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This online pharmacy claims to be a world famous and trust pharmacy which everyone (online worldwide drug store) can get their medications at discounted prices. They are distributing high quality medications through the entire world and they are offering a variety of both brand and generic medications at the lowest prices. From the information that I found on their site, this is a Canadian Pharmacy, licensed online pharmacy under Canadian Pharmacy Ltd. And the website created in 2001 which I hope that’s true because longer operating websites are easier to have trust in. They also claim to be a certified pharmacy by Canadian International Pharmacy (CIPA), by Manitoba International Pharmacists Association (MIPA), having 5 stars (maximum) on, being approved by FDA, Verified by VISA and VeriSign Secured. The website itself is user friendly, it is very easy to understand and browse through with a good web speed. I’ve tried to find out where is their headquarters located and they hid it, unfortunately.

Customer Support Service on

You can easily seen they have 2 phone numbers one of which is US phone number and the other one is for European customers as it is an UK phone number. The only language you can talk with the customer support team is English. In case you do not like to talk with anyone then you are able to fill a form and wait for a response in your email. What’s their email is not listed so if you want email conversations then you only should fill the form. Other ways than talking with them by the phone or filling the form there aren’t as there is no online live chat function.

Fast Health Online Selection of drugs

You can find a lot of different medications on this online pharmacy. Mainly they seem to be focused on selling medications that can treat ED, nevertheless they still have lots of other medications treating various health issues like: blood pressure, weight loss, heart disease, cholesterol, skin care and many many others. You can find medications by first letter, by using the search function and by the health condition category. On their Erectile Dysfunction category you can find lots of drugs including both generic forms and branded names for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. They are not requiring any valid prescription for any of the drugs that you can find on this website meaning that you can get even brand Viagra or any other without proving that you actually have a health issue that makes you need these meds.

Fast Health Online Prices for medications

This online drugstore claims to be having the best prices that you can find online and they do seem to keep their promise in regards to the ED medications at least. I am not sure if they keep this promise concerning other medications of other types but for ED they do keep their promise and that’s because the price for a generic Viagra is 0.27 $ USD while for a brand Viagra by Pfizer the price is 2.56 $ USD per pill. These are indeed very low prices, brand Viagra by Pfizer on this website has a lower price than other online pharmacies selling generic Viagra. The exact same thing applies to generic Cialis and generic Levitra as well as for brand Cialis by Lilly and brand Levitra by Bayer. Prices per pill: 0.68 $ USD for Cialis and 3.72 $ USD for brand Cialis, for Levitra per pill: 1 $ USD and 3.71 $ USD for brand Levitra. I have seen other online pharmacies having such low prices for these medications, but I never seen any pharmacy with lower prices. You can get these prices per pill only if you purchase larger quantities of pills. For example, the price for Levitra of 1 $ USD per pill can get up to 3.45 $ USD if you buy only 10 pills.

Fast Health Online Shipping and payment methods

USA customers have 2 shipping and 2 payment methods. All the rest of the world outside of USA have only one shipping and only one payment method: shipping is regular, it costs 10 USD and a delivery time of 2 to 4 weeks and payment via credit card (only Visa, Master Card and American Express). The US customers have the same options plus one extra on each: the extra shipping option is express, costs 20 USD and a delivery time of 3 to 9 days and extra payment option is echeck. They do have a refund policy either. Shipping is free for orders above 200 USD (regular airmail). You can add an insurance to your package for extra 5 $ USD fee.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? coupon codes, discounts and special offers

As mentioned a bit earlier, one discount they offer is less price per pill for bigger amount of pills you order. Another bonus is free shipping on orders that have a sum more than 200 USD with an extra bonus of free pills. The amount of bonus free pills is getting higher the more pills you order (ED pills). They also seem to have some special offers for people who want to buy Viagra and Cialis together. Their main offers are based on ED medications. No coupon codes policy. They also offer 10% discount for customers who already ordered something from them. reviews

No customer review means that there is nobody to prove that we should have trust in an online pharmacy and that’s the case for online pharmacy. In fact, it does have a customer review on independent website, however that’s the only single review. The review was written by *Arthur* and he says that the pharmacy offers the cheapest prices (which I agree with him). But whether did he had an experience with the pharmacy it is not clear. I went to scam warning websites and none of them had trust in this online pharmacy. The best score was given by and it was of only 11 %. They have testimonials on the website, but they are worth nothing for me because I strongly believe there is a high probability those are fake testimonials.


With all of that said, I think that doesn’t deserve more than 2 out of 5. A single customer review which is not clear whether did he had any experience with the pharmacy is by far not enough to put my trust in this pharmacy. And when no customer reviews are available with scam warning websites having no trust in an online pharmacy that’s a sign to stay away. The single customer review, and the prices with good deals are what made me rate it with 2 but when it is so hard to have trust in this pharmacy, I doubt it deserves more, at least currently.

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