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There are a lot of people, as much as I know, who do not have trust in generic medications because they firm that they are inferior in quality compared to their brands. Nevertheless, in the same time, I do know of a lot of people who have full trust in generics and they are firming the fact that generics are way better than brands since they work the same way and you can save lots of money. Who is right – you decide, but regardless of this, online pharmacies are selling both brands and generic for both categories of people. However, there seem to be an online pharmacy that’s mostly focused in helping those who have trust in generics as this online pharmacy, as much as it seems, sells only generics. That’s what it seems from its name of Generic Meds with the address I have accessed their main page and I would say that the website is very well done, it is all user friendly, information is well arranged and generally it is a please to navigate through it since it is so easy to do so. The pharmacy is offering to change the currency on the website for those who need it. I have tried to access their *about us* page but I got the following: unknown error. Seemingly their about page is not available and therefore I could not find information where this pharmacy headquarters is located and I also couldn’t find information suggesting for how long this online pharmacy has been operating. People can also subscribe to their newsletter and a pleasant surprise I got is that after browsing the site for a few minutes a consultant wrote me: *hello. How may I help you?* in the chat on their site. Selection of medications and prices

As I earlier mentioned, this online pharmacy does seem to be oriented in selling exclusively only generic medications and this does seem to be true as I couldn’t find any brand medications, as much as I could see, on their website. And that’s even though they seem to have quite a wide selection of medications. You can find for the needed drugs by using the search function available on their website but there are also categories of medications by health conditions: ADD and ADHD; anti asthma, anti acidity, men’s health, stop smoking, hair loss, anti depressant, blood pressure and many others as well. as much as it seems, they have a wide selection of medications for different needs but they are all only generics. I could not find generic Viagra, but I found sildenafil soft (generic) which I can assume that it is a similar thing. 90 pills of this thing (100 mg) would cost you 1.14 USD per pill and to be honest, that does sounds to be like a fairly good price. Therefore, I can assume that all other medications available on this website are having quite the same price. I couldn’t find information suggesting that this pharmacy is going to sell medications only after showing a valid prescription and for this reason I can assume that they do not require one for sending you the needed drugs. Shipping and payment details

According to the list of countries that you can choose where you medications to be sent – they are offering world wide shipping to all around the globe which means that regardless of where you live, you can order what you need here. but before ordering you need to choose what shipping option suits you best: the online pharmacy is offering 2 shipping options: EMS which costs 30 USD and has tracking with 7 to 14 working days as delivery. Regular delivery service which costs 20 USD, doesn’t have tracking and 15 to 25 working days as delivery. This pharmacy is only accepting credit cards as visa and master card. Customer Support Service

As I have mentioned a bit earlier, by browsing a few minutes through their website, I was contacted by their consultant via live chat function asking if they can help me. I discussed with them and they seem to be professional in answering all simple questions. Except for live chat function available on the site, the pharmacy is offering phone number which you can call. The last method of getting in touch with them is via contact form available on their website. Coupon Codes

Upon checking out I have noticed that you can *apply a coupon* and therefore I can assume that the pharmacy does offer coupon codes, but since I couldn’t find a coupon code anywhere on the website I can assume that it is offered only by re ordering or by singing up to their newsletter. Ordering in bulk here makes you have some savings as well but the last thing which I can mention here is that the pharmacy claims to offer 30% extra pills for every re order. Reviews

With no reviews anywhere online it is extremely hard to determine whether this online pharmacy is legit or not, even though I do not really have trust in those pharmacies with no customer reviews anywhere online because with nobody reviewing it, makes me think that there’s nobody who has ordered here and that’s quite a problem to my opinion. Nevertheless, I have checked for information and I found out that has been created less than a year ago, it is involved in a high risk country: Russia, the owner of the site uses a service to hide their identity and a high number of suspicious sites on the server. Therefore has 0% trust and said that ordering here involves a high risk!


Even if would have offered the best ever prices all along with the best ever deals and special offers I still wouldn’t recommend ordering here and I wouldn’t order here either. That’s because it has no customer reviews and revealed lots of problems around this pharmacy. ordering here would most likely disappoint you so I would recommend not to do so. I rate it with 2 out of 5.

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