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The site that I am about to review claims that trust is their asset and that’s being proved by their 4 years of trustworthiness since they are on the market and in the pharmacy business. Generic Doctor is an online pharmacy which claims to be one of the best pharmacy that you can find online, it is a long established off shore pharmacy that is helping its customers to get the medications that they need without any problems. This is a Canadian pharmacy, however they claim that they have expanded enough in the global business and so they are nowadays having business in UK and Asia too. A bit of research online about this pharmacy and it does seem to be a pretty popular online pharmacy.

Generic Doctor Selection

When searching for drugs in the site lists you are going to find a lot of drugs for various health issues, however it is hard to be unseen that the most noticeable types of drugs are those for Erectile Dysfunction drugs. They claim to have mostly generic medications in their store, but it doesn’t mean that they do not have branded drugs and indeed, taking a closer look at the list I was able to find both generic meds and brand, also both prescription drugs and over the counter as well. Drug list is very big and that’s why, their drugs are covering a big list of health issues but that’s especially if you have erectile dysfunction (inability to get or maintain an erection during a sexual stimulation) problem. You can find there Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and their generics. Drugs for hair loss problems, drugs to help you with weight loss and so on and so forth.

What are the prices?

Since they are specialized mostly on the ED drugs I’ve checked medications of this type. I have seen that Viagra by Pfizer on this site is going to cost you anywhere between 15.50 USD and 19 USD for a pill depending on the dosage you’re ordering. I would say that it is a good price since there are lower prices online for Viagra by Pfizer, but they are only a little bit lower. The generic Sildenafil though, is as low as 0.86 USD (lowest I’ve seen) but there are much lower prices for generic Sildenafil online. Overall the prices, to my opinion, are good, but they could be better, especially for an online pharmacy which claims to be leading over many other online pharmacies.

Can you talk with someone if you have questions, customer service?

Yes you can. They have the standard customer support: online chat support, email and phone calls. For those interested: email is: [email protected] , their toll free phone is +1 – 800 – 900 – 8087. If you want to discuss with them online then you just need to go on their website and there’s always an icon: Live Chat and they claim that they’re always online. I’ve discussed a bit about their shipping and the person seemed to be knowledgeable in responding all my questions. In total customer service, in my opinion, seemed to be good.

What are Generic Doctor payment options?

You can pay via American Express, Master Card, Visa Card, Bitcoin (and you get 20% more pills if you pay with bitcoin) as well as echeck (for US of course, only, and you get 10% more pills). To my opinion these payment methods are quite enough, compared to other pharmacy sites which I’ve seen to have only Visa and Master Card as payment options.

Generic Doctor Coupon Code and Discounts:

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As said above, they have as a bonus, depending on your payment method, more pills for you – 10% more if you pay with echeck and 20% more if you pay with bitcoins. Usually, other sites have discounts paying with bitcoins, but this site has more pills for you. Not sure which one is better. I guess depending on each one’s needs. They also have free shipping on all orders that are more than $150 and free shipping EMS on orders that are more than $250. They also have money back guarantee policy in case you don’t get your pills. I couldn’t find any coupons though, something I surely miss.

Generic Doctor Shipping

They are shipping worldwide – 15 dollars standard (no tracking, 7 – 14 business days) for free if order is 150 dollars and above; and 25 dollars EMS (tracking, 4- 9 business days) for free if order is 250 dollars and above.

Generic Doctor Reviews

I’ve read other people reviews on third sites and I noticed that most of them are positive. Most people who ever had experience with this online pharmacy seemed to be happy as they haven’t had any problems with the drugs, with shipping, billing and so on and so forth. but there were negative reviews either, people complaining that this site required them to send via email a copy of their ID, utility bills and etc. Another person complained that he or she has got their medications after a month after the payment was confirmed. Although the customer service, as he (or she) said responded, they weren’t actually doing anything to help. But these are just some exception reviews because like 90% of all people who wrote a review said that they were happy. I have tried to closely check all the reviews and I didn’t find a person saying that they got scammed and that’s why, in answering the next question it is going to be easy.

Is Generic Doctor a scam site?

Surely no. This site is trusted by many people and many people use it daily so it’s surely not going to scam you, or at least unless they are not planning to close their business anytime soon.

What’s the conclusion then?

This online pharmacy seem to be pretty good, however there are just some things that are annoying and we would like them to be changed. I can’t advice against it, but I can’t advice to order here either. I would say that it is a ‘OK’ online pharmacy, in numbers that’s 4 out 5 which is not bad, but could be better.

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