/ Giant Food Pharmacy Reviews & Coupons is the official website of the Giant Food of Maryland, LCC, which is also known as Giant, which is an American supermarket chain that has 169 stores and 159 full service pharmacies that are located in different states such as: Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., Delaware, Virginia, Pennsylvania. It is a supermarket company and it is not an actual pharmacy, but I still decided to write a review since it has lots of full service pharmacies and I think that it would be worth reading such a review when you’re searching for a reliable pharmacy that has good quality medications for cheap / moderate prices. This company has its headquarters located in Landover, Maryland, United States and it has been founded back in 1936. According to the Wikipedia page there are an approximate number of 22,000 of employees currently working for Giant Company. Checking the official website of this company you can see that the customers are able to register and to sign in to their accounts. While on the pharmacy page of this website you’re able to do the following: refill prescriptions, check refill status, transfer prescription and see services. The company obviously has social media pages on such platforms as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and others. In addition to this, they are offering their customers to download the mobile application which is available for both Android and iOS devices. Everything on the website seems to be easily understandable so it can be easily navigated through. With the help of the website you can search for different products (unfortunately, excluding the pharmacy products) or finding a store. You’re also able to search for different news and articles which you can read useful information.

Selection of medications and prices Giant Food

The problem with the supermarket companies is that they do not share the selection of medications and the prices for them on their website meaning that I am not able to talk about what kind of medications they can sell and what are the prices for them. However, as usual, I can only assume: the selection of medications should be extremely big since this is a big company with so many stores across the US territory, however, these stores are usually having big prices for medications, all of them, that’s the reason why a lot of people are resorting to online pharmacies where the prices are way less expensive. One sure thing is that this company does require prescription if someone wants to get prescription products. On the website you just enter the prescription number and you’re being sent the medication accordingly to that number.

Shipping and payment methods Giant Food

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any information in regards to the methods of how you can pay and what are their shipping methods. One sure thing is that you’re able to pay for what you purchase in cash if you go to one of their stores yourself and I’m pretty sure that they must accept credit/ debit cards both online and in person. As in regards to the shipping methods I am not sure, but I just know for sure that they do no deliver medications outside the US territory.

Customer care team Giant Food

Exactly as all big companies, there are a lot of methods to get in touch with their customer care department and that’s because you can do it by: phone numbers (lots of them, make sure that you call the right one as there are different for different needs), emails, mailing at their address, social media pages or even going to one of their stores in person and getting answers. Getting in touch with a big company isn’t a big problem, I assume, but I appreciate it more when the customer care team is actually helpful which isn’t always the care, unfortunately.

Is Giant Food Pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Giant Food coupon codes

Unfortunately the same thing goes for this supermarket company as well: there are coupon codes which can apply and save you some money but not for pharmaceutical products and only for grocery products like food etc. if there is anything that can make you save some money in regards to the pharmaceutical products I am not sure as I do not see anything on their website – no free shipping, no saves, no discounts not anything, unfortunately. reviews

I did have found some customer reviews about Giant Food online, the problem is that on there isn’t a general review about this company but there are different reviews about a single particular store. At least there is a website with reviews about the company in general: The problem is that most of the customers seem to be unhappy with the services that they have got by using this Giant Food company. Each rate (based on anywhere between 10 to 100 reviews about each Giant Food store) was anywhere between 2 and 3.5 out of 5. On, based on 139 customer reviews, the overall satisfaction rating was less than 2: 1.8 out of 5. Seemingly most customers aren’t happy. Although there were happy customers saying that they do love everything about this store like prices, employees and so on and so forth rating it with 5 out of 5, there were less happy people with few problems rating it with 3-4 out of 5 but there were absolutely angry people rating it with 1 out of 5 complaining on rude staff, delays, unfriendliness, high prices and others. Truth is that most of the reviews were addressed to Giant Food Grocery department and not pharmacy, however I can assume that since it is the same company the services are the same, IMO.


Giant Food is a big American company that has many stores across the US territory on some different states and it has pharmacy department so people searching for medications can go to this company’s services. Nevertheless, according to most customer reviews, doing it is unadvised and that’s because, although many reviews were positive, most of them were negative. Plus to that, online pharmacies are much cheaper. Although this company is all legal, I still think that searching for some other pharmacies is a good idea so I rate with 3 out of 5.

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