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I was searching for reliable online pharmacies and for finding a *reliable online pharmacy* I have to go through a lot of online pharmacies that are not actually that reliable. For this reason I am doing research for as much online pharmacies as I can, then I’m reviewing them trying to find as much information about each of them so in the end to know if its reliable or not. That’s what I have done and I have come along GreatRxDeals and it is not some great Rx deals that I have come along but that’s the pharmacy’s name and with the domain address name:, an online pharmacy which truly seems to be reliable by checking only its front page. However the reliable *look* of an online pharmacy doesn’t automatically make it reliable 100% and for this reason I have to search for much more information about it and I started searching for general information about the pharmacy. Since there’s a *who we are?* page that’s what I have accessed. The pharmacy claims to be a reliable provider of pharmaceutical products that are approved by the American FDA and so, they claim that nobody should worry about the quality of products here. What’s quite a bit of a problem for me is the fact that I wasn’t able to find anything about the pharmacy like where they are established or for how long they have been in the business. I appreciate those pharmacies which share such information. Customers can register on the website and change both the language and the currency in case this is going to be helpful for foreign customers. Selection of medications and prices for them

Trying to search for medications at this pharmacy is quite easy and that’s because you can search for the products either by using the search function which is something that you can see as soon as you enter the website, either searching for them by categories. There are categories such as: sleeping aid, anti anxiety, weight loss, ADHD, men’s health, women’s sexual health, diabetes treatment and many other types of medications can be found here. This is the reason why I think that people are having quite a wide selection of medications to choose from this pharmacy. but what’s even more important for me is the product’s prices, that’s why I checked for men’s sexual health drugs where I found such prices (the lowest prices) Viagra generic: 0.88 USD, Cialis generic 1.46 USD, Levitra generic 1.57 USD, Viagra brand 3.90 USD; Cialis brand 7.30 USD and Levitra brand 6.10 USD. These are moderate prices for these medications to my opinion and therefore I can assume that the prices for medications are moderate for any other drugs here either. I was searching for information either is this pharmacy asking for a prescription or not. Due to the fact that I was not able to find any prescription mentions on the website I can assume that they do not require one. Shipping and payment methods

This is an online pharmacy that is offering world wide shipping to all countries and this means that everyone around the globe can order medications at this pharmacy. but before ordering, people are able to choose among 2 shipping options available which include: registered airmail that has a delivery timeframe of 14 to 22 days, usually it doesn’t have tracking and it seems to be free of charge, an offer given by the pharmacy, as my cart was worth 95 USD and yet, registered shipping was for free. EMS is the second shipping option that has a fee of 25 USD, but it has a delivery timeframe of 7 to 17 business days and usually does have online tracking. According to the information that I found, the pharmacy accepts only VISA and MasterCard and they also accept Bitcoin either. Customer Support Service

To get in touch with this online pharmacy can be done in 2 different methods and they include: either by phone number or by contact form available on their website. Except for the single phone number you can find on their website or for the contact form available on the site – you cannot talk with the pharmacy in no other way.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

While browsing for coupon codes I did have found the pharmacy is offering them so you can enter the promocode; EASTERSALE and you would get 10% discount for any products. Plus to this, people who will purchase while having an account get extra 10 % discount bonus. Another offering is: the more pills you buy, the cheaper price per pill it gets. Plus to this, people who pay with bitcoin get 5% discount but those paying with master card get 10% discount. Another thing to mention here is free shipping offered to all orders. Reviews

So far, the pharmacy looks really great, but usually, scammers are having good prices and offers with a good looking websites just to attract people buy here. Customer reviews will greatly help me determine either are all these offers true or the pharmacy is a scam. Sad news is the fact that I couldn’t find any customer reviews at all, there was nobody to write a review about the pharmacy and this greatly makes me doubt that the pharmacy has ever had any customers at all. With no customer reviews, that’s already a big problem, but I went further checking for scam adviser information where I found that the site is just one year old and it involves a high risk country: Romania. To my opinion that’s quite a bit of a problem when the site is new and involves a high risk country with no customer reviews.


In the end, there’s nobody to confirm the fact that this website is legit or that it is a scamming pharmacy. For this reason I cannot recommend this online pharmacy as showed a few problems going around the pharmacy and that’s why I will rate the pharmacy with 2 out of 5 and say that the risks are pretty high.

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