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*Your hometown, Family Pharmacy* according to the pharmacy’s logo is Fruth Pharmacy, which can be found at the domain address name: As soon as you enter the website you can search for *Fruth Locations* and there you can enter the address/ zip and search for the locations within a range of your choice: from 10 to 500 miles. All in all Fruth Pharmacy seemingly has more than 100 stores across the US. Also, on their website I was able to find out information that Fruth Pharmacy is since 1952 so, seemingly, this is a pharmacy that has been around for a long time. Some other information I can mention here is the fact that this pharmacy is having applications for smartphone on both iOS and Android. Except for that, since this is a multi locations pharmacy, it is obvious they can be found on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube as well. This pharmacy has, to my opinion, a very good website with a lot of good options and features which people can easily access. You can read a lot of information here, you could read news and lots of different info. While online, you’re even able to find out how to join them (working) if you’re interested. You can also read the full history of this pharmacy as well. Online you’re also able to fill up a prescription, request a product, contact customer service and many others options available as well. Overview

The reason that I cannot talk about selection of medications, about prices for those medications and neither I can talk about shipping or payment methods are all due to the fact that on their website I simply couldn’t find any information about any of these things. Although there is not a selection of medications, I can assume that it is really wide and that’s because this is a pharmacy with stores that are all across the country which therefore means that this is pharmacy with a lot of drugs for different needs. Prices, however, should be quite high as well. Usually prices at such pharmacies are around the same as they are at the largest US health products retailers – expensive. There’s nothing I could say about payment methods since there is no information about it at all but I can assume only that people can pay cash if they go to one of their store themselves or can pay with credit cards both online or going to their stores. But this is only my assumption. As in regards to the shipping, the pharmacy claims to offer shipping but without saying anything else they added: *Please contact your local Fruth Pharmacy for availability and more information.* so there’s no information available about this. I can assume that this pharmacy does not offer medications outside the US territory addresses. In fact, by getting answers to any of the questions/ points that I have mentioned here (a certain drug’s availability or price for them, shipping details and payment methods) or whatever other questions, people need to contact the local Fruth pharmacy and since I started talking about it: Customer Support Service

According to the information that I was able to find online at their contact page, there’s their headquarters address which is in WV. You could use it for writing a mail. Except for mail there’s also the email available as well. There’s also a general phone number customer support service but people are asked to use phone numbers of their local pharmacies. You can also use the contact form available on their website. Getting to one of their pharmacies will also get your questions answered for sure. I can assume that you could use their social media pages as well as a way to get in touch with them. But in the end, the most important are not the ways of getting in touch but how helpful the customer support is.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

This online pharmacy does have coupon codes, but each of their coupon code is offering from 0.75 USD to maximum 8 USD off out of a certain health product as each coupon is used for a certain product. Except for medications there are other products such as: heating pad wrap, diapers, lip balms and others. The problem is that except for these coupons for a limited number of items (as there are around 10 items with coupons) this pharmacy doesn’t seem to be offering anything else. There are no free pills, free shipping, any kind of discounts or something. All I found is *new prescription rewards available* where you earn 50 cents per prescription but up to 10 USD max per quarter so that’s not a great save to my opinion. Reviews

While I was searching for reviews about Fruth Pharmacy (since they are very helpful in getting us a good idea whether is this a pharmacy that’s actually worth using or not) I got the impression that I’ve got much more employee reviews than actual customer reviews. Nevertheless, I did managed to find some, but seemingly I only found them on Facebook and on yelp. On facebook, according to 114 reviews, the average rate is 4 out of 5. There are positive and there are negative reviews, but there are around 4 times much more positive reviews than negative ones. On yelp, there are different reviews given to different stores but all in all it seems the average rate is 3 out of 5 and as on facebook, there are positive and there are negative reviews, but the ratio is more to negative, unfortunately. People complained on high prices, bad customer service, limited selection of drugs and delays.


All in all Fruth Pharmacy is 100% reliable with no chances to scam you around. However, they have higher prices compared to online pharmacies and even besides the prices that are much higher, people still complained on a number of other things. Due to the multitude of those, although minor, complaints and due to high prices with barely any discounts/ coupons I will rate Fruth Pharmacy with 3 out of 5.

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