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Free RX Hotline is an online pharmacy which is offering their customers medications for free or for cheap prices as much as they are claiming. This company describes its activity as being intermediary between the customers and some other companies such as drug suppliers or manufactures that are giving medications at special promotions prices. The customers are being asked to submit their details to this company and therefore they are going to have a chance of getting free medications from companies that are offering them. this means that only those people who have registered and submit their details are able to enter this Free RX Hotline site in order to get access of free medications and special promotions of medications. I have tried to submit my details myself and whoever decides to do so you’re being required to share your full name, your address, zip code as well as your email address and telephone. This means that I doubt a ‘fake account’ would work with this site and that’s especially because all membership applications are being a subject to get evaluated by their moderators and the customer is going to get contacted by the customer support because they are going to require some other things in order to get submitted. Having this said, it seems that they know pretty much everything about each of their customers. This site is owned by TelaRX LLC, from the research I’ve done this is a company found in Florida, Fort Lauderdale, and it is in the ‘pharmacy world’ since 2010. However, I couldn’t actually find an address or something that would show from where this company exactly is running. I could barely find any information about this company in general. This is something that I haven’t actually loved because they have a database with all the information about each customer while the customer barely has any information about the site or the company that it is being run by.

What is the FreeRxHotline Selection

I’ve been able to find some information suggesting that through Free RX Hotline site, the Medicare clients are having access to a big variety of medications which is claimed to be more than 2500, both prescription and Over The Counter medications and also medical supplies and they are saying that there’s no cash out needed. They claimed to have medications for all needs: immunosuppressive, depression, anxiety, sleep problems, pain problems, erectile dysfunction and so on and so forth.

In regards to whether FreeRxHotline requires a prescription or not

This is a site which is actually facilitating all its members in accessing those prescription assistance programs. But this also means, from as much as I can understand, that they do require a prescription for some non OTC medications which means that you won’t be able to get them if you don’t have a valid prescription.

FreeRxHotline – is it a scam site or is actually legit?

It is really hard for me to answer this question. There are different people who claimed this is a good site for getting their medications, but there are other people which claimed to get scammed, not by this site directly because as said earlier, this is only an intermediary site between the customers and other companies, however there’s a person with whom I discussed myself personally who said that has ordered medications from this site and she has got fake medication from a medical company that she has been referred to by this site After she has tried to get ‘justice’ she got a response that they are not being aware of the company that has referred her in the first place. All of this meant that she has lost nearly $2000 instead $200 or so that she would have paid for her medications that she needs on a regular pharmacy. But there are other people who said that they got really good medications at some really good prices. reviews

The reviews about are 50/50 positive and negative. In fact, if looking at it a little bit closer I would say that it is anywhere between 20-30 (positive) / 80-70 (negative). What I’m trying to say is that this is a site with pretty unfavorable reviews with lots of people saying that they are not happy with the services provided by this online pharmacy. All of those comments made me be really skeptical about its truthfulness and legibility. What made me think like that for the first time was when I read that this is a site which offers ‘free medications’. I’m not that naïve to believe that there’s someone out there who wants to give me expensive medications free of charge. Lots of comments saying that it is a scam, and there’s nothing that would make me think otherwise.

Coupon Codes from

Usually, when I’m looking online for a pharmacy, most of them are having either membership cards which offers discounts because you’re their loyal customer. Other pharmacies are having discount deals for a limited time. others are having promotions or something in this matter. although I tried to search a lot for this sites offers/ coupons etc. I couldn’t find any. I mean, how a site that is offering free medications doesn’t have promotions and coupons? All of this made me be even more wary of this site. I was just about to order from this site and in the end I didn’t?

The price comparison between this and other sites

This is a site which claims that they are offering their medications at the lowest prices online. They are ‘searching’ for the manufacturers who are offering ‘cheapest’ prices for a specific medication and they are putting it online. Therefore their meds are the cheapest. To be honest, I checked the prices elsewhere online and they were the same. For some meds freerxhotline had bigger prices.


To be honest I would advise against ordering from this site, but since I haven’t ordered anything myself I can’t. all I can say is: you’re going to order at your risk! my rate is 2 out of 5 which is low enough to avoid such an online pharmacy!

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