ExtraPharma.com | Extra Pharma Reviews & Coupons

ExtraPharma.com | Extra Pharma Reviews & Coupons

Extrapharma.com is the domain address of the pharmacy that I am going to review now. This online pharmacy claims to have the *drugs worth buying* and I can assume that by saying this they assume the quality of drugs they sell are doubtlessly among the best. Or at least that’s what I wish it would be like. They claim to sell the world’s best nootropics and as much as it seems, extrapharma.com seems to be a *nootropics pharmacy* as much as I could read by checking their main page. I have then went further checking the *about us* page on their site and there I’ve found the information suggesting that extrapharma is a small Russian pharmacy store that it is specializing in selling of nootropics and prescribed drugs. They claim to have opened up since the beginning of 2016 and since then they are selling meds directly to their customers throughout the world! They claim to have one of the best prices for the best medications, some medications which, as they claim, are not being sold in western pharmacology so lots of those medications that cannot be found there – they are offering it. The website seems to be pretty moderately done but they are offering people to change currency on the website and also to register and to login to their accounts. But after reading that they are having such drugs that cannot be found everywhere, let’s check this further.

Selection of medications and prices for them at ExtraPharma.com

This online pharmacy doesn’t seem to have all sorts and types of medications for all health conditions, nevertheless, there still seem to be quite a good variety of drugs. According to the categories of medications (where they have a number near each category which suggests the number of drugs found there) there are drugs such as: cognitive enhancement (5 drugs), adaptogens (1 drug), antibiotics (2 drugs), antivirals (1drugs) and quite a few other drugs. There is not an erectile dysfunction category of medications and so I have clicked on *other types of drugs* where I did have found Viagra, sildenafil, but no Cialis or Levitra. What I have not actually liked is the price for these medications. I am not able to talk about the prices for any other types of drugs since I am not familiar with those prices but I am familiar with the prices for sildenafil/ Viagra and here the prices are really high to my opinion. Like for example, generic Viagra 100 mg 20 tablets would cost you 55 USD and that’s quite a high price. This online pharmacy is also not requiring their customers to show a valid prescription for getting any drugs here, they are only recommending to have one. This is usually a sign of illegal activity of the pharmacy.

Shipping and payment methods extrapharma.com

As said a bit earlier, this online pharmacy is offering shipping world wide to all countries so everyone can order here. There are 2 shipping options as much as it seems and they include: EMS shipping which has an estimated delivery period of 5 to 7 business days while the second option which is registered airmail has an estimated shipping period of 2 to 4 weeks but usually it takes up to 3 weeks. It seems that both these shipping options are having online tracking however the registered airmail is free of charge as much as it seems while the expedited shipping costs 49 USD per order! According to the information that I could find on their website, they are accepting a few payment methods and they include: payment by card or ban transfer, bitcoin and western union or moneygram. It does seem that this online pharmacy is accepting a few payment methods which is really good.

Customer Support Department ExtraPharma.com

Those people who are having questions, of course, need to address their questions to customer support department where they should get the answers. I’ve checked the contact page on the website where I’ve seen that they are open 24/7 to answer any questions but the problem is that you can only contact them via their gmail address or via contact form which is basically the same. There is not a phone number listed or live chat function or something in this matter. Unfortunately.

ExtraPharma.com Coupon Codes

I have already mentioned the fact that registered airmail shipping is free and that’s really good to my opinion. By searching for coupon codes I’ve also seen that if you decide to pay via bitcoin you will get a 15 % discount either. However it seems that besides free shipping and 15% discount by paying with bitcoin, there is no other way to save you money as I couldn’t find coupon codes, free pills or anything else other than this.

ExtraPharma.com Reviews

I have then started to search for customer reviews online as I felt that there’s something wrong with this online pharmacy and I wanted to either confirm this or to check if I’m wrong. I have then searched for customer reviews online and i’ve found a lot of customer reviews addressed to an online pharmacy with a similar website name: extrapharmacy, however I couldn’t find any customer reviews addressed to this online pharmacy:extrapharm.com. I have then checked the scamadviser.com information where I found out that, at very least, this online pharmacy is not lying. They are indeed from Russia and they are indeed having nearly 2 years old since opened up. The only bad thing I found on scamadviser: this website looks like it’s hosted on a compromised server but that’s not such a big problem. The biggest problem is that they are having no customer reviews to confirm their authenticity.


In the end it seems we’re dealing with an online pharmacy with barely any good offers and quite high prices for medications (at least for ED drugs). But they do not seem to be lying and that’s a big plus. But a big minus is – no customer reviews. I don’t want to be among the first customers of this online pharmacy as I’m afraid I would get scammed. I am not sure if this would happen or not and that’s why I rate extrapharma.co with 3 out of 5.

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