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Searching for reliable pharmacies means searching for drugs at discounted prices and by using similar keywords, I’ve managed to find an online pharmacy named, an online pharmacy which claims to offer good quality medications at discounted prices. That’s what I really hope and I am going to check it more carefully later. As for now I can say that I accessed this website and I saw a really well done, to my opinion, site, user friendly and the first message that I could read on the site is that people are able to save up to 90% on their health costs which is amazing in case is true. In addition to that, I have seen the pharmacy is offering coupon codes that I am going to talk about later. According to the information on their website, by using Global Discount Drugs, people are going to get the right online medications, they would be able to buy quality discount online drugs, they would save time and money and they would go through simple ordering system. According to information of *why shop with us?* they include: a well established and trustworthy online pharmacy, lowest prices guaranteed, very large medication selection, toll free assistance and email support, discreet and confidential service; prompt, free and guaranteed delivery *with some conditions*, 100% safe and secure transaction and lastly satisfaction guaranteed as well. With all of this being said it does sounds good indeed. They claim that they are supplying quality medications across the globe since 2005 and that’s good since it means they are a long lasting pharmacy. According to the information on their site, the pharmacy is run by TDP Healthcare Logistic Limited which has its headquarters in Nicosia, Cyprus and there you can see an exact address offered on their website. So far so good, but there are other things to check as well. Selection of medications and prices

As much as I have noticed, their products are having a few main categories and each of these categories are having sub categories. Like for example, there are: prescription drugs, over the counter, herbal products and glucose monitors. In prescription or OTC medications you can see the sub categories of health conditions and since there are a lot of them like ED, pain killers, anti depressants, cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes and many others, I can assume that this online pharmacy is indeed offering a very wide selection of medications. Plus to that, since they are categorized in prescription and OTC drugs, I can assume that this online pharmacy doesn’t sell prescription drugs without showing a valid prescription first. In order to give example of prices I have checked ED drugs (there are a lot of them) and I can say that for example, sildenafil citrate 50 mg, at the maximum quantity of 50 tablets, would cost you 2.22 USD per pill and compared to other online pharmacies, to be honest, that’s quite a big price as in other online pharmacies, same drug and strength can be found at a price of less than 1 USD. Shipping and payment methods

I have earlier mentioned that I found information on their website suggesting that they are offering world wide shipping meaning that they can ship all around the globe. As much as I could find information, they are offering a single shipping option which is Courier Delivery and the shipping fee depends on the quantity you order: up to 69 USD the shipping is 13 USD, 70 to 109 USD shipping is 10 USD and over 110 USD the shipping is free. There are no shipping times offered on the site and that’s because, as much as I can guess, it greatly depends on the country. Payment for purchases can be made by: Visa and Checks only. Customer Support Service

I’ve been searching for information about what are the methods to get in touch with this online pharmacy and as much as I have seen, they are offering mailing address, as I said earlier, or you could even pay them a visit, I guess. You could also call them at their toll free phone or regular phone number. There is also an email listed on their website and the contact form on their website. In addition to that, there is live chat help, however they seem to be offline and that’s why I was only able to leave a message.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

As I earlier said, as soon as I have entered their online pharmacy I have noticed they are offering coupon codes. They said the coupon codes are available from May 13th to June 16th and with the coupon code GDDMOM20 you would get off 20% on all medication worth 120 USD or more! That’s a really good thing. Plus to that, the more pills you buy, the less the price per pill gets. Lastly, the pharmacy claims to offer free shipping to whoever orders more than 110 USD. Reviews

I have been searching for customer reviews and I did have found a few of them. Although I didn’t found lots of them, they were enough and that’s still better than nothing. Problem is that I got mixed reviews. There were people saying that they have got the best service from an online pharmacy, but there are others saying that the prices are overpriced or that there was a problem with their shipping. Seemingly, not everyone is happy with the services this pharmacy has to offer. According to, this is not a trustworthy pharmacy as it is a rogue internet pharmacy and according to scam adviser the site has less than 50% trust rate which is very low and plus the site has been threat listed.


Although there are some good customer reviews, I still won’t recommend this online pharmacy due to the reasons: high prices for medications, negative customer reviews and very low trust rate from scam warning engines. All in all, I will rate it with 3 out of 5 because of good deals and special offers and due to positive customer reviews it received. But ordering here, is still not recommended.

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