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Finding a reliable online pharmacy in which you can have trust is extremely hard and I know it from my personal experience as I have already reviewed a lot of online pharmacies and yet, only very few of them seemed to be worth spending my money on. This is why I continued to do my research further in attempt to find an online pharmacy that is going to be worth it and doing my research I have found out about This online pharmacy seems to be ok on the first sight and that’s why I wanted to find out more about it and I will continue my research and write what I found in this review. I have checked the front page for a little while and here’s what I found: claims to be accredited member of CIPA, CPA approved, 5 stars by and also a MIPA accredited member as well. For this reason I went on and checked if that’s true, however does not appear in the CIPA member database, then why they claim to be one? Lies, and that’s not a very good thing to start off. The copyright information suggests the pharmacy has been opened back in 2004 but I am afraid that this would be a lie as well. In fact, I would be afraid that anything might be lies now, as like for example, there’s also their claim that their prices are 70% less than in your local pharmacy. Anyhow, I checked it further.

Selection of medications and prices on

The online pharmacy seems to be mostly oriented in selling erectile dysfunction medications such as Viagra and others. But besides this type of medication, they also offer a wide variety of other types of medications, drugs treating conditions as: diabetes, depression, women’s health, muscle relaxant, heart disease and others as well. So, selection of medications seems to be enough and for everyone. As for their main type of drugs: erectile dysfunction, there seems to be a lot of drugs in this category. Except for the most famous ones like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, there are also: sildalis, kamagra, malegra, avana, and many, many others. This online pharmacy carries both generic and brand medications. Just to give an example of prices: Cialis generic usual dosage of 20 mg costs anywhere between 1.49 USD and 3.72 USD per pill depending on the quantity of pills ordered. To be honest, there are fairly good prices. The pharmacy doesn’t require to show a valid prescription for ordering any type of drugs from this store.

Shipping and payment information

The only pharmacy is offering a single payment method: via credit card and not all credit cards but the major ones: VISA and Master Card. no other payment methods are available and that’s sad IMO. As in regards to the shipping options: there are 2 of them. The first option, as usual, is standard which is having a shipping fee of 10 USD, it has a delivery time of 2 to 3 weeks and doesn’t have tracking. Via this option the pharmacy offers world wide shipping. The second option is faster: express shipping which isn’t available world wide and costs more: 20 USD, but the good side is that it has tracking and has a faster delivery time. Discreet packaging and shipping insurances have additional fees. Standard airmail is offered for free for orders over 200 USD.

Customer Support

Getting in touch with the pharmacy, the easiest way, is by calling them by the phone number. There are 2 of them listed, for European customers and for US customers as the numbers are from those regions. Except for calling you can get in in touch with the pharmacy by filling up the contact form and waiting for the response in your email. Their customer care specialists speak only English. No live chat function available.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

I have been searching for coupon codes on and it seemed that this pharmacy used to have some active coupon codes, unfortunately they are not active anymore. Therefore, the online pharmacy, at least currently, doesn’t have any coupon codes for customers. Wondering if they would add any now at winter holidays. Even without coupon codes, they are offering discounts: their special offer is 10% discount available for orders over 200 USD. Plus to that, as I said, orders over 200 USD get free standard shipping. The pharmacy also offer free erectile dysfunction pills with every order. One last thing is the discount number which is given to you after you firstly order from them and you can apply it on your next orders and get discounts. Pretty good deals. Reviews

The testimonials on the website itself aren’t worth anything for me and this is the reason why I simply skip this part and I go straight forward searching for customer reviews about on foreign websites. While searching for them on Google, I have found only 2 people writing reviews about this online pharmacy on only. One of the reviewers said: illegal pharmacies promoted by criminals. That’s definitely not very good. Then there’s the second reviewer, this person wrote his review in Russian but with the help of google translate I could find out what he said: illegal online pharmacy. You shouldn’t write your personal data and purchase anything from here. Well, the pharmacy lied about its accreditations and there are 2 negative customer reviews. I guess that’s enough to make a conclusion about it.


As I’ve just explained a bit earlier the reasons why it is dangerous to order here – I won’t be purchasing anything from this online pharmacy and I don’t recommend anyone else to do so. In fact, according to customer reviews, according to the fact that the pharmacy lied about its accreditations and according to scam warning websites, chances are extremely big that you will get scammed if you would try to order from this online pharmacy. Of course I recommend to stay away from it and I rate it with 1 out of 5!

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