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FredMeyer is the name of the company that I am going to be reviewing today by doing my research for a reliable pharmacy that has good prices for quality medications. In order to make it a little bit better understandable – Fred Meyer, Inc. it is a chain of superstores that has been founded back in 1922 in Portland, Oregon. Currently it has its headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio and this company has an approximate number of employees of 30,000 in the area of served states: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska. This company has its parent company named Kroger, a company which I have already reviewed. I have went on the Fred Meyer official website: and there you can chose the department that you need and I obviously have chosen pharmacy. The website of this company suggests their customers to register an account and sign in to you. You can also find there different things such as digital coupons, weekly ad, lists, gift cards, their services etc. FredMeyer company of course can be found on social media with the website owners recommending to connect with them on: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and also suggesting to download their mobile application for both Android and iOS phones. Nevertheless, the information on their website mentions The Kroger Co. and not FredMeyer company.


There is very little information that I can share about FredMeyer Pharmacy Shipping and payment methods or about the selection of medications and the prices for them at this company. I can’t talk about any of these because there is no information about them on the website but there are just something that I can assume and those are pretty much same things that I assume when I’m talking about a lot of big American pharmaceutical companies. Like for example an assumption is the fact that they do not ship abroad USA (not even sure if in all USA states) or an assumption is that the price for medications should be around or exactly the same as they are at Kroger’s Pharmacy and unfortunately – those are high prices. More information about each and all of these points can be found by contacting their customer care department.

Customer Care Department

Those people who are having any questions that they would need to get an answer for or any other things that might require them to talk with the pharmacy’s customer care department then they are able to do so by different methods and you can choose which one is most suitable for you. Contacting this company can be done, of course, by phone number that you can see it listed on their website or also by email. There are multiple phone numbers depending on what exactly do you need. Unfortunately there is not a live chat function on their website, however you’re also able to get in touch with them by social media platform which is basically the same – live online chat. One last method is, of course, going in person to one of their stores and get the answers that you need. Not sure if their customer care department is of any help or not as I haven’t contacted them myself.

Is FredMeyer Pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy?

FredMeyer Pharmacy Coupon Codes

As I have said in the beginning of my review, Fred Meyer company does offer coupons and that sounds really good, but after checking them for a while I realized that it is not actually that good and that’s due to the fact that those coupons are not for pharmaceutical products. There are coupon codes for different things like: home décor, kitchen, tobacco, snacks, electronics and others. But nothing in regards to pharmacy save. I also haven’t found any other discounts, free shipping offers or any other offers. I guess contacting customer support would confirm the fact that they, seemingly, don’t have anything to make people buying medications get some discounts/ savings.

FredMeyer Pharmacy Reviews and are some of the first sites that popped up searching for *fredmeyer pharmacy reviews* in google search. Those are reviewing websites with people writing reviews about this company, however those are reviews written by employees of this company but I am currently searching for customers and not employee customers, those who are willing might read those themselves. As for customer reviews, I did have found some on and I continued doing my research and got disappointed seeing that it has got its way on on there are 35 customer reviews and the reviews are mixed with many people praising this company but others calling it the worst. Most of the complaints were in regards to high prices, to delays or incompetent/ ignorant/ rude staff. Like for example, Kay S. a reviewer from rate it with 1 out of 5 saying that it has a terrible service and not only once but on a regular basis and many years, when she needs a prescription refilled it has not been processed in a timely manner. She says that she still goes there because there’s no other pharmacy around but she gladly would. What alarmed me more is that according to 111 reviews, it had a rate of 2.8 on pissedconsumer and there are 0 issues resolved with people claiming to lose money by using Fred Meyer. This company is 100% legit and authentic so there are no chances that they are scammers like a lot of other online pharmacies which you can find online, nevertheless there are still people around saying that they have lost money so with this being said – what’s the difference between this 100% legit and authentic company and a scam online pharmacy?


As sad as it might sound but I don’t recommend purchasing medications at Fred Meyer Pharmacy for a number of reasons like terrible services as the clients of this pharmacy claimed, big delays, big prices for medications and others. There are good things about it as the positive reviews suggests, however I still think that there are online pharmacies which are much better in terms of prices, customer support etc. Fred Meyer gets a rate of 2 out of 5.

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