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FDATabs.com is an online pharmacy which is selling both brand and generic medications all over the world. The pharmacy claims to be having 3 years of experience in this business and although that’s a relatively short time compared to other online pharmacies period being in the business, this pharmacy claims to be one of the leading internet drugstores. The pharmacy claims to be mostly focused on selling best quality generic medications at low prices and this way they help their customers to save money. The products are shipped from India and they are all Indian FDA approved, however finding information about where their headquarter is located, I couldn’t find. However on the copyright information I found this: 2008-2017 Fdatabs.com and then I ask: why they claim to have 3 years when the information on copyright implies 9 years? And also on the bottom of the website I found this: *CanadianDrugStore Ltd. is licensed online pharmacy.* so I can assume that the pharmacy is Canadian.

Selection of drugs and prices on FDAtabs.com

As I said earlier, the pharmacy seems to be focused in selling mostly generic medications and I can assume they have generics for all health condition medications they have in the drugstore. And according to the number of drug categories I could find on their website, I assume their number of drugs should be very much and that’s because you can find such drugs treating such conditions as: allergy, depression, cancer, asthma, cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure, pain, obesity, hormones and many many others. So I assume you should find what you need here. In erectile dysfunction you can find medications like: Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, all 3 in both generics and branded. The cheapest price for a pill of generic Viagra is 0.27 USD and that’s surely one extremely low price there. The price for a single generic Cialis tablet (cheapest price) is 0.88 USD and Levitra goes for 1.00 USD. The prices for brands of same medications are also really good in my opinion.

Customer support on fdatabs.com

Getting in touch with the pharmacy is essential so you know for sure that you’re going to get all your questions answered and problems solved in case something goes wrong so you can do it by one of the 2 phone number listed on their website, one of which is US phone number and the other one is UK phone number. They claim that customer support is available 24/7. Another way to get in touch with the pharmacy is by leaving them a message by filling up the form, as usual. Except for phone number and filling the form there are not any other ways like live chat function, unfortunately.

Payment options and shipping methods FDAtabs.com

This pharmacy is accepting only 2 payment options: VISA and Master Card which pretty much means that there’s a single payment method: credit card. Nothing else is available. As for the shipping methods: they are offering a world wide shipping and they are offering shipping insurance for 5 USD more to both of the shipping methods available: airmail (worldwide) service (14 to 21 days delivery) which costs 15 USD and doesn’t have tracking system. But there’s also another shipping methods: EMS (which is also available world wide but only to countries that support this option, 5 to 9 days delivery time, costs 30 USD and does have tracking. Order more than 200 USD and you get free shipping airmail.

Is FDATabs.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

FDATabs.com Coupon codes

I’ve just mentioned that orders above 200 USD are getting a free airmail shipment, however they also are offering different bonuses like free ED medications. You can choose between 4 pills of Viagra, Cialis or Levitra for free. Except for free shipping and free bonus pills you can also apply a coupon code before checking out by writing the coupon code: REQPT and you get 5% off on all the medications. Good way to save some money in my opinion.

Fdatabs.com Reviews

The website features *testimonials* page but due to the fact that I tend to believe there’s a high risk of those being fake reviews I am not going to comment on those customer reviews out there. What I’m going to comment is on the customer reviews on independent / foreign website where, unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find only one. There is an online website like review-and-coupon.com which claims to have 972 customer reviews on the website, nevertheless I failed to find at least one there. The rate of this pharmacy on that website is 1.88 out of 5 which claimable is the average rate of all the customer reviews that are not displayed on the website. None of the scam warning websites had trust in this pharmacy and scamadviser.com claims that the real location of this pharmacy is hidden and that’s definitely not a very good thing. The single customer review that I have said I found was on another website written by Mary M 2 months ago and she said that their customer care services are very rude. She said that they cursed and swear on the phone when they have had her orders mismatched. That’s definitely not how customer care department should talk and answer to your needs and questions, especially when the pharmacy made a mistake and mismatched the orders.


Scam warning websites might make mistaken conclusions like calling a reliable online pharmacy being a scamming and fake one, nevertheless, oftentimes these scam warning websites are right and I doubt that this is an exception for FDAtabs.com. The reason is that there are no customer review except for one which had unpleasant experience with the pharmacy and a website which claims to have 900+ customer reviews about this pharmacy and they rated it with 1.88 out of 5.00. Plus to that, the prices and deals are one of the best I ever found and unfortunately, often that means the pharmacy is scam. Because of all I just mentioned – I have a bad feeling about this pharmacy and I no way can recommend this to anyone to use so I rate it with 1 out of 5!

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