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HarrisTeeter.com / Harris Teeter Pharmacy Reviews & CouponsHarris Teeter is the name of the company which is going to go under my pharmacy review and although this Harris Teeter is a supermarket company Inc., as usual, it is going to go through the pharmacy reviews because it also has pharmacy departments and therefore we should know if it’s worth purchasing medications here or not. This company has its headquarters in Matthews, North Carolina, United States and it has been founded back in 1936. Currently it is being run by the parent organization: Kroger, but this company itself Harris Teeter has a total number of locations: 245 and an approximate number of employees: 30,000. Checked their official website: harristeeter.com and there I’ve seen that you’re able to register and to login to your account in the website. Plus to that, with the help of their website you’re able to find their stores, read information, articles and do many other things. You’re also able to order online grocery products or pharmaceutical products, however you would need to enter the number of your prescription for getting the medication that you need. I’ve paid attention that the website is, as expected, well done, has user friendly interface and lots of different options. This company is having social media pages where you can follow them in case you’re interested in addition to that, they are also having mobile applications for both iOS and Android devices for making it easier to navigate and use their services from your phone. Anyway, I went on their pharmacy page and there you can see: pharmacy services, filling up prescriptions, see information, flu shots and immunizations and many other things.

Selection of medications, prices for them, shipping and payment methods Harris Teeter

All these points are in one paragraph due to the fact that there is very little I can mention about them. the supermarket chain companies do not offer a product list with their price list on the website because if you need to get a medication, you just fill up the Rx number and they would send you medication that you need according to the prescription. However there’s one thing: this company is run by Kroger and with this being said I can assume that the selection of medications is extremely big (all drugs approved by FDA should be here at their pharmacies) and the prices should be the same as at Kroger but the sad news is that those are high prices. In regards to the shipping and to the payments I can only assume and I assume that they do not ship outside the US territory, shipping should be pretty fast and delivery not very expensive. Payments include credit cards online, but if you’re willing to go to one of their stores in person then you might pay with cash, I can assume or also by credit or debit card.

Customer Support Team Harris Teeter

This, as I said in the beginning of my review, is a company with 200+ stores and around 30,000 employees and this means that it shouldn’t be hard getting in touch with this company’s customer support team as I assume that there are a lot of ways that you can use getting in touch with them and it shouldn’t be too hard. Checked their *contact us* page and I’ve seen 3 different methods offered: calling by the phone number, using their contact form on the website and another one writing them a mail at their address. But I can also assume that if you’re going to go to one of their stores you would get the answers that you need. Plus to that, you might use social media pages for getting in touch with them too, I can assume.

Harristeeter.com Coupon Codes

This company does offer coupon codes but I cannot see them being offered for pharmaceutical products but only for grocery products. There are also other ads and other different things, nevertheless, I still cannot find anything which might make you save money by ordering or purchasing any pharmaceutical products. I am not very sure if this means that they do not offer anything to their customers purchasing something from their pharmacies but you would need to call the customer support and find it out.

HarrisTeeter.com Reviews

I’ve been specifically searching for Harris Teeter pharmacy reviews because a lot of the reviews that I found online (and I did found lots of reviews, as it was expected) were addressed to Harris Teeter grocery stores or something in this matter and not their pharmacy, which I am mostly being interested in. Also, exactly as it used to be by searching information and reviews about any other US supermarket chain company – I have found a lot of employee reviews about this company either, but I am not very interested in the employees reviews since they do not help me too much (although they do help a bit) in finding out more info about the company and whether it is not purchasing medications there. Anyhow, I was searching for customer reviews and I’ve found some on yelp website and on consumer affairs website. on yelp there are only 4 reviews about the Harris Teeter pharmacy and barely satisfactory. A person said that he loves the store, another said that its *fine* but 2 others said that they had negative experience. On consumer affairs there are 59 reviews with average rate of 2 out of 5. Most people wrote negative reviews. People complained on numerous things, most on rude customers, but others on delays and other things. In the end, the average rate of both sites is a bit more than 2 out of 5 stars and that’s not very good.


Customer reviews can judge this company the best way because they are people who had experiences with them and I’m looking at the average rate of those people which, again, isn’t very good. Plus to that, the company is run by Kroger and the prices at Kroger are big. All in all, high prices and unsatisfied customers isn’t a good combo so I rate it with 3 out of 5!

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