| Get Roman Reviews & Coupons is the domain of the online pharmacy that I have found and will be reviewing today trying to determine whether is this pharmacy legitimate or no. according to the information that I could see as soon as I have entered the main page of this pharmacy: erectile dysfunction meds prescribed online. Delivered to your door. With this being sad, the pharmacy, as much as we can see, is either mostly oriented in selling ED drugs or they sell only ED drugs and as much as we can see, they can write a prescription online. I can mention the fact that the website is very well done, it has a very good looking design, it is user friendly and people can access the sites they need with ease. By going to their story page, you can see the pharmacy’s founders as there are 3 of them. you can also see their medical leadership team as well in case you’re interested. This pharmacy is also claiming that you are able to connect with them on their social media pages as they are having pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. This pharmacy claims to be a approved pharmacy and so I went online to check this and indeed, this seems to be true and although that’s very good, this doesn’t mean that it is automatically worth it. I couldn’t find information where this pharmacy is located (but I can assume NYC since most people working there are from there) and I couldn’t find information for how long this pharmacy has been online. Although that’s not a very good thing, that’s not a very big problem. Selection of medications and prices for them

This online pharmacy indeed seems to be selling exclusively only ED medications and except for ED medications you won’t be finding any other drugs. In fact, as much as I could find information on the website, they are only having 4 different medications you can choose from and they include: brand Viagra, Cialis and Levitra and generic Viagra (sildenafil). Except for these 4 drugs, you cannot purchase any other medications. The price for generic Viagra goes as: 20mg = 2 USD, 40 mg = 4 USD etc. price for brand Cialis 20 mg 62 USD etc. to be honest, these are some really high prices for medications compared to other online pharmacies where you can get same medications. So we have an online pharmacy with a low selection of medications and with quite big prices for them, that’s not a very good thing. As in terms of prescription, as I said, the pharmacy is able to offer online consultation to people who do not have one and if you get approved, then the pharmacy will send you the medications according to your online consultation and to which medication the doctor has taken the decision that you need. If you don’t have prescription and you are not getting approved – no medications will be sent. Shipping and payment methods

Unfortunately, I was not able to find absolutely no information about shipping details in regards to this pharmacy. There is no information about shipping at all like what’s the shipping fee, whether or not they are offering multiple shipping options, what are the delivery timeframes etc. what I found is that they are offering online tracking which you can track by entering your account in site. Sadly, I also haven’t found no information about what are the payment methods either. I guess people who are interested in purchasing drugs here can ask these questions to customer support service team. Customer Support Service

As I have said it a bit earlier in my review, this pharmacy is having social media pages so I can assume that if you write them there, you might get answered either. But they suggest that people who are having questions / feedback they are able to talk with them either by email address [email protected] or by calling them at (888) 798 8686, other than these 2 methods to talk with this online pharmacy there aren’t any, unfortunately, like live chat function or something in this matter.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

I was searching for coupon codes offered by this online pharmacy, in fact, I was searching for anything that can make you save some money by doing business with this online pharmacy and I got really disappointed when I couldn’t find anything. I was not able to find any coupon codes, any special offers, any free pills or something like this. I just found the following: *meds delivered for free* so I am not very sure if this pharmacy is offering free shipping to everyone or not. Even if so, to my opinion, the coupon codes would always be accepted and would always be a good idea to add them. Reviews

I got shocked when I found information about this company in Wikipedia. According to its page, the website, as I suggested, is headquartered in New York and also there is information suggesting that the company has been established back in October 2017. With this being said, the pharmacy seems to be only a few months old and yet, it is deemed to be popular by Alexa with lots of visitors. According to the website is safe to use, and it indeed seem to have lots of visitors. Also as I said, the pharmacy is approved by with all of this being said, the pharmacy does seem to be reliable and I doubt that this pharmacy would scam people around. I haven’t found many customer reviews (only few of them) but I guess that’s because the pharmacy is new, nevertheless, the reviews are positive.


When searching for reliable online pharmacies I’m searching for ways to save some money and although this online pharmacy seem to be reliable not scamming people around, they still have much higher prices compared to other online pharmacies I have reviewed so far and plus to that – no coupon codes or anything to order here. I will rate this pharmacy with 4 out of 5 and you can order here if you want to, but if you’re looking for online pharmacies to save some money, like me, then you should move on.

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