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Hannaford.com is the official domain address of Hannaford Brothers Company which is a Supermarket company that is operating in New England and New York with a total number of 189 locations as of 2016. This company has been founded in 1883 but it is currently a part of the Ahold Delhaize group that is being based in the Netherlands. It has its headquarters located in Scarborough, Maine. This is the information I was able to find on Wikipedia and with this being said I went on Hannaford.com official website. There you’re able to register and to sign in to your account. There’s also a cart which means that you can shop online and you can shop by department as there are the following departments: seafood, meat, bakery, produce, home needs, pet, babies, dairy and many others. On the website you can also find different articles, recipes and much more information which should be helpful. You can find their stores with the help of the website and many others. The company is having social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others as well. I have then went specifically on the pharmacy page since that’s what’s of my interest and there I found you can find a pharmacy, learn about immunizations and do your refills.

Selection of medications, prices for drugs, shipping and payment methods at Hannaford company

It wasn’t a big surprise for me to see that there is no selection of medications listed on the website and that’s since all other US supermarket chain companies are the same. Since there is no selection of medications then I obviously can’t talk about the prices for them at the company. What I do know instead is that prices for the drugs should be pretty much as they are at any other US supermarket chain company and the problem is that those are some high prices. Selection of medications should include all medications available and approved by FDA in USA, including pet meds as well. You can get the prescription medications only if showing a prescription for that medication first. There is no information about shipping but I can assume that they do not offer shipping outside of US territory and I’m not sure if they ship to entire US territory. No information about shipping methods, shipping fees or delivery times though. Payments can be done, I can assume, via cash if you go to one of their stores yourself or by credit cards, I assume.

Customer Care Service Hannaford.com

I’m not sure how easy it is to get in touch with this pharmacy’s customer care department but I can assume it should easy enough since big companies can’t hide. You’re able to get in touch with them via phone number, via email, writing a mail to their headquarters or also by going to one of their stores yourself. You’re also able to talk with them via live chat but not on their own website since it is not available but I can assume that it can be done via social media pages. But I’ve always mentioned the fact that it doesn’t really matter how easy it is to get in touch with them and how many methods they have as long as this service is useless and they do not actually help. What’s more important is their customer care service to be actually helpful.

Is Hannaford Pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Hannaford Pharmacy Coupon Codes

As usual, there are coupon codes available but the problem is that those coupon codes are only helping you saving money by purchasing some grocery goods and not pharmaceutical products. Generally, there doesn’t seem to be anything that could make you save some money by purchasing pharmaceutical products as I couldn’t find any special offers, discounts, savings by purchasing in bulk, free shipping or anything at all. Unfortunately there’s nothing on their website which would indicate the fact that you’re going to save some money by purchasing anything from their pharmacy, however it might be a good idea to firstly call their customer care department first and ask about this if they do have anything at all.

Hannaford.com Reviews

I’ve been searching for Hannaford pharmacy reviews and as usual I’ve been showing reviews from employees of Hannaford but I am not very interested in the employee reviews and for this reason I continued doing my research and I did found reviews on yelp but they were reviews addressed to hannaford’s specific stores and not to the company in general. I checked those customer reviews and then I continued doing my research further and that’s the point which made me disappointed. Hannaford company has made its way to pissedconsumer.com and what’s a bigger problem is that it has got its way to ripoffreport.com and there is not a single report but many people complaining. According to pissedconsumer the average loss is 725 USD and out of 52 reviewers, 0 issues were resolved! Even if this company is not fake and are not scammers, the fact that it has got its way on such sites and there are so many negative reviews about it makes me want to stay away from it.


People claimed to lose money by using this company pharmacy’s services and that’s even though this company is 100% legit and are not scammers. Besides losing money people complained on a lot of other things but that’s, in my opinion, the biggest problem. Although there are customer reviews recommending this pharmacy I personally wouldn’t do that exactly as I wouldn’t buy here after reading all the review I found online. All in all, Hannaford gets a rate of 2 out of 5!

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