/ Gold Pharma Reviews & Coupons is an online pharmacy which claims to provide their customer with a big variety of generic as well as branded name of drugs to customers no matter of what are their locations. To be honest this seems to be like a pretty *mysterious* online pharmacy to me and that’s because they do not share nearly any information about them. there’s no ‘about us’ page and they do no share any information about how to contact them unless you register on their site. There’s no information when they have started their activity, no information about where is their headquarters located and whether do they have offices in multiple countries or anything in this matter. In short, I wasn’t able to find too much information on their website about the online pharmacy and this is something I don’t actually like. All they share is that they share a variety of quality medications to people all over the world at claimable good prices. I personally would be very wary about purchasing from an online drugstore that doesn’t share information about them. At very least, their site supports a lot of languages so regardless of what is your mother language, you can choose your preferred website language. drug selection

Their drug selection indeed seem to be vast because they have lots of medications depending on the medical condition. They have over the counter medications, they even have pesticides, veterinary supplies, hygiene and body care, ed medications, depression and lots of other medications. I’ve done my research on whether do they have medications like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra and they did. I was able to find generics and brand medications. you can even find here condoms and pregnancy tests. You can find medical devices as well. In short, drug selection seems to be very variant with lots of different OTC, prescription, generic, brand and devices found in their stores. drug prices

The drug prices, to be honest, weren’t actually the best in my opinion. Like for example, Pfizer Viagra 25 mg 4 pills you need to pay 82.95 USD, compared to less than 40 USD for same product that I found on other online pharmacies, I would say that prices are quite big. In fact, twice as much as you can find on other pharmacies. The maximum number of tablets of Viagra they seem to sell is 12 tablets and the lowest price for Viagra 12 tablets, 25 mg each generic Viagra is 177 USD. That means that the lowest price that you can get Viagra for on this site is nearly 15 USD per pill, generic. That’s an outrageous price, I didn’t even know that there are such big prices for generic Viagra. Went further looking for prices for Cialis. Lowest price for generic Cialis 5 mg was for 14 tablets: 96.96 USD. Even though that’s a little bit lower price than Viagra, that’s still an extremely big price. So the prices (at least for ED medications) found on is enough for me to exit the site and move on. But I will continue reviewing it further. By the way, they listed on the website that the payments are transacted in Euro (€) currency and at the moment I checked this, the information suggested: The applicable currency exchange rate is: 1 US $ = 0.8216 €

Do require a prescription?

On their disclaimer page you can read that they won’t send you prescription medications without a valid prescription written by a certified doctor. This means that they would only sell OTC medications and other things that do not require a prescription, as for those products that do require one you would need to firstly send them the prescription and only after that you would be able to fulfill your order. Living in USA and wanting to get, for example, Levitra, you won’t be able to do it without having a prescription on hand.

Goldpharma Customer support

It is super difficult to reach them. They don’t have even an email listed on their whole website. There is no phone number or anything. The only thing I found on their ‘contact’ page is the following message:* Please register yourself as a Customer and submit us your queries via the Customer Support Form.* to be honest that’s a huge disappointment. As I said, it seems to be quite a mysterious online pharmacy. No information about them and no information about how to contact them. I know that usually, serious online pharmacies have phone number listed and a live chat function.

Goldpharma Payment options

Since I saw such a mysterious site and with such big prices I didn’t even wanted to register. But without registering you aren’t able to continue on checkout, therefore I wasn’t able to find absolutely no information on what payment options do they accept. No information anywhere else on the site shows what are the payment methods that accepts. So I can’t say anything here.

Goldpharma Shipping details

Unlike payment details, I was able to find information about their shipping found on their shipping details page. There was given a big list of lots of countries to where they ship. Seemingly they ship world wide even to Antarctica with average shipping timing shown next to each country and another one named *the maximum shipping time* next to each country. The lowest I see is 5 days to maximum 31 days. On the shopping cart I’m being charged with the shipping fee 7.39 USD without even mentioning my country so either they have this fee world wide or they got my country by IP I am not sure. There’s also a brokerage commission of 0.13 USD and a prescriptions fee of 7.30 USD and I’m not sure what’s this to be honest. They do not seem to have express service or at least I haven’t found any information on this.

Goldpharma Coupon codes, discounts or special offers

Such a mysterious website can’t have anything in this matter. Nowhere on the internet was a mention of a coupon for They do not have any discounts for any medications, no free shipping policy regarding of how big your order is. No free pills or anything in this matter. No discounts regardless of how much pills you purchase etc. In short, their marketing manager should work much more, if they have one, because, a site like this with high prices, definitely must have at least some special offers or discounts or coupon codes to attract customers.

Goldpharma Reviews

I’ve seen that this pharmacy, even though is so mysterious, does have a bit of popularity on the internet and has quite some reviews on other sites. I’ve checked all the reviews, many of which were positive and exactly as much were negative, I’ve also checked lots of scam software sites like scamadviser, legitscrpt, trustpilot and others and the result was the same: lots of positive reviews and lots of negative reviews. It is hard to make a conclusion when there are, for example, 100 people, 50 of which say good things about the site and 50 saying bad things.

Is Goldpharma legit or scam?

I can assume that site with 50 people out of 100 saying good things can’t be scam and even if this is indeed a scam site, then they seem to still make some people happy. So I won’t answer this question about whether is it scam or legit, but I can only say that ordering here might not give you the best experience with online pharmacy.

So the conclusion

Although the website itself is easy to use and understandable, as I said, a big problem for me was their big mysteriousness and I don’t like mysterious online pharmacies. They have big prices and around 50% of all the reviews are negative. And although it seems to be popular with some customers saying that they are satisfied, I still think that it is a too high of a risk to order from this online pharmacy. And lastly, even if they are legit, the prices, as I said, keep me away from ordering here and so on a scale from 1 to 5 I think that deserves 2.

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