/ Family Meds Reviews & Coupons is an online pharmacy that is being run by Arrow Pharmacy Holdings LLC an pharmacy that is fully licensed US based pharmacy that has been operating for the last 20 years offering healthcare products to their customers on the USA territory. Since this is a USA pharmacy, it is obviously that the website is US as well and according to the information that I could find they are providing their products only in 34 states of USA and they do not offer overseas shipping. According to the information that I could find on the front page – they are claiming to be the America’s Lowest Price on 100s of Brand Name Drugs and in addition to that they are offering free shipping on all prescription drugs. While you’re online, you’re able to do the following: submit a new prescription on the website, refill a prescription or transfer prescription. This pharmacy is also VIPPS approved and that means that they are licensed to sell medications across the USA. The pharmacy is having its headquarters in Farmington, CT and they have even shared some names of their key people which, to my opinion, greatly drops the chances that they are scammers. The customers of this online pharmacy can create an account and sign in to it.

Selection of medications and prices

According to the information that I could find on their website, they are selling exclusively only FDA approved medications and as much as it seems, since this is a licensed pharmacy, they are having all sorts and types of FDA approved medications on their drugstores, including the controlled substances either. However one sure thing is that this online pharmacy is requiring their customers to show a valid prescription before ordering from them any prescription products. By using their search function I’ve searched for Cialis and I’ve seen that the brand Cialis 20 mg tablets would cost you 512 USD for 10 tablets and 5127 USD for ordering 100 tablets at once meaning that there are absolutely no discounts even if buying in bulk. The fact that these are those prices why people start searching for online pharmacies and they do not even offer discounts I would say that there are better options in terms of prices. 50 USD for a pill is the reason why I personally started searching for online pharmacy!

Shipping and payment methods

This online pharmacy doesn’t have international shipping, as I have already mentioned, because they do not even offer shipping to all territories of USA but only in some of them (most of them, but not all). as much as I could find information on their website, they are offering only standard shipping which is offered for free for prescription orders, for non prescription orders it starts from 10 USD and as much as I can understand it can get higher. Processing is 3 to 5 business days and I’m not sure if that’s the delivery times either or not. They are also offering refrigerated prescription shipping, but no details offered. Not sure if they are offering express shipping. This online pharmacy is accepting insurance as well meaning that if you’re having one you might benefit from it by using this online pharmacy. In regards to the payment methods they are accepting: American Express, Visa, Master Card, Discover, Pay Pal and most major prescription plans. That’s really good, in my opinion, when the online pharmacy is offering a variety of payment methods.

Customer Care Department

As it was expected, getting in touch with this online pharmacy shouldn’t be hard – and it is not. They are having the mail address, they are having the phone number and fax number listed, there’s an email listed as well. By calling them you would need to make sure that you’re going to do it in their business hours. I’ve never contacted them myself so I am not sure how helpful their customer care department is. There is no live chat function, unfortunately.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

Nothing at all. This online pharmacy is acting exactly like my local pharmacy and to be honest, I see no reasons at all why would I order here. The prices are exactly the same as in your local pharmacy – they do not offer any coupon codes or discount even by ordering in bulk or by reordering or anything and they do not give free pills. Ordering here is exactly the same as going to local pharmacy and purchasing what you need, with the only exception – you need to wait for your products. Reviews

As I have said, there’s nothing which would want me to purchase my medications here, and by checking the customer reviews my thoughts about not ordering here were confirmed. There were 11 reviews I found and 7 of them were rating this pharmacy with 1 out of 5 with people complaining on the fact that they have either got the wrong medications, either the medications were expired or just about to expire and also people were complaining on their delivery times as well. Another thing that I have noticed is people are complaining on the fact that they are not picking up phone numbers. So there people complaining on a lot of things and I personally, as I mentioned, do not see any reasons to order from this online pharmacy as I don’t see any reasons to do so as they do not offer anything better than my local pharmacy, but in addition to that, I need to wait for my medications which might come expired, might come different medications or wait a long time for them.


Even though this online pharmacy is most likely legit (and confirmed it) and they would most likely send your medications, they are having high prices with no offers and coupon codes or discounts so in the end there is no reason ordering here as you can simply go to your local pharmacy and get whatever you need by showing your prescription. This is the reason why I rate with 2 out of 5!

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