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Searching for online pharmacies I’m often finding vendors selling supplements and today I have found another one named Guaranteed Supplements with the domain address By entering the front page of this online pharmacy I have noticed they are offering a user friendly interface of the site which is very good, the information seem to be well arranged and people can register an account here and login there. I have also noticed their claim that the site is secured and all the data you send is being encrypted. According to the information I could find on their site, people can see their claim of the pharmacy advertising the best prices on sports nutrition supplements online. They claim that there you are going to find cheap supplements from quality, top brand manufacturers. They have low prices, they are priced the same as wholesale supplements. This sounds to be very good but so far these are only claims but we need to check more things before ordering. I was searching for information suggesting where this online pharmacy is being located and it seems their headquarters is in Las Vegas, NV, USA. However, I couldn’t find information for how long this online pharmacy has been serving its customers. The pharmacy claims to have 74 likes on Facebook, they shared the names of the manufacturers they worth with and also information suggesting they are affiliates of PayPal. I couldn’t find any accreditations being mentioned by the pharmacy so I am not very sure if this means they do not have any or they simply haven’t mentioned it. so far the pharmacy seems to be good enough, but I am going to check more details later. Selection of products and prices

As much as it seems by checking their website, the pharmacy seem to be having a wide selection of supplements for sports and not only. You can check the manufacturer that you need products from, you could use the search function available, or you could shop by category as there are categories of supplements such as: calm, yeast, body, aromatherapy, amino acids, cleansing, cholesterol and many others. In short, the pharmacy seem to offer a wide selection of different products for different needs. The thing is that they are not offering any prescription or OTC medications so this is not a regular pharmacy with regular medications. If you’re in search for such drugs then you might need to go looking forward for other pharmacies already. As for those who need such types of products you might look here. since this pharmacy does not offer any prescription drugs they do not have what for to ask a prescription, as in terms of prices I can simply give an example and say that a product called Natrol Biotrin 10000 mcg 100 would cost you 8.68 USD (while they claim that it used to be 16.99 USD) but if that’s a good price I am not able to comment on. Shipping and payment methods

According to the information on the shipping policy available on their website, international orders are currently not accepted which means that they are only shipping products within USA. They have a flat rate shipping fee to 48 states but Hawaii and Alaska have USPS priority rates applied. As they claim, all orders receive a tracking number and they claim that usually, the orders are delivered within 1 to 2 days. For getting better details about shipping rates and delivery times you need to input your zip code and you’re going to get more details. There’s also information on their site suggesting that they are accepting VISA, Mastercard, and Discover processed by USA Epay. But they are also accepting paypal processed through paypal too. Customer Support Service

I was searching for what kind of ways this online pharmacy is offering their customers to get in touch with them. I have noticed that they are offering a phone number to call, you could use the contact form available on their website and as I mentioned, they shared the address of their headquarters which you can use for mailing or maybe even paying a visit if you live nearby. No live chat function seem to be available or other methods to talk with them. Coupon Codes

I have been searching what are the methods of saving money while using the pharmacy and if they are offering any deals or special offers, unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything. They do not seem to be offering coupon codes, they do not have special offers and generally, I couldn’t find anything at all, like free shipping, at least. The only thing I can mention is that it seems the pharmacy claims that their medications had a price but they offer it cheaper. Like for example those products being priced with 33 USD are offered for 20 USD etc. Reviews

I was searching for customer reviews about this supplements vendor and it seems that I have found enough of them in order to make a conclusion, the bad news is that the conclusion isn’t very good. I have found some reviews on a lot of different sites such as sitejabber, BBB (not a BBB accredited business by the way),, and even on by reading those reviews I realized that not ordering here is the best thing that you can do with this pharmacy. all of the reviewers warn other people not to order here because you will end up being disappointed. In fact, out of those about 20 reviews I found, only 2 of them were positive, but the rest were all negative with people saying that ordering here would either scam you off or you will not receive what you’ve paid for.


There are so many negative reviews on so many different independent websites that I do not even need to check the pharmacy’s reliability on in order to make a conclusion that ordering here is a high risk that I personally am not going to take. Based on all those negative reviews, I will rate this pharmacy with 1 out of 5 as they do not seem to keep their promises.

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