| Graft On Medical Reviews & Coupons is the domain address of the site which I am going to be reviewing today and will try to find as much information as it is possible about it. Although this is not an online pharmacy, they are still related to health and medical practice so there might be someone who can be interested in their services and this is the reason why I am going to try finding out whether is it good using Grafton Medical’s services or not. This is pro claimable a friendly general medical practice in Dublin city centre so as much as it seems, only people living in Dublin can use their services. They have shared their exact address and claim to be right in the heart of Dublin’s premier shopping and business district. They claim to have been opened back in 1992 and since then they are looking after the health needs of Dubliners and its visitors. According to their information, the practices that are done here consists of a general practice, physiotherapy, chiropody as well as ultrasound scanning departments, back up by a friendly and efficient administrative staff. At least this is all the information on their website. Also, according to the information there, their website is able to tell you who they are, how to go about making an appointment, what services they are offering and what their fees are – something that I am going to pay attention to every single factor in details. They claim to have been computerized since 2007 and they are hoping to go entirely paperless soon. Plus to that, this company claims to be training practice for post graduate doctors who are specializing in General Practice (GP). While on their website I’ve found out that they are having social media pages such as Facebook and according to the information there, they are having 229 likes on Grafton Medical Facebook page. By browsing their website a bit more I’ve found out they are offering News and Blog, some Useful Resources, there are listed Surgery Hours and you can also see their services which include: medical services, for business, test results, medical certificates and repeat prescriptions, other services and lastly fees. Searching for medical services I found out that they are able to help with different health conditions such as: illness, sports injury, accidents and injury, women’s health, men’s health, preventative health, and so on. As I said it a bit earlier, this is not an online pharmacy and for this reason there is no selection of medications and prices for them and there’s also not a shipping and payment option which I could talk about that I usually do when I talk about in my pharmacy reviews. Although I cannot talk about those, this company has still shared the fees and that is why I can mention here what are the fees for different services.

Grafton Medical Services Fees

Since this is a company located in Dublin, there are no USD currencies and all prices are in EUR so every fee I would talk about here are in EUR. For a doctor visit people should pay 60 EUR, a Student/ unwaged needs to be pay 55 EUR, a visit to the nurse would be 30 EUR, a check up medical is going to cost 140 EUR and lastly, a STI screening is going to cost you 90 USD. They are accepting some health insurances but if you need to pay then you can do it, as much as I can understand, cash if you go to their center. Not sure what other payment methods they are accepting.

Grafton Medical Customer Support Department

There is a contact us page on their website which I have accessed in order to find out all the methods available to get in touch with this company. So I found out that you can give them a phone call which they have mentioned on their website. Except for calling them, they claim to accept the emails that you can send via the contact form or even the mail if you wish to send them at the local address. I can also assume that if you would write them in social media like Facebook ,you would also get a response, but not sure. Lastly, I am quite sure that if you’re in Dublin, you could directly go to their center. Coupon Codes

Although this is not an online pharmacy and they are not selling medications so they can’t give you discounts for them, they still could offer coupon codes or have some special offers for their medical services. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any. Either because there aren’t any but I still recommend going and asking their customer review about this.

Grafton Medical Customer Reviews

To my opinion it is very important to read the customer reviews as those are people who had actual experience with the company and this might greatly help understand whether it is worth using the services of this company or not. By searching for customer reviews I expected that I would see a lot of them but it seems that I was wrong and that’s although I did have found some customer reviews, they were not as many as I expected. Anyway, those reviews were quite enough to make a conclusion. There are very mixed customer reviews. Like for example there are people on yelp, on Facebook and other websites such as saying that this company provides the best services and they are super happy with it. However there are the other customers saying something like this: terrible services, impossible to get a timely appointment, terrible survey – always late and others. With this being said it seems that there are both happy and not happy people.


Due to the fact that this is a Dublin medical center it is obvious that they are not scammers and if you pay you know that you get something. There’s a problem that they do not seem to offer any coupon codes or some special offers unfortunately. The bad customer reviews is also a problem, obviously, however there are also good customer reviews either. My rating is mostly based on customer reviews so I rate Grafton Medical with 3 out of 5!

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