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*Pharmacy that care its customers first* is the logo of the HealPharmacy.com and I truly hope that is true because an online pharmacy that’s truly caring about customers is an online pharmacy, in my opinion, that’s worth using, however whether is that true or not that’s another story and this is what I’m going to try to find it out. A little details about the pharmacy – according to the information I found on their page *about us* they claim to be in business for the last 9 years but the website was launched in 2011 and it is one of the leading pharmacies on the internet. They are mostly focused in selling generic medications and each of their medications are Indian FDA approved and internationally certified. The pharmacy claims to be Canadian based and they listed some reasons why it is better to use Canadian Pharmacy compared to US pharmacy, however, it is not listed where their headquarters is located. As for the website itself, it features good user friendly design and seems to be easy to understand. You can also create an account and then log in, later I will find out whether it is mandatory to have an account on this website to order or that’s just an option. The website seems to be have similar features to many other online pharmacies, but in the same time it does seem to be a little bit different. Nevertheless, using the website is easy and understandable. No other languages are available than English and other currencies than US Dollars. As for now, let’s go further finding out more details about what the pharmacy is offering to their customers.

Selection of drugs on HealPharmacy.com with the prices for them

As usual, you can find the medications that you need by searching through the categories as they have a lot of different categories of drugs such as: men’s health, women’s health, weight loss, allergy, diuretics, diabetes, eye drops, thyroid and even penis enlargement. The selection of drugs really seems to be a lot, with a lot of drugs you can find in their drugstores. The Erectile Dysfunction category of drugs seem to be in their Men’s Health category and that’s exactly the category I checked more carefully myself. A lot of different drugs also seems to be in men’s health category – drugs that are both generic and branded. Besides the most famous ones like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra (which comes in both brand and generic forms) they have many others like tadacip, kamagra, caverta and many others. For getting Viagra generic 50 mg x 720 pills you will pay 489 USD. Less quantity has lower costs, but bigger prices for pills. For getting Cialis generic 20 mg x 720 pills you would pay 738 USD and the same goes for Cialis as for Viagra and I can assume for Levitra as well. I would say that these are *moderate* prices compared to other online pharmacies because I’ve seen prices being in half than the prices for same medications on this online pharmacy but I’ve also seen prices twice as much. This is the reason why I call these *moderate* prices. But compared to local pharmacies, these are still prices you could win some money. HealPharmacy.com is not requiring their customers to show a valid prescription for getting prescription medications so this remains at each customer’s discreet, but they still recommend them all to consult a doctor.

Customer Support Service on HealPharmacy.com

This online pharmacy seem to offer a lot of methods to get in touch with them as they are having online live chat, they are having 2 phone numbers (one of which is USA/ Canada) and another one is Australian phone number and there are also 3 different emails with an option to fill the form with your full name and email where they can reach you back. They claim that all inquiries will be solved within 12 to 24 hours (only except for holidays). Pharmacy support have working hours while customer support team claimable are working 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. So you can write an email, fill the form, live chat with them or call them by toll free number. It seems to me there are pretty enough and lots of ways to get in touch with them. Not very sure if the quality of these services are really good though. I did have contacted them via live chat function and I have discussed with one of their operators where I’ve got answers to all my questions and seemingly in a polite enough manner. However since I haven’t had any orders from them, I am not sure if they would be so polite if I would have problems with my shipping. Talking about shipping:

Shipping and payment methods on Heal Pharmacy

This is an online pharmacy that doesn’t ship world wide, however on their shipping policy you can find a list of countries where they are shipping to and in case your country is listed there then you can proceed ordering, if it’s not then you should search for another online pharmacy. They have 4 different shipping methods: Registered Airmail: Average delivery time 10-20 Days (In most cases will reach within 10-15 days); Flat Rate = $10 USD; Tracking Not Available. Speed Post Express (EMS) Mail: Average delivery time 7-10 Days (In most cases will reach within 7 days); Flat Rate = $25 USD; Tracking is available. Priority Mail (USA shipping only for Generic Cialis, Generic Viagra ED Pills); Average delivery time 3-4 Days; Flat Rate = $35 USD; Tracking is available. UK & European Mail (Have successful delivery for European Countries): Average delivery time 5-7 Days; Flat Rate = $35 USD; Tracking is available. As payment options there is just one: credit or debit card and that’s only Visa or Master Card. No other payment options available. The multitude of shipping options is really good, unlike the single payment option available since there are no other options like echeck, bitcoin, personal checks and others.

Is HealPharmacy.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

HealPharmacy.com Coupon codes

The more you order the more the discount. That’s one of the policy this pharmacy runs alongside many other online pharmacies. More pills – more discounts. However that seems to be the only thing that the pharmacy is offering and that’s an offer that nearly all online pharmacies are offering so, that’s not actually a very big deal. I wanted to go on the checkout page to see maybe they have some offers listed there and as I promised earlier in my post – you cannot go on checkout without logging in meaning that creating an account on this pharmacy isn’t actually an option but it’s mandatory. At very least, they have one other option: coupon codes and the pharmacy claims that their customers will get coupons periodically via email. Although that’s not enough, that’s at least something.

HealPharmacy.com Reviews

The online pharmacy doesn’t seem to be very popular and there aren’t too many people using their services, nevertheless there still seem to be some and so I found just one single customer review on independent websites (I did have seen their testimonials page and it wasn’t a surprise at all for me to see that they were all positive feedback written exclusively only by people who had extremely good experience with the pharmacy, I am thinking that these are fake customer reviews and that’s why I am not paying attention to them what I pay attention to is comments written on foreign websites). The website you can find that comment is pharmacyreviewer.co and a person named Jason wrote a comment in 2016 suggesting to stay away from this pharmacy because *this pharmacy is scam* as he mentioned. He recommends not to order from there because his bank reported suspicious activity from the website and when he tried to contact them *no customer response* and that’s although the pharmacy claimed that they are a pharmacy that care its customers first. Plus to that, I went on scam warning websites and scamadviser.com recommended to stay away from it because it has a low trust rating and because it is a site based in Russia – a high risk involving country.


There’s nowhere online a single good word about the healpharmacy.com and that’s regardless if we’re talking about customer reviews or scam warning websites. It has a single customer review and even if it would be positive that wouldn’t be enough, but not to mention how much my trust goes down taking in consideration that the single customer review recommends to stay away. So because of the negative customer review, because of no trust from the scam warning websites and because the website is Russian Federation based, a country which involves high risk – I will say with a very high certitude that it is not safe to use healpharmacy.com as those who will try are standing some good chances to get scammed. Taking in consideration all the factors I’ve just mentioned I can’t recommend this pharmacy to anybody and I rate it 1/5.

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