/ Good Pills Reviews & Coupons is an online drugstore and this domain address is leading to an online pharmacy that I have already reviewed, however I cannot remember the other domain address that I have already found this online pharmacy. This means that the same online pharmacy can be reached using multiple domain addresses. Anyhow, this online pharmacy seem to be run by the Canadian Pharmacy Ltd. or at least that’s the information on their Copyright, also there I’ve found information suggesting 2001-2017 meaning (as I can assume) that the pharmacy started its business back in 2001. On the bottom of their webpage you can find a number of accreditations this pharmacy claims to have: CIPA certified, MIPA accredited, top rated by, accredited by FDA, website is VeriSign Secure and also verified by Visa. So the pharmacy claims to be an World Famous Canadian Pharmacy and since it is *world* famous they made sure that the website is easily and understandable browsed by all their customers as anyone can change the language on this website and also change the currency. The pharmacy seems to be mainly focused on providing their customers with ED medications. Selection of medications and Prices for medications

As I’ve just mentioned, this website seem to be mostly focused on selling ED medications, and I assume that’s because here’s a big demand for ED medications on online pharmacies. Anyhow, you can still find drugs treating depression, asthma, anxiety, arthritis, cholesterol lowering and many other health conditions which those drugs can treat. I’ve mostly checked for their ED medications since I’m a person who is interested in those types of drugs and by entering their erectile dysfunction drug category I found a vast list of drugs that can treat this condition. As usual, I am going to talk only about the most famous ones such as generic and brand names of: Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Viagra generic is prices with 0.27 USD per pill with brand Viagra by Pfizer 2.56 USD per pill. Cialis generic is priced 0.68 USD per pill and brand Cialis by Lilly is priced with 3.72 USD per pill. And lastly, generic Levitra is priced with 1.00 USD per pill while brand Levitra by Bayer has a price of 3.71 USD per pill. I’ve surely seen these prices before as they are hard to forget since they are the lowest prices I’ve ever seen on the online pharmacy market, however I cannot remember if these prices were listed on an legit or fake online pharmacy.

Good Pills pharmacy payment options / shipping options

2 shipping options and 2 payment options. Shipping, as most of the online pharmacies, have 2 options: standard airmail shipping which costs 10 USD, has a delivery time of 14 to 21 days and doesn’t have tracking and the second option is EMS which costs 20 USD, it has a delivery time of 3 to 8 business days and it does have tracking system, however there are countries which do not have EMS shipping as an option. Standard Airmail shipping is for all customers all around the world. You can add insurance to your order by paying more and they do have insurance which you would need to add 5 USD more. They have return policy in case the items are being damaged or lost in transit so you can get a full refund or reshipment free of charge. As in regards to the payment options: Master Card and VISA. That’s why I usually classify it as a single payment option: credit card. no other payment options than just VISA card or Master Card, unfortunately. Customer Support Service Quality

Unfortunately, I am not actually able to talk about the quality of the customer support service since I personally never contacted them personally so let’s just hope that we’re going to find customer reviews about this online pharmacy that are going to tell us something about the quality of customer support service. Instead I can tell you that in case you have some questions to ask the customer support then you can do it by filling the form on their contact us page and then wait for their response in your indicated email or for urgent questions you can call them by their US or UK phone number that are listed on the website. There’s no instant live chat function so you either write an email and wait or call them by the phone for talking with them.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupons, Discounts or anything else that saves you money

I don’t actually like those online pharmacies which doesn’t give you any facilities that can save you some money as I am thinking of such pharmacies to be too *greedy* and such pharmacies are never going to think about their clients into really helping them. I might be wrong here as this is only my opinion but luckily this isn’t such an online pharmacy as they do have some things making you save money: free shipping, bonus pills, discounts and coupons. I really love all of this. Free standard shipping is offered for people who order more than $ 200 and free EMS shipping is offered for people who order more than $ 300. Bonus pills (ED pills) is given to all who order ED pills and the more pills you order the more bonus pills you get, you may choose from generic Viagra, Cialis or Levitra pills but regardless of how many of them you order, you still get 2 pills as a bonus. Discounts are given for larger quantities of pills ordered. The pills are getting discounted price if you order more of them. And lastly coupons: you can apply a coupon code right upon checking out for getting 5% or 10 % discount. I really love it all but let’s check the customer reviews.

What do people say about Customer Reviews

I have seen the *Testimonials* page and to be honest those seemed to be like plagiarized reviews, either they are plagiarized or not I don’t actually care to be honest and that’s because testimonials whatever the case still don’t matter to me as they are nothing more than fake reviews, in my own opinion. Instead, customer reviews on independent websites are worth a lot more, and unfortunately I have found very few of them. There is a reviewer named Frank who said that he saved 15 bucks because of the coupon. But either he got the order or not he didn’t mentioned. There’s also another reviewer named Carol who said that this is a great, fast efficient and awesome site. Says that has bought the medications from them which have arrived in 4 days in UK and also saved some $$$ on the coupons. On another website another reviewer named Michael also said good words about this online pharmacy. However these are all the reviews I found and they are not actually enough to be honest. Went further on scam analyzing websites. None of them had trust in this online pharmacy but what’s interesting is that suggests that the site is either Netherlands based or Australia based. Whatever country it is based in – it is not Canadian as the information on the pharmacy’s website claims to be.


The pluses of this website is the good prices, the good number of deals and the good deals as well as the 3 good customer reviews that I was able to find on the internet about this. However the minuses are that it has only 3 customer reviews, it doesn’t have many customer support service methods to get in touch with them, scam analyzing websites does not have trust in this website, it has plagiarized testimonials and it is not based in Canada as claimed and lying pharmacy is something that I would rather stay away from. I rate it with 3 out of 5 and it would have better score if the pharmacy won’t lie about its location and if it would have just a bit of more customer reviews to prove its good services.

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