/ Global Care RX Reviews & Coupons is an online pharmacy which claims that they can help you to save up to 90% on your medications because, with their services, you can buy medications at lower prices from international pharmacies and fulfillment center. Analyzing the website for a little bit I found out the website claim that they are top rated with 5 stars by and that it is a certified Canadian International Pharmacy (CIPA approved) and so I went on to see if that’s true and unfortunately, according to, * does not appear in the CIPA Member database.* and that’s really sad. However, the pharmacy wasn’t lying about the fact that they are top rated by as I did found them on the site. Due to the fact that there isn’t an *about us* page I couldn’t find more information than the one that I found on their copyright information suggesting that they have started their business in 2009: * Copyright © 2009-2017*. The website has good design with user friendly features and seems to be easy to use and understand and with this being said, I went further finding out for information.

Selection of medications and Prices on

Unlike most other online pharmacies out there, this online pharmacy doesn’t feature the *categories of drugs* meaning that you need to enter the name of the drug that you’re searching for in their search box and find it. That is exactly what I have done and I have been searching for Viagra. While there I have found out they have categorized the drugs by brand or generic and by dosage. Like for example there is: brand Viagra 50 mg, brand Viagra by Pfizer 100 mg, Generic sildenafil 100 mg, generic sildenafil 25 mg and so on and so forth. After that you need to find the quantity of pills you want to order. To give an example of prices: 88 tablets of generic sildenafil citrate (generic Viagra) costs 54 USD, with 4 tablets: 10 USD. Viagra by Pfizer is, of course, more expensive, 88 tablets = 553 USD and 4 tablets = 29 USD. To be honest, these are pretty high prices compared to other online pharmacies, however they are still much lower than in your local pharmacy and plus to that, they are also lower compared to other online pharmacies so that’s fine. I have checked for Viagra and Levitra and the prices seemed to be at same *range* as they were for Viagra. I didn’t found out what health conditions the drugs in this online pharmacy can treat, however I can assume they have a big list of drugs treating lots of conditions. Plus to that, according to, this online pharmacy has over 500 drugs in their drugstores, with OTC medications as well and even for Pets (but I didn’t found any meds for pets on the website). The online pharmacy requires their customers to show a valid prescription for ordering prescription medications!

Shipping and payment options on

According to the information I found on their checkout page, it seems they are providing a world wide shipping to all countries on the globe, not sure if there are any exceptions applied, the shipping costs 10 USD per order. However there is no information about payment methods so I was hoping some information would be found on FAQ page and I did. You can buy the products from by credit card, personal check and international money orders as well as automatic bank withdrawals. Multiple payment methods is indeed very good.

Customer Support on

For getting in touch with customer support you can do it by calling on the toll free phone number, by using their toll free fax or also by using the contact form which they would respond to your inquiry within 48 hours. Customer support department works 24/7 so you should reach them at any given time. Lastly, you can use the mailing address to their headquarters which is supposedly located in Toronto, ON, Canada. During Holidays they have special Holiday working hours.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

This is an online pharmacy which has pretty high prices, (a bit more than average I would say) and yet it is a pharmacy which doesn’t offer any deals. They do not have any discounts, any types of free pills, free delivery and they also do not offer coupon codes which could save some money. There’s absolutely nothing that might make you save some money and that’s something that I don’t actually like in an online pharmacy! Reviews

While I’ve been searching for customer reviews about I have found some on different foreign websites and although they were not really much, they were enough to make a general conclusion about the pharmacy. I have found 2 good customer reviews about the pharmacy, both of which were on and both reviewers were happy with the products they have got. However on another source, I found 3 different reviews which weren’t happy at all having a general rate of 1.7 out of 5. One of reviewers said that this is a pharmacy known to fail on deliveries and even sending fake medication. Another reviewer said that that he has ordered 3 times: one time he received meds but next 2 times he didn’t so he said this online pharmacy is not reliable. Another reviewer said that he waited for the pills a month and eventually they appeared, however he is sure those medications were fake and that’s why he’s *certain this is a scam*.

Conclusion doesn’t really seem to care about their customers by sending fake medications. It seems that they do send medications, but not to everyone and not always, and even if they send your medications then it doesn’t meant that they are going to be real, genuine medications. I personally definitely won’t be purchasing from an online pharmacy that might or might not send me my medications and they might or might not send me real, genuine medications even if they send. That’s definitely not an online pharmacy I would call it reliable and that’s why I recommend against it rating it with 1 out of 5.

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