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Online pharmacies seem to get more and more popular lately and for this reason there seem to appear more and more online pharmacies. Unfortunately, lots of these *new* online pharmacies don’t actually try to make their customers save some money by purchasing quality medications at good prices but rather to feed them with false hopes and promises so in the end they could get their money. This is why it is so important to very carefully analyze an online pharmacy before actually making a purchase, otherwise you can lose your money. The pharmacy that I’m going to review now is which claims to be an US based drugstore that sells US drugs. I’ve immediately went on their *about us* page where I found that this online pharmacy is owned by US Drugs Ltd. and also there I found that the founders of US Drugs Ltd. are Dr. Michael Harris and Dr. Clark Thomas and claimable, they are working at *pharmaceutical market* since 2003. The Copyright information at the bottom of their webpage you can find same information *© 2003–2017 US Drugs Ltd.* and you can also see that claimable, their address is in Houston, TX, USA, with an exact address there. Plus you can see their license (dispensed by State of Texas) which I truly hope that it is a valid license. Also there you can see a number of accreditations like the fact that they have only FDA approved drugs, that this site is VeriSign Secure Site, it is verified by VISA and it is accredited by pharmaceutical group of the European Union (PGEU/ GPUE). All of this looks very promising so I’ve went further doing the research.

Drug selection and drugs prices on Fast Delivery For You

As soon as you enter the website, on the left side of the site you can see a list of health categories with their medications such as: men’s health (there with Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Propecia, Cialis Professional, Brand Viagra and many others), antibiotics (Amoxicillin, Zithromax), Pain relief (Celebrex, Toradol), Mental health / Epilepsy (Seroquel, Aricept) and many others. Above it all you can change the currency if you live outside US and USD isn’t your currency. As much as I could find, there are a lot of drugs treating a lot of health conditions and from the information I could see they have generic medications as well as brands. The prices for ED medications are somewhat moderate prices and that’s because I’ve seen better prices for same things but I’ve also seen worse (higher) prices. Like for example, for 120 pills of generic Viagra 50 mg you would pay $ 130.80 USD meaning a pill would cost you 1.09 USD. If you would get less pills the price per pill is higher, if you get more pills the price per pill is lower. Talking about brands (for example Cialis brand by Eli Lilly) it would cost $ 257.40 USD for 36 pills of 20 mg and that’s 7.15 USD per pill but then again – getting less than 36 pills that would be a higher price per pill and getting more than 36 pills the price per pill would be lower! Then again, either you’re interested in generic or brand or either you’re interested in ED medications or other types of medications, claimable, they are all FDA approved.

Shipping Options and Payment Options on Fast Delivery For You

Reading their shipping information they claim to provide shipping everywhere around the globe in absolutely all countries. With this being said, I doubt that anyone, regardless of where you live, should find a problem ordering here. However US customers have 2 options of shipping while the rest of the world only one. US customers have added express courier shipping which has a tracking and it has a delivery time of 8 to 14 days, maximum 21 days and has a price of 25 USD. And the option that is available to everyone, as usual, is regular airmail which costs 15 USD, it doesn’t have tracking and has a delivery time of 10 to 21 days, maximum 30 days. The delivery insurance (which is guaranteed reshipment if delivery failed) that would be 4.95 USD. If shipping details are convenient for you then you should also decide if the payment options are also convenient. There are 4 payment options but since the first 3 are: VISA, Master Card and American Express, I put them all into one option: credit card. The fourth option is eCheck but this one is available only for US customers. Therefore those who live outside US they have a single payment option: credit card. customer support

While searching for info on their contact us page here’s what kind of information I found there: *Please feel free to contact customer service at any time by email, phone or customer support ticket system.* However the problem is that I haven’t found any emails or any phone numbers listed on the website which means that the only way to write them a message is using the customer support ticket system found on that same page. Why would an online pharmacy write that they would be happy if you would CALL them and then they don’t have a phone number? This leads me to think that the information I read on their website was plagiarized from some other online pharmacy and they didn’t even bothered to read what they plagiarized. Bonuses and Coupon codes

Upon checking out you’re given a full list of bonuses, discounts and everything else that facilitates customer’s financial situation. And there are 4 points: 4 free bonus pills for all orders, free regular airmail shipping for orders above 150 USD, free express courier shipping for orders that are above 300 USD and free insurance for orders that are above 200 USD. Assuming that you live somewhere outside the USA, you can’t benefit from the Free express courier even if you order above 300 USD meaning that if you’re going to order 300 USD or more than you would get free shipping which normally would cost you 15 USD and free insurance which normally would cost 5 USD more. Therefore you’ve saved 20 USD and plus 4 USD more since you get 4 free bonus pills. In total you saved 24 USD and that’s if your order is above 200 USD. That’s very good that they have at least some deals because there are online pharmacies that doesn’t offer anything, but there are much better deals on other pharmacies. customer reviews

In the end it is extremely important to find out whether is the pharmacy worth shopping at all or not and we can’t give a precise answer without reading what people who had actual experience with the pharmacy can tell us. However, searching for such kind of people can be a problem and that’s because I tried to search for people who had experience with the pharmacy in the google and unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a single customer review. With this being said the pharmacy isn’t worth risking with your money, or at least that’s the conclusion I’ve made for myself and the reason for that is that no customer reviews is a sign of no proof that the online pharmacy is actually worth it. In fact, the pharmacy seemed to be very unpopular and since there were no reviews I tried to see what does scam searching engines would say. As expected, had a trust of 0% saying that browsing and buying in this website is not recommended. Then I searched for what would say finding that it also has 0% trust rate AND what’s important, the domain is aged less than 2 months now AND plus to that the country is Ukraine!


I personally cannot risk with my money by ordering from an online pharmacy that has been created less than 2 months ago, or at least that’s the information that suggests. It is no wonder that it doesn’t have any customer reviews anywhere online BUT, this means that the pharmacy might never had a single order and I don’t want to be the first one to try it out, especially when the website is believed to be from Ukraine, a high risk country! If any of you people would ever try it out then I ask you to come back writing your experience, but I don’t recommend doing so and that’s why I rate with 1 on the scale of 1-5.

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