/ Healthcare 24h Reviews & Coupons is an online drugstore which seems to be mostly selling and providing their customers erectile dysfunction treating medications like Cialis, Levitra and Viagra. The first thing I’ve noticed when entering this pharmacy’s website is the fact they claim to be a Canadian drugstore which I can assume that this is the country where they headquarters is located. According to the logo you can see here, they are providing *best selling drugs from Canada*. I’ve done a bit of more research here to find out this pharmacy is in the business for the last 7 years and hopefully that’s true because having trust in an online pharmacy that has been around for a while is a lot much more easier than having trust in an online pharmacy that just has been opened since you never know when they might close. Not trying to say that old online pharmacies will not do it, I just can assume that the chances are smaller for them to close any minute and that’s still better. has a user friendly design with good features which facilitates the understandability and usage of the website as of general (with features for foreign customers as well because you can change the currency and language here).

Healthcare 24 hours selection of meds and prices

The medications that their customers can find on this drugstore, according to the number of drug categories, should be a lot! That’s because they are having a lot of drug categories like drugs treating: depression, diabetes, women’s health, heart disease, allergies, anxiety, anti fungal and many other drugs treating many other conditions which means that the selection of medications is so vast that each person stands good chances to find the medication you are searching for in this pharmacy and even if you don’t then they should have an alternative. But these my guesses only since I’m not a very good expect in other types of medications than ED treating ones and with this being said, those are medications I’m going to talk about now. Well, their erectile dysfunction selection of meds is a lot too with lots of different forms and types of medications including both the generic and branded name for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Brand Viagra by Pfizer costs 3.17 USD, Brand Cialis by Lilly costs 4.03 USD and Brand Levitra by Bayer costs 4.16 USD. Cheapest prices for branded ED medications on per pill. As for generics – 0.35 USD for Viagra, 0.77 USD for Cialis and 1.15 USD for Levitra. If comparing these prices to other online pharmacies for the exact same medications I would say that these are really good competitive prices. While they aren’t absolutely the cheapest prices for same medications compared to other online pharmacies, they are among the cheapest ones. As in regards to the prescription, seemingly you don’t need one. Or at least the pharmacy claims that when your order is approved the physician will THEN write your prescription. So I assume that ordering here means you get both the medications and the prescription too. Customer Support Service Quality

Unfortunately, I am not actually able to talk about the *quality* of customer support service and this is due to the fact that I never actually contacted them myself. Primarily the reason for me never contacting them is the fact that they do not have live chat function where you can discuss with them online via chat. However for those who really need to talk with this pharmacy then you can do this by using 2 phone numbers I found on the website one is European phone number and the other one is US toll free phone number. I went to their contact us page to find out whether do they have other methods you can get in touch with customer support service and I found another one: filling the form and waiting for a response in the email you listed. But what’s interesting here is that on contact us page they shared a located in Europe in Czech Republic! So I guess their office is located there?! payment methods and shipping methods

As a lot of other online pharmacies, has 2 payment and 2 shipping options. The payments can be done via credit cards (3 major credit cards only: VISA, Master Card and American Express) and via Bitcoin. I personally really like the Bitcoin as a payment method because it is very convenient and often it has discounts if you choose bitcoin as a payment option, however it seems that this pharmacy doesn’t offer this facility. As for shipping options, as usual, regular airmail that costs 25 USD, doesn’t have tracking, has a delivery time of 2 to 4 weeks and they ship worldwide via this method. The second one costs 25 USD and this is not an option available worldwide but only to a limited number of countries, however it has a delivery time of 5 to 8 business days and it can be tracked! There is an additional option where customer need to pay 7 USD more and will get delivery insurance which ensures that you get a reshipment or refund if the package won’t reach your door in the promised time.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Coupons, discounts, special offers or bonuses on

The pharmacy is offering free erectile dysfunction pills on absolutely every order regardless of what or how much you order. You can choose between 2 pills of either Cialis, Viagra or Levitra. One more bonus is free shipping which you can obtain if your order sum is above 200 USD, however if you get your order to 300 USD or more then your free shipping will be express delivery! Discounts are given to returning customers. After your first purchase you should receive a code that you can validate on your further orders and by validating it you get 5 % discount on your order sum on your second order and 7% discount for your third and further orders. And lastly, the prices that I mentioned earlier are discounted prices per pill. The prices are actually higher but you can get the discounts if you will order a bigger number of pills, the more the number the more the savings. No coupon codes available though. These are all very good things but I personally would really like if there would be coupon codes too! Reviews

I’m a firm believer that unless you have previously used the pharmacy and had a good experience with it, people should firstly read customer reviews about that pharmacy online and only after that to decide if it’s worth buying there or not. That’s like an unwritten rule but that’s a rule for myself and that’s something I recommend other people to do too if they want to stay away from unpleasant situations like getting scammed or something in this matter. What’s extremely important here is to read customer reviews on other external/ independent websites and not those on the pharmacy itself. The reason for that being the fact that customer reviews on the pharmacy’s website could be fake, written just to make people believe that this is actually a good pharmacy with good services. Even if those are real reviews they might be plagiarized from other pharmacies and lastly, even if they are real reviews about that pharmacy – you never know if there were negative reviews and they were removed by the website administrators. With all of that being said, it is extremely important to check the customer reviews on independent websites because the website administrators do not have control upon them. So well, while I was searching for such kind of reviews, unfortunately, I didn’t found any one. This is a sign that the pharmacy is not very popular and for me is a sign to stay away from it because there’s nobody and nothing that can make me believe in its authenticity and make me believe that there is actually someone who has actually ever ordered something from here. No customer reviews anywhere on the internet is a very big minus for the pharmacy, but I continued further and I searched for what do scam warning websites tell and I found none of the scam warning websites to have trust in this website plus suggests the domain address is less than a year and the site may be from Russia, a high risk country.


I don’t want to risk with my money (especially when I know that there are much more credible online pharmacies) to order here when there are no customer review, the website has been established less than a year ago and it is from Russia. Not trying to say that all Russian sites are scams or anything in this matter, all I wanted to say that a very big number of scamming online pharmacies are from that region so chances are high that this one is too. Due to the fact that there’s nobody who actually can say that this pharmacy is scam, I rate it with 2 out of 5 and my rate my change later depending on what kind of customer reviews would appear online.

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