering health medications in express times or at least, that’s what the name of this site suggests. I have entered this website’s front page and it does seems to be a very well made online pharmacy with a user friendly interface which makes it easier to access all the pages that you need and navigate through the site. I have noticed that the patients are able to create an account here and then login to it. also while online, people can search for *your condition or treatment* so you could use the search function for whatever need you may have. According to the information on their website, there are quite a few reasons why this pharmacy and online doctor consultation company is claiming to be among the best: free delivery; no hidden fees; confidential service and UK doctors and pharmacy. the pharmacy claims to be a registered UK pharmacy and also claims to have Android and iOS application for easier access from smartphones. You can also change the website’s language and currency, but there is no USD currency. They also have social media pages as facebook and twitter. The pharmacy, according to copyright, seems to be online since 2011 and this is an UK pharmacy with an exact address being located in London. The pharmacy is run by Hexpress Healthcare Ltd. selection of drugs and prices

According to the categories of medications which I could find on their website, they have men’s health, women’s health, sexual health, general health and travel health types of medications. But each of these categories are having sub categories and for example, on sexual health there are categories by health condition: genital herpes, chlamydia, trichomoniasis and others. On men’s health – erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and hair loss. And that’s for all others. With this being said, it seems this online pharmacy offers an extremely wide selection of medications for a lot of conditions. After I’ve seen this, I went further checking the prices and that’s why I went checking ED meds. There I’ve seen Viagra Cialis and Levitra all being there in brand and generic forms and I tried to check the prices for each of them. however I couldn’t as the pharmacy haven’t shared their prices. nevertheless, I remember I already reviewed pharmacies which were run by Hexpress Healthcare Ltd and I remember those pharmacies had high prices, extremely high!! that’s why I can think that this pharmacy has high prices as well here. if you do not have a prescription, this online pharmacy is offering free consultation if you need one after which, if approved, they can send you a prescription. Shipping and payment methods

I’m not living in UK and for ordering you need to apply for online consultation. For this reason I couldn’t determine anything about shipping and payments since I had to go through the consultation for getting to checkout page. That’s why I had to find info only from FAQ page where I found out that they are offering same day shipping to London customers while all the rest should wait for their orders longer – but no information for how long. Shipping seems to be free to all directions, but they do not offer to USA. In terms of payment methods they are only accepting credit cards: master card and visa only. Customer Support Service

According to the information on their contact page, they are able to offer phone consultation in different languages but you need to dial the right phone number as there are Spanish, Danish, French and other phone numbers. Except for contacting by phone, you also can contact them via live chat function, via email, mailing address or contact form available on their website. This is all very good to my opinion.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

This online pharmacy is claiming that people do not need to pay for the consultation that they will get and for the shipping as both consultation and shipping is already included in the price for medications. So you would need to pay for medication and that’s it. however, except for this, I cannot see anything else being offered by the pharmacy. no free pills, no discounts, no coupon codes or anything in this matter. To be honest, I am not sure if free consultation (that I have not asked for by the way) and free shipping is enough. Reviews

This online pharmacy recommends to everyone to read the customer reviews about their website on and by going there, indeed there are a lot of customer reviews majority of which are positive. There are few negative reviews suggesting that the pharmacy has late delivery, wrong drug sent, rude staff and other disappointing things. Nevertheless, most reviews are still positive. Went on and unfortunately I found some alarming things. The website is considered unapproved by, a malware report has been detected from this site, a high number of suspicious websites on this server and possibly related to a high risk country as well. Problem is that no customer reviews absolutely anywhere else than trustpilot – the site which the pharmacy itself recommends to read those reviews. Although trustpilot is usually trustworthy, the pharmacy might have written fake reviews.


I can assume that the prices at this online pharmacy are extremely high, much higher compared to other online pharmacies and that’s a big minus. Another big minus is the fact that a lot of problems were detected by and that’s something I don’t really love. There are few negative reviews and yet, majority reviews are positive and that’s good. only thanks to big number of positive reviews I will rate this pharmacy with 3 out of 5, nevertheless, I still think that there are much better options were to get medications.

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