/ Frys Food Pharmacy Reviews & Coupons is the official website of Fry’s Food and Drug Supermarket company with its official name: Fry’s Food and Drug Stores, Inc. This is a chain of supermarkets  that has a major presence in the US state of Arizona according to the information on Wikipedia. It has been founded in 1954 and has its headquarters located in Tolleson, Arizona, United States with an approximate number of employees 22,000 and 123 locations. As it was expected, checking the official website of this company I got a user friendly designed interface of the website. You can create an account and sign in to it, you’re able to find a store, search for digital coupons, see weekly ad, gift cards, see their brands, order online, check their departments and others. The company is currently run by Kroger company so many features are alike to Kroger’s website. You’re able to find Fry’s Food company at social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others. They are also offering to download their application which is available for both iOS and Android devices making it easier to navigate from your phone. I checked their departments and I found a big list of different departments for: pet care, grocery, adult beverage, deli, bakery and others but I got my interest in pharmacy and that’s what I checked. Being on pharmacy page you can do the following: affordable care act, my prescriptions, add a prescription, easy fill, find a pharmacy and many other services and informational pages.

Selection of medications, prices, shipping and payment methods at Fry’s Food

Since this company is run by Kroger, many things are very similar and I can assume that selection of medications and prices are the same. Although there is not a list of medications on the website with the price list, you can call the customer care department to find out information about them. What I can assume is that selection of medications is very big with meds for every need and health condition but the prices here are high. There is no information about shipping policies, however sure thing is that they do not offer medications abroad US territory. In regards to the payment methods online they state that they do not accept any other payment methods other than credit/ debit card. However if you live somewhere near of a Fry’s Food store it is obvious that you can go and pay cash at their store, or again, by credit/ debit card.

Customer Care Department Fry’s Food and Drugs

You can talk with their customer care department by different methods and it includes some of the untold ones like going to one of their store and ask whatever questions you need or by social media pages which can be used as a live chat function. No live chat function is available on the website. Instead you can call at a phone number offered or by email too which would get you your questions answered. Make sure that you contact their customer service in the hours of operations otherwise you won’t be answered. But I’ve always said that it doesn’t matter the ways of getting in touch with the customer care department but it does matter how helpful it is.

Is Fry’s Food Pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Fry’s Food and Drugs Coupon Codes

Since this company is run by Kroger company the Coupon Codes policy is exactly the same and unfortunately it is not very good for us, those who are in search for a reliable pharmacy that has quality products for cheap prices. The reason is that coupon codes are offered for grocery products and not pharmaceutical products. Even if there are some things which are going to make you save some money by purchasing something at Fry’s Pharmacy – they do not seem to be listed on the website and that’s why just to confirm if they do have anything or not you would need to call their customer care department, pretty much as you would need to do that by finding any other information about those points I mentioned earlier; medications availability and prices, as well as shipping details.

Fry’s Food Pharmacy Reviews

As it always happen when I’m searching for customer reviews about a supermarket chain company – google shows me a lot of employee reviews written by people explaining what it is like to work for this company. Unless you plan working for Fry’s Food, they do not represent any interest for me, however there’s another story when talking about customer reviews about this company which I did found on yelp but the reviews on this reviewing website were addressed to each store individually and not about the company in general. Yet, I still checked those reviews and I found mixed reviews about each store with people being happy about their services while others were not happy at all. There were around 100 customer reviews on yelp and the rates were anywhere between 2.5 and 3 out of 5 meaning that although some people are happy with Fry’s Food pharmacy department, many of them were not happy at all. A bigger problem was the fact that I found 65 reviews on pissed consumer website meaning that these people got terrible experience using Fry’s Food company services. On all these sites people complained on multiple things like very poor service, rudeness of employees and management, delays, high prices, lack of concern for people and others. What alarms me even more is that according to pissedconsumer website, the average monetary loss is 132 USD according to people writing reviews meaning that people did lost money using this company.


Fry’s Food Stores is a big supermarket chain in US which is run by Kroger company – both companies being well known in USA which means that they have a lot of customers and they cannot be scammers or anything in this matter. However there are still people complaining and saying that they have lost money by trying to get some products from Fry’s Food pharmacies and this is not acceptable. But besides people losing money they complained on a lot of other things and although this company is all legal, I still would rate it with only 2 out of 5.

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