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There’s an online pharmacy that I have found when doing my research named, an online pharmacy which I have accessed and it seems to be fairly good looking, although, to my opinion, there were pharmacies with much better websites, more user friendly etc. anyway, that’s still good that at least, unlike other pharmacies sites, the information is not chaotically arranged on the site meaning that I can easily navigate through the site. According to the information on their site, they are offering generic drugs , but I would find out if they do offer brands as well or not. Also, the pharmacy claims that they have been online since 2006 and currently, they are having great deals as well which I am going to talk about later. What’s very interesting is that this pharmacy claims that they are going to match all online prices for generic drugs meaning that this should be a pharmacy with some extremely good prices – something I would pay attention later. They claim to have delivery and satisfaction guarantee 100% as they claim to be all reliable and they are delivering very fast. The pharmacy claims to be an Indian based pharmacy and searching for an exact address I did found one located in Calcutta. Besides this pharmacy claiming to offer the best prices for medications, they claim that they have the highest US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and WHO standards and requirements. Some reasons why this online pharmacy claims to be among the best pharmacies in the world includes: Free World Wide Shipping. Best prices Available on brand generic drugs online. No hidden fees. Discreet looking packages. Free consultation. 24hr/7Days Customer support service. and lastly – fast deliveries. They claim that their site is all safe to use as it is protected using 128 bit SSL certificate and the pharmacy is all reliable meaning there’s no reason for anyone to be worried. Selection of medications and prices

As it is expected (from their website’s name), the pharmacy is offering generic medications, but I have also been searching for information whether they are offering brands or not and indeed, they don’t seem to have branded medications meaning there are only generic forms of medications. However, the pharmacy seem to have a wide selection of generic medications as there seem to be a lot of categories of medications including: ED meds, blood pressure, allergy, skin care, thyroid health and even medications for cancer. To my opinion, that’s very good when the pharmacy is offering a wide selection of drugs. Checking the prices I checked for generic Viagra, sildenafil citrate named Viprogra which has a price of 1.50 USD per pill if you buy 50 mg 90 pills. compared to other online pharmacies’ prices, that’s a moderate price as I’ve seen better but I’ve also seen worse prices for same drug and quantity of pills. especially since you get 15 free bonus pills. As much as I could find information on their website, the pharmacy does ask for a prescription before dispensing prescription drugs. They claim that their physicians are able to write you a prescription as well if needed. Shipping and payment methods

As much as I found information on their website, the pharmacy is offering world wide shipping to all countries around the globe which is very good to my opinion. As much as I could notice from the information on their FAQ page, the pharmacy is offering a single shipping option which is Express Mail service that does have a tracking online, they claim that it is free of charge to everyone regardless of their order sum and it has a delivery time of 10 to 20 days. According to the information on the same page, the pharmacy is accepting credit cards and e check as reliable payment options. Customer Support Service

There are several methods to get in touch with this online pharmacy and they include: by the emails listed on the site (there are 2 of them), by postal mailing address or by calling them at the toll free phone number listed on the site. There is no live chat function available on the website or any other forms to get in touch with this pharmacy. A good customer support service is very important to my opinion for every pharmacy as people might have questions to ask.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

In the beginning of my review I have mentioned that this pharmacy is having some special offers and deals, they are offering coupon codes as well. like for example, they have a coupon code SCC30 which, if you’re going to use on weekends you’re going to get 30% off your order which is amazing. Except for this, the pharmacy is claiming that they offer 30% discount on auto refills and lastly, they are offering free bonus pills (the more you order the more bonus pills) and free shipping. Also the prices for pills are getting better by ordering more pills. Reviews

The testimonials on their own website are definitely not enough to judge this pharmacy as the testimonials are often fake, made to manipulate with customers’ opinions into making them believe the pharmacy is worth it. Customer reviews on independent websites are much more trustworthy but the problem is that the pharmacy doesn’t have any reviews on independent sites. That’s a big problem but can help me in determining if this pharmacy is worth using or not. Well, according to the site is definitely not worth using. It has very few visitors and 0% trust rate meaning there’s a high risk you would get scammed by trying to use this pharmacy. On notes, there’s a long list why ordering here is risky and some of them include: rogue internet pharmacy, free email address, high risk country, website expected life is short and others.


Even if this pharmacy would have the best prices and best deals I wouldn’t ever try to order anything from them. That’s because the risks ordering here are very high. I personally won’t ever try to purchase here, unless all those notes on would disappear and at least a few positive customer reviews on independent websites would appear. So far, this online pharmacy score is 1!

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