| Global Pharmacy Meds Reviews & Coupons | Global Pharmacy Meds Reviews & CouponsIf you’re willing to save some money while you are purchasing prescription medications then you can do it at online pharmacies and that’s due to the fact that often, they are having some better prices for medications than those in your local pharmacies. Nevertheless, using online pharmacies poses a risk of losing money or not getting good products and that’s due to the high number of fake online pharmacies out there. In attempt of trying to help people finding a trustworthy online pharmacy with good prices for medications I am writing these pharmacies reviews and today I found another online pharmacy which will be reviewed and in the end I would say as a conclusion whether is it worth purchasing here or not. The online pharmacy that I am talking about is – an online pharmacy which claims to have in their drugstore over 3000 products, an online pharmacy who claims to have been in business for over 16 years, an online pharmacy which claims to ship internationally and lastly, an online pharmacy which claims to make you save anywhere between 40% up to 90% off your local pharmacy prices. This is all super good in case it is true. They claim to have very good shipping prices, free shipping in case you order IGP products over 99 USD and they don’t have any membership fees. This online pharmacy claims to operate from Canada and they have listed a total of 7 advantages of why we should order form them. You can find that list on their main page.

Selection of medications and prices for them at

As soon as you enter the main page of this website you can see a list of *popular Canada RX prescriptions* with many medications for different needs being listed there. But if the medication that you are searching for isn’t among that list you can still find it by browsing medications by A to Z by clicking on the first letter of the drug’s name. A faster way of searching for medications is the search function where you write the name of the drug that you search in the box. Since there are no drugs categories I have used that function to search for Viagra. Although no drugs categories, I can still assume that selection of medications is wide since they claimed to have over 3000 medications there and that’s pretty impressive. As in regards to the medication that I searched Viagra, I found it in 4 different doses: 20 mg, 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. checking the price of 50 mg dosage Viagra generic I saw that lowest price is 3.15 USD per pill if you buy 100 or more pills, but if you buy less the price is higher per pill. These are by far not the best prices for these medications that I have seen at online pharmacies. This pharmacy does require their customers to show a valid prescription for ordering prescription medications.

Shipping and payment methods

As in terms of shipping, as I already said it earlier, this online pharmacy does offer international shipping, however I am not sure if they are offering shipping world wide (but that’s what I can assume). There’s only a single shipping method and it costs 8 USD, but there are some countries which may require an additional $ 10 to $ 55 over the standard shipping rate. Refrigerated items are charged a shipping fee of 16 USD. Generic meds that are in their international generic program are sent for free if you order those medications in above 99 USD order sum. But any other medications are sent absolutely for free if you order more than 300 USD. In terms of payment methods I can see that they are only accepting visa and master card as credit cards, and a second payment method is eCheck, but this method is only available for USA customers.

Customer support department

Getting in touch with this online pharmacy can be done via several methods. You can use their phone numbers (there are 2 of them), you are able to use their email address or to use the contact form on their website which is basically the same. In addition to this they are also having live chat function as well. However make sure you want to get in touch with them during business hours.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

I have already mentioned a few things which can make you save money by having business with this online pharmacy and they include: ordering in bulk would get you some money savings as this pharmacy claims. Also, there are the shipping fees excluded as I have mentioned earlier. And except for these 2 methods making you save money there is also the coupon codes which can make you save some money as well. Reviews

There is not a testimonials page on their website and I wouldn’t actually say that this is a bad thing because usually those testimonials are fake. So I searched for customer reviews on independent websites, however I couldn’t find any, unfortunately, and that’s quite a big problem for me, to be honest. I have went on to find more information but unfortunately I couldn’t. I got shocked to see that has a high trust in (of 93%) and yet there’s no information about whether this pharmacy truly has been online for 16 years or not. The only information I could find is that the website location, most likely, is from Switzerland, and although that’s not a high risk country, it is not Canada, the country where they claim to operate from. Unfortunately there’s very little information overall on the whole internet about


Although has high trust in this online pharmacy I still cannot recommend it and that’s due to the fact that I found very little information about it (on and anywhere else online) and what’s an even bigger problem is that there are no customer reviews to confirm the pharmacy’s authenticity. Since all the rest on the website looks fine I rate it with 3 out of 5 and I say that shopping here can be quite risky.

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