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By browsing it gets very easily clear that they are selling only products for erectile dysfunction (which is inability to get or to maintain an erection during sexual stimuli) and this is also understandable by their address name – get men’s meds. This online pharmacy claims to be the no. 1 Online pharmacy and whether is that true I’m going to try finding out in my review. They claim to be using only the most reliable drug manufacturers and the quality of the medications are assured to be the best. They also claim that their customer satisfaction is the top priority and I really hope that this is true. They are offering the products together with advices and guidance to all of their customers with an all easy to use and secure shopping environment. It seems that their headquarters is located in Cyprus, Greece, however they don’t ship only from Greece but from different drugstores that are located all over the world. I haven’t found out for how much time they are in this pharmaceutical business, however claiming that they are no. 1 online pharmacy this means that they should be around for a while. The website supports a number of currencies and a number of different languages as well.

Get Men’s Meds Drug Selection

First things first so I think that first of all we should know whether is any online pharmacy suitable for us by knowing what are they selling. As implied a bit earlier, this pharmacy is only shipping medications for treating male ED which means that they have Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and a big number of other medications like Suhagra, Caverta, Kamagra and many others. It seems that they want to satisfy their customer needs by having both generic and branded names of these medications as well as a big number of other types of meds like Viagra Soft, Cialis Professional, Oral Jelly, Flavored and others. Prices compared to other online pharmacies

The prices that are listed (of course the lowest prices) on the website goes as the following: 0.64 USD for a generic Viagra pill and 6.51 USD for a brand Viagra by Pfizer pill. For Cialis prices goes as following: 1.31 USD per pill generic and for brand Cialis by Lilly 6.26 USD per pill. And lastly for generic Levitra: 1.22 USD per pill and for brand Levitra by Bayer the price is 6.54 USD per pill. The prices are competitive, however on other online pharmacies the prices were lower. But it very much depends whether do they have discounts or special offers which we’re going to talk about later. Customer support

There is a number of getting in touch with that pharmacy, you can do it by online chat function which is amazing, that’s my favorite way of talking with online pharmacies. I did have asked some questions like where they are located, where they ship and how much the shipping cost. I’ve got polite and seemingly knowledgeable responses. But you can also call them by their US toll free number, by their UK number or also by their email. They claim to work 7 days a week 24 hours per day which means there shouldn’t be problems to talk with them. Whether would they be so polite if I would have a real problem – I am not sure.

Get Men’s Meds Shipping options

This online pharmacy is offering 2 shipping methods currently: trackable courier service, thy claim it takes 5 to 9 days to deliver with a maximum number of 14 days in order to get delivered. This is EMS shipping option, it costs 30 USD and it comes with a tracking number. The second option costs less: 10 USD, however it doesn’t have a tracking and it takes more days for delivery – 10 to 21 days. They are shipping world wide. Not sure if all countries have EMS shipping method to choose.

Get Men’s Meds Payment methods

They are accepting 2 payment methods: ACH which is available only for USA customers and credit card which is available for all customers regardless of where they live. They accept a number of credit cards (the major credit cards): VISA, Master Card, Amex, JCB, Diners Club and Discover.

Get Men’s Meds coupon codes, special offers, bonuses and discounts

Even though they don’t seem to have coupon codes policy which is very sad as that’s my favorite way of saving money (easiest way – you submit a code and you’re getting discounted price) – they do have a number of other stuff like for example free shipping (standard) which is offered to all orders that are above 200 USD. They have discounts for larger quantity of pills purchased. The larger the quantity – the biggest the discount therefore the lower price per pill. And one last special offer is to all their returning customers because from the second order and all next order you get a 10% discount. So if you want to benefit from their facilities you need to make sure that you buy more pills at once for discounted prices, that you purchase more than 200 USD for getting free shipping, and to come back second time and further for 10% discount on all orders.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Reviews

Everything seem to be fine until this moment but the crucial moment is from this moment on as the pharmacy can be judged only by people who already ordered from them. I decided to check what do other scam analyzing sites are saying about this pharmacy and I got disappointed to see that has a trust of only 23% and say that most likely this website is from Ukraine and we all know what kind of sites are located in those regions. said that this is a Rogue internet pharmacy website and that’s getting my trust lower and then later there’s which had a trust of 0% saying that purchasing anything here is not recommended. That’s very sad but I wanted to see what do real people say about it and I read their testimonials. It wasn’t a shock to me to see that there were all only positive reviews, but I’m not the person to believe reviews written on the owner’s site. That’s why I searched for opinions on independent websites. I have found only one explicit customer review. There were no other real customer reviews on independent websites. This customer said that he has ordered Viagra and that he has actually got his order and that they are of a really good quality. He added that their customer support team is good and helped him with all his questions. The only problem that he had was that he paid 30 USD for EMS shipping which has showed up only a few weeks later.


There are lots of pluses and lots of minuses: competitive prices, a couple of special offers and discounts, and a happy customer are all, obviously pluses, among some others. However the single customer review on independent websites, the fact that scam analyzing websites don’t have trust in this pharmacy and the delivery time is delayed as the single customer review I found implied are obviously minuses, among some others. With all of this being said I rate it 3 out of 5 because of the satisfied customer, but this still means that using this online pharmacy is pretty risky.

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