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I was searching for an online pharmacy that can help me get my erectile dysfunction medications at a good quality and exactly important – at a good price and by doing my research I’ve found an online vendor which I am going to be reviewing now. This online pharmacy has a well made, at least in my opinion, website with user friendly interface which helps to navigate through it easier. Everything is understandable and plus to that, foreign customers are having the option to choose between multiple languages facilitating their understanding on the website and you can also select your currency either which is all good. I tried to search for more information about the pharmacy itself and according to the copyright information, the website should be on the market for the last 8 years since it claims to be there since 2010. Sadly but I was not able to find information about where this pharmacy is located and although I would try to find it out through the help of scam warning websites an exact address isn’t posted anywhere. Not sure what the copyright information means but they claim to be on the market for 4 years and yet they claim to be a leader in delivering medications through the world. Nevertheless, by navigating a bit more through the website it constantly shows error 502 meaning that the website is not properly functioning, not sure what might be the cause.

Selection of medications and prices at

There are categories of medications which you can find the meds that you need and there are medications for: anti depression, migraines, hair care, premature ejaculation, weight loss, skin care and many others. You can also search for medications that you need via search box function. There are multiple medications of ED medications with generic Levitra, Cialis and Viagra all being there. But they also have brands for each of those medications meaning that this online pharmacy has a wide variety of medications and a lot of them are coming in both generic and brand forms. In terms of prices I am going to give a simple example: 100 pills of 50 mg generic Viagra would cost 1.30 USD per pill and to be honest that’s by far not the best prices that I have ever seen on online pharmacies. According to the information on the website that I found – this online pharmacy is not requiring any prescriptions for getting any medications on their website.

Shipping and payment methods on

They are accepting orders world wide to all countries with the single exception being USA only! I couldn’t find information on shipping options and delivery times because they claim that it all depends on the country where are you from so for getting more information you need to contact them. As in regards to the payment methods you can pay for your needs via credit card: VISA, VISA electron, Postepay, Master Card and American Express, the second option available is bank transfer and lastly they are also accepting western union too.

Customer Care Department on

Getting in touch with this online pharmacy is possible only via 2 methods: filling up a contact form on their webpage which they claim that they would respond you back in your email and the second option is live chat function. Other than these 2 there aren’t any other methods getting in touch with them as there are no phone numbers or anything in this matter. In my opinion getting in touch lacks a little bit of methods.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon codes

There’s a single banner on the website which shows all the special offers that this online pharmacy has: they offer 20 % discount off on those orders that have 300 pills and they are also offering gifts on second and on the third orders giving them free pills. seemingly there are no other discounts or special offers and what’s the biggest problem, at least in my opinion, is that they are not having coupon codes, especially taking in consideration that the 20% off discount isn’t making me any happier since there are very and very few people ordering 300 pills at once so this offer isn’t very valid. Reviews

I’ve tried to find for this online pharmacy’s customer reviews and when I nearly gave up finding absolutely no customer reviews I have then found one. It was written by Leudox Kathy back in 2012 and the problem is that she said she has paid 291 EUROS and she hasn’t got anything with no money back and no package. She said that she tried to contact the pharmacy but got no answer either. Well, that’s not a very encouraging customer review. But due to the fact that it is the single customer review that I could find I’ve been curious what scam warning website would say. According to it is a rogue internet pharmacy and I don’t know why but I expected such a response. Plus to that, according to it has a low trust rate and that’s why it says that this site may not be safe to use. Plus to that, they mention that the site might be from Romania but the website’s owner identity is being hidden and I personally do not trust online pharmacies that the owners are hiding their identity because this usually means that something is wrong and what’s more important is that they are able to disappear any minute without anyone tracking them. There are no positive customer reviews, there is a negative review and there is no trust from scam warning websites with owner hiding their identity – I guess that’s enough to make a conclusion.


And now, taking in consideration all the facts that I mentioned earlier it is obvious that staying away from is everything I can recommend. It looks too suspicious and there are multiple things making me think that it is a scam online pharmacy and there’s nothing making me think that it is worth using. That’s why gets a rate of 1 out of 5 from me.

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