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Living healthy nowadays can be super expensive with such prices for medications and that’s why the online pharmacies are getting more and more popular lately. However, thieves also know that desperate people who need medications but do not have money are ready to give money as soon as they see their medication being priced lower on an online pharmacy. that’s not the best thing we should so since there are so many scamming pharmacies out there and that’s why it is so important to find as much information as possible about a pharmacy and only after that to order, in case it is worth it. I’m trying to make a list of reliable online pharmacies and for this reason I keep on searching pharmacies online to review. Today I found one which looks really promising which is called Health and Med with their motto *Product for Healthy Living*. This looks good so far. is their e address for those who want to check it. By entering their main page I have noticed a really well done website to my opinion, user friendly and good options where you can register an account and login. I have noticed on their copyright the claim that this pharmacy has been around since 2007 and that’s very good since they should have 11 years of experience. They are located in Cedar City, UT, USA and they claim to provide products to customers that would help them live healthier, happier and longer lives. The pharmacy claims to have social media platforms on different sites and they also claim to have downloaded applications for Android or Windows. There’s also information sharing the owner and the founder of health and med’s name. They also claim to be a BBB accredited business. Selection of medications and prices

While checking the selection of medications I have realized that this online pharmacy, in fact, is not selling prescription or OTC products. Then I noticed the disclaimer suggesting that this company, in fact, does not sell anything that has been evaluated by the FDA. The products found there are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. Therefore, the pharmacy cannot ask a prescription since they do not even have any of such products. Those people looking for such things should go search for other pharmacies. They selection of products seems to be wide, but they have a lot of different things include lots of electro things. There are categories such as: ionic foot detox, whole body vibration, chanson water ionizers, chanson water filters, nutritional supplements and others. Not sure if it’s worth mentioning any prices here but anyway, just for example: TrueHope Amino Powder Advanced which is an nutritional supplements (emotional) 180 capsules would cost 55 USD. There are no products that I am familiar with which I could comment on that’s why I’m not sure if the prices here are any good or not. Shipping and payment options

I couldn’t find any information about shipping or payment options, however I managed to go on the checkout page to see that when choosing the country where you want your order to be delivered, there seem to be an extremely big list of countries and for this reason I think they deliver world wide around the globe. The problem is that there is no information and what are the shipping costs or shipping fees but there is information suggesting: *enter your full address to see shipping costs* and I guess this goes for shipping times as well, so this depends on where exactly you want to get the needed products. Not sure if they are offering multiple shipping options. As in terms of payment methods, on the checkout page there is information suggesting that you can pay with Pay Pal or with credit cards such as: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and others. Customer Support Service

As much as it seems, getting in touch with this online pharmacy should be easy. That’s because they are offering different phone numbers, they are offering fax number, emails and they are also having chat function online. The phone numbers are only available in their operating hours. They claim that they can also assist in Spanish. Plus they are offering social media pages as well. Coupon Codes

On the checkout page I have seen the message: *have a coupon? Click here to enter your code* and that’s why I can assume they do offer coupon codes, but I guess only for returning customers as I couldn’t see any coupons anywhere on the site. I have seen that they are also having referral rewards if you refer your friends. One last thing that I have noticed which seems to be worth mentioning here is that they are offering free UPS ground shipping to US addresses for orders above 300 USD. Reviews

I’ve been searching for customer reviews about this company and this website but unfortunately I found very few of them. Although seem to offer a high trust rating, they also do agree with the fact that the site is very rarely visited and is not popular. I found 4 positive reviews on but I found 3 negatives on there are few other reviews on their facebook page, but there are mixed reviews. As much as it seems, generally, there are few reviews and the reviews are all mixed. The good news is that it seems the good reviews seem to outnumber the negative ones, plus has trust in this company. that’s all good, but it seems to be far from perfect.


As I earlier mentioned, this is not a regular pharmacy selling prescription drugs or OTC and that’s sad. They do not seem to offer big deals or any amazing discounts and I guess for this reason they are not very popular. Nevertheless, they do seem to be reliable and most people are happy with their services. I am going to rate with 4 out of 5 due to negative reviews.

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