| Genoa Healthcare Reviews & Coupons / Genoa Healthcare Reviews & CouponsI continued doing my research for reliable online pharmacy and I have found a website named, however, as soon as I have entered this domain address I was said that they have changed their name (and domain address) and they are currently named Genoa Healthcare with the domain address and so, that’s the site I will be reviewing now. By entering this website I’ve found a user friendly interface of the site and that’s very good because those cheaply made website give the impression that using their services already isn’t worth it, however those websites that have a good design of the site are by far not always worth it either so that’s what I am going to try to find out later. This company claims to care for those with behavioral and other complex health issues. They seem to offer different services for different needs such as: for clinics/ facilities, for health plans, for psychiatrists and for consumers/ families. Talking about the numbers, this company claims to have 395 pharmacies being the 5th largest pharmacy chain in the country, it is serving more than 630,000 consumer encounters per year and it has more than 250 psychiatrists in their tele psychiatry practice. On the website you can see a lot of different information such as news, articles and information about health related stuff. Genoa claims to be in the News and there are such media informational companies which they claim to be found in as: The Wall Street Journal, USA TODAY, Business Insider, Open Minds and some others. They claim to have more than 15 years of experience and Genoa impacts more than 630,000 individuals annually across the United States. They claim to have social media pages on LinkedIn and Twitter where you can follow them. Some quick links on the website include: pay my bill, find locations, explore careers and Genoa online. Talking more about the company there’s an *about us* but there you can *meet the team* or for policy makers.

Selection of medications and prices all along with shipping and payment methods at

There’s an Pharmacy page on their website, however clicking on it won’t share a drug list with their prices but only some information and few others claims like pharmacy solutions etc. for this reason I am not able to talk about drugs availability here, what are the prices at this company and there is also no information about the shipping options or payment methods. I assume that’s because they won’t be sending you any kind of medications unless you show a valid prescription and as soon as you do it, they are going to send you the medication accordingly.

Customer Support Department

It is obvious that before ordering something or doing any kind of business you might have lots of questions to ask and so, you can do it by their phone number that is listed on the website (toll free number). In addition to that, you’re able to use their direct email address for asking questions or the contact form on their website with is basically the same. Except for phone number and email you can use the mail too at their address. There’s a fax as well (I guess for sending prescriptions). No live chat functions on the website, unfortunately. Coupon Codes

I’ve been trying to find for anything that can make you save some money by purchasing anything from this company or by using any of their services. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything and it is not that I haven’t found coupon codes – I failed to find anything at all making you save money, that’s sad. Reviews

What was super strange for me is that I failed to find customer reviews about all that I found were some employee reviews and it seems that there are lots of employee reviews about this company on different websites, and yet, there are no actual CUSTOMER reviews, unfortunately. In terms of customer reviews I have found only a rate given to genoa healthcare by Omar Arab and the rate is 1 out of 5 with no words added. That means that this person is not happy with the services he has got, however I’m not sure what is the reason for that. According to people working here, the atmosphere at genoa health care is somewhere in the mid – on glassdoor it has a rate of 4 out of 5 and on indeed it has a rate of 3 out of 5. Since I have no other option, I had to try to find out more information about how this company is serving their customers by reading the employee reviews. Lots of people who used worked or still work there seem to be very happy, but there are others
saying the otherwise with words as: horrible upper management, poor management, zero teamwork etc. something alarming is that I found a few words in regards to their pharmacists and they are not good at all: *the pharmacy has gone down tremendously due to poor managing*. I do think that this affects customers. Another person said the following: *the pharmacist I worked for would not send my consumer medications out on time they were late getting their meds so they didn’t want to use as their pharmacy due to not getting meds on time*. Well, that’s indeed a problem.


What I can assume here is that the prices are by far not the best here, especially compared to online pharmacies, there is a problem with the fact that I couldn’t find customer reviews and by reading through the employee reviews I found issues which can affect customers. These are all problems but since everything else seems to be fine I rate it with 3 out of 5!

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