/ Grinh Reviews & Coupons is an online drugstore which has a very similar website design to another online pharmacy, however I am not very sure if the pharmacy is the same and for this reason I guess I should be reviewing this online pharmacy so people (including myself) know whether it is worth spending hard earned money on this pharmacy for medications or not. So, claims to be the no. 1 drugstore since 1997 which means they are on the market for the last 20 years and if that’s true that would be amazing because old online pharmacies are easier to have trust in. You can choose the website language and currency and you can see a list of reasons why they claim to be the no. 1 online drugstore with one that has got my attention: 1,000,000 customers meaning they have over one million of happy customers who are using their services. We’re going to see if that’s true. Another thing I need to mention is that this website claims to have only FDA approved medications, their website is verified by VISA and secured by VeriSign and in addition to that, the pharmacy has got 5 stars from plus it is MIPA and CIPA approved. I have then went on and checked if that’s true and yet, that was a lie, so I won’t be surprised seeing that the pharmacy lied about other things as well. This pharmacy seems to be located in Canada. selection of meds and prices

This online pharmacy seems to have a big variety of drugs. According to the information on about us page, they are selling mostly generic medications, but they also have branded medications too. What types of medication do they have? Lots of them, they claim to have medications as the following: antibiotics, allergies, pain relief, quit smoking, muscle relaxants, depression, anxiety and many other types of medications. If this is a reliable online pharmacy, people have variety of drugs to choose from this online drugstore. As in regards to the prices, they are really good. At very least I checked the prices for ED medications and I really think they are worth taking a look at: lowest price for a pill of brand Viagra is 2.56 USD and that’s lower than other online pharmacies’ prices for generic Viagra. If you’re interested in other product than Viagra, like for example in Cialis and you need generics then a usual dose of generic Cialis 20 mg would be 183.40 USD for 90 pills and that’s 1.50 USD per pill. However the prices can get higher or lower depending on the dosage and quantity of pills ordered. This online pharmacy doesn’t require their customers to show a valid prescription for ordering any meds here.

Shipping and payment methods on

There are 2 shipping methods available for all their customers: you can choose between regular airmail which costs 10 USD, has a delivery time of 2 to 3-4 weeks and they accept orders world wide and doesn’t have a tracking and the second option is EMS, which is not available in all countries, it costs a bit more: 20 USD, but has a delivery time up to maximum 14 days and the parcel can be tracked. The regular airmail is offered for free for orders above 200 USD. As for the payment methods there’s just one: credit cards. You can make your purchase either via VISA card or Master Card.

Customer Support

As soon as you enter the website you can see there are 2 phone numbers listed so you are able to call them in case you have urgent questions or inquiries. If you don’t like phone conversations like me, then the only way to get in touch with them is to use the contact form and write them a message. They claim that would respond back in your email as soon as possible. They are only speaking English. So you either call them or use the contact form. Nothing else because there’s no email or no live chat function.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon codes

I’ve mentioned a little bit earlier the fact that the regular shipping is offered for free to everyone who orders more than 200 USD. But besides this, the online pharmacy is offering free pills. You can choose between free bonus pills of Viagra, Cialis or Levitra only. Except these 2 things, they are mentioning that their prices are already discounted and that’s why no other discount except for the one that is offered the more pills you order. And lastly, upon checking out, there’s a coupon code where you can apply so you get a bit of discount more. I would say these are pretty good deals. Customer reviews

There’s nothing I can say here and that’s due to the fact that there is not a single mention anywhere online about this online pharmacy, I mean, in terms of customer reviews. There’s not a single person who said that has ever ordered from here and that’s why I’m afraid that nobody ever ordered anything which means that actually ordering here might be really risky and I wouldn’t recommend doing so. in addition to that, none of the scam warning engines have trust in this website except for that has 51% trust which is still too low to actually have trust. and lately, the site is Russian federation based which is a high risk country.


If there would be good customer reviews online then I might have recommended this online pharmacy because it has a really good selection of drugs and really good prices for those prices with good deals. However there are no customer reviews, no trust given from scam warning websites and the website is Russian Federation based so there are simply too many reasons for me to recommend this website. due to the fact that I can’t be sure that it is actually a fake/ scam online pharmacy I won’t rate it with 1, but because the chances that it is so are really high I rate it with 2 out of 5 and I personally wouldn’t risk ordering medications from this website.

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